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It sort of bums me out that in order to get a girlfriend, I need to be willing to go to bars and shit because apparently people like drinking in loud, smelly joints where everyone's fucking posturing. Every time a girl is willing to meet up
>Let's go to Michael's/Roxanne's/[bar name]
I suppose I'm spoiled by a youth where friends and I would buy some liquor, buy some fried fish, or tacos, or some sort of take-out and go down near the river and have a good time. That shit's peaceful. But girls don't like to do that. Hell, my friends don't like to do that anymore. I find myself getting more alone as I get older, and I just didn't see this happening five years ago. I wanted kids, wanted a nice family, but it's all slipping away.

I'm an fuck friend/side-dude to 3 woman who are already engaged or married


Its been 2 years i think, do you even remember me?

I wish i wasn't such a coward and kissed you that day when we were walking though the park sorry i freaked out and went home

I wish i could talk to you again


I hate myself so much. I'm only 18 and entitled to free college because the goverment jacks off to my shit childhood.

>Can't even look in the mirror without feeling psyically sick
>Food isn't even appetizing anymore
>On the verge of losing Medicaid
>Only thing keeping me alive is monster energy and cigerates
>Been seeing things
>Family thinks i've recovered in my severe depression/Anxiety but i've only releapsed harder than before

People are noticing I don't eat anymore. What the fuck do i do?

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I don't want to die. I'm so scared of myself. I'm gonna die anyway, anyday now, and there is nothing in hell and heaven that can be done. Except the curse; something out there wants me to live out this cursed, beautiful existance.

I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss how it used to be on the porch. I regert so much that my chest feels like it's going to burst. I want to go back, but it's too late. I've grown up. They are coming to claim me. The creatures in the shadows are hungry and they have come to feed.

You were right when you said it looks like I love your affection more than you.
Even though you're probably the nicest person I know, I'm not attracted to you in any way. I think you desperately need therapy. I'm constantly feeling like I'm babysitting you.
I also know how hurt you'll be if I come out with this.

No one believes you can see us. Nobody would care if they believed you.

Tomorrow night at 3:33am we are going to feast on your flesh and suck the marrow from your bones.

We will gorge on your misery and your sweet, delicious suffering. You'll see three signs that we are close.

The first sign will come in the form of this post number. We are coming. We are hungry. We will feed.

What's up

Is it you? I dont need you to babysit anyone
It hurts more that you think I need something like that..I dont anymore

You dont know me. Move on

How am I supposed to actually do NoFap when he just riles me up and sends me on my way? I've never been with someone with a lower sex drive and his way of dealing with it is going to fucking kill me. I just want to be good but i feel like I have no willpower.

I would rather take the pain and know the truth
Tell me the truth when you can but I'll be seriously leaving Jow Forums...

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Donnie Darko wasn’t that good

It's shit. Nothing but an edgy pseudo-intellectual teen flick.


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Time keeps passing me by. 2015 feels like a minute ago. I haven't done much since, really. I've worked at the same place, transferred colleges, but that's all. It's all routine. Nothing surprises me anymore. I've gone through the worst bout of depression in my life and i'm still not sure that it's entirely done with. I am living like there is no tomorrow, but without the energy that that statement should carry. I'm like a prisoner on death row, not someone who has the world to explore and endless oppourtunities at my disposal.

All moments are times for oppourtunity to change. uncountable millions a second, but I don't take any of them.

Your schizophrenic dude sorry to tell you

It's 3:36 AM and I'm thinking of you C. I'm always thinking of you. When I'm having fun not thinking of you i say to myself, "hey i haven't thought about her!" And oh wonderful it's back. I never sleep well anymore. God I miss you so fucken much so I listen to the one song that always makes me think of you. Time to cry like a pussy.

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Aw man here we go

19-year-old manlet and really sexually frustrated, and very lonely.
I'll keep doing nofap until I have the balls to cold approach again like last year. Only this time I'll go all out since I plan on killing myself anyway.

Fuck off. We don’t need people like you here.

some of these threads are over a week old!!

Are you in love?

No. Why?

too many people with the same problem making different threads.

I gotta stop being pathetic, just for my own dignity.

I’m always thinking of you. Do you think of me?

All this wasted time is why I have these problems.

idk about the person you're talking about, but I think of you, user

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And you waste time because you have these problems. Like an endless loop of fuckery.


I want to travel the world with you.

I'm just done with all this, J. I almost want to explain why I don't want to talk to you, but it would open up a can of worms and I am just tired of it all.

Good luck with that. It's a hellish existence that I know too well.

Can today be our day?

I just miss you... so much.

Sick of all this rain. Just be sunny already

the last 2 top threads are baiting faggots

What's the song?

Shit why can't I move on already. It's been 6 years. Why. Why. Why

I like rain ._.

I wish I could make you as happy as you make me. I wish you loved me. You look sad in the photo.

I'm not sure what I want from you but I need you. You don't really know me but I think we should get to know each other better and build a relationship together. Every single instance where I see you I want to talk to you and make you smile but I'm too much of a coward to say or do anything. So I'd like you to take the first step and maybe we can get together. I think I really like you.

I feel so lonely, but all the stuff I need to do to not feel so lonely all the time is exhausting. I'm trying to put in the baby steps so I don't end up a loser in my late 20's/early 30's

If you want me to take the first step, give me a sign.
I feel the same way.

I feel you dude. Life is shit.

I wish I could look at my reflection and not be hit with an intense wave of hatred.

All the while I was a kid I wondered what true hatred would really feel like, and it's taken me all these years to fully understand just how much I hate myself.

I'm trying to. You talked to me yesterday out of your own decision and my smile almost split my face in half. You probably didn't notice though.

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Nigga, I'm talking about a girl so fuck off and let me and my agony alone.

>tfw I only wanted to make a friend but she’s like LETSMOVEINLIVETOGETHERGETMARRIEDAAAAAARRRRRHG
what do I do to prevent you from releasing claws into my ass?

Just let me fucking love you, Jesus. All I want is you man. Let me be your little pocket girlfriend!! Why I get faster responses off the two dudes who force themselves into orbiting me than him is fucking beyond me.

I'm never wasting time every again

just understood that i have autistic perfectionism because i have imposter syndrome fuck this

The atmosphere was pretty good, though the plot is shit

I really hoped that what you said wasn't because you were drunk, out of pity or even both. I really wanted it to be true. I miss you.

I fucked up everything. I stole my gf from her date, then tried to break up, but didn’t have balls to do it. I feel so bad, I’m so disgusting.

She desperate to be paid. That's why she so crazy desperate arguing. She know you'll skip out as soon as you lose.

Woman, you fucked my mind so bad it’s really hard to be sincerely nice to you now. Plus I’m still nasty home wrecker ugh

You are where you're at because of the choices you've made.

I don't feel sorry for you.

That's my motto. Congrats, you've gotten smarter.

I could kill you if I wanted to, but I know you’re actually more miserable up there in your short circuiting brain you delusional bitch

I have to see if I can get extra credit. I would rather fail than get 99%.

You don't want to...

4han is ded lel fuck this place

That's the attitude.

I just woke up.

The curses of a miserable dog. How low can you go?

Cool i don't care

I'm going to be giving up now. On everything. It hurts all too much..all the same things..all the same stresses..I don't want to try anymore. I'm weak.

Just found an old college friend on Instagram, and I think she has a daughter now, about 5 or 6 years old.
Left me pretty surprised. I hope she accepts me so we can catch up

I wish I wasn't narcissistic in regards to this subject. Everytime I see people I used to know from school on insta or facebook I laugh at them all because they all thought they were the shits and now they already look old, ugly, worn out and post generic uninteresting stuff. Meanwhile I look 22 while I'm 28 and am banging 18-19yo's while looking and feeling better than ever. I got my glow up late.

What is her initial? Why is it hard for you to be nice to her?

I'm pretty selfish, but there's a way to be selfish without being immoral.

That's true, but it's pretty easy to be selfish and immoral

It's inevitable to be immoral if you are selfish.


Incidental selfishness is fine, but continual selfishness is where problems come up

True. Everyone gets selfish once in a while. But if you are selfish by nature then it's basically nigh impossible to not be immoral.

I disagree. The alternative is collectivism which doesn't allow one to retain their identity.

That's not the alternative.

As nice it is on paper, the downfall of the Soviet Union has proven that collectivism is just not practical in exercising it. The Chernobyl incident is a classic case of that.

Been a month now and I haven’t reached out or anything. I was the best thing that’d happened in awhile one day and the next someone that can’t even be confronted. I caught feels for someone that didn’t exist

That's a false dichotomy

You can be extremely selfish but donate to charity just to look good etc, thus averting immorality.

This is terrifying. I was so close to falling into this pit of entertainment and pleasure, she almost succeeded into dragging me there. I need to be strong, I need to stop feeling things, I need to be a machine. There's people who count on me and I can't fail

Creating a false persona is also immoral.

It doesn't average like that. If you do an immoral thing then a moral thing, you've been immoral and then moral.

No that's called mental illness.

This too. People may think highly of you, but that doesn't make you any less immoral

Being selfish just means only caring about your self. Which may be unethical but it's not inherently immoral.

It's not healthy to stop feeling things, you know?

I just want to fucking talk to you.

Then do it

Not if you are held accountable.

I know. I wish I was free so I could enjoy life with friends and study something that interests me and love a girl and all that stuff people do. But I'm not, I have a burden

How did you stop yelling?

What's your burden?

Shut the fuck up about being "extremely shy", you've done so many things easily that even a stranger would be closer to you than I am. A year means absolutely nothing since you've made a decision, cover up yourself like a fucking coward then lie saying you have interest. I should just leave you to know it feels like, I hate attachments, there is no real relationship but wants only.

If deadline is close then focus on your work and get off of Jow Forums.