So if you are a kissless virgin but

So if you are a kissless virgin but
>Have friends and a social life
>Are in good shape
>Aren't ugly
>Don't hate women
>Have friends who are women too
>Have hobbies that are mixed gender and sociable
>Go outside regularly to parties and clubs
>Don't generally have trouble socializing
But still can't get a date or a kiss... What do you have to do? What more can you do at this point if you just aren't winning??

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You ask girl out but you are faggot that posts the same thread everyday and never takes any advice so you will never do that and die like virgin.

>You ask girl out
How? Who? Where? When?

Wanna go get coffee on Saturday/next week or whatever.
A girl you like. Preferebly know each other at least a bit. Single or you are just gonna bash your head against the wall.
Where you meet that girl.
When you meet that girl.

What if you're never in a social setting where its okay to ask a girl out? Like I'm never in a setting where it's just me and a girl I like alone so that I can ask her

>talk to girl in social setting
>start messaging
>it goes well so message to go out together

>can't get a date or a kiss
Why can't you? What prevents you?

download tinder.

Okay that makes sense. I always thought it was seen as kind of pathetic, high school esque behavior to ask a girl out over message rather than in person.

Also what do I message her about? Like sure I could have plenty to talk about once conversation has begun but I dont know how to start the chat.

I dunno bro. It just never happened to me.

Do you just think a gf is just gonna fall into your lap? Go and talk to women with the intention of dating them. Get their number and text them to hang out

Just be careful about the tone you take. I asked some girls out first week of college, none were receptive because I explicity said I was looking for a girlfriend. Beta move. Lost opportunities. Fucked myself over.

I thought that it was pathetic too but I found out that people are now regularly get to know each other from instagram messages. Ask her about herself. To tell you about her day or something.

Then don't lie and say you "can't" get a gf. You can but you don't want to.

Well I talk to women but they don't show any indications of interest in me.

Okay sounds doable. Now I just need to build up the courage...

Oh boy I wish you were right. I've been struggling with my kissless virginity my whole life

This was me throughout my HS/College years (tried in HS, never got the hint, kept pining after and asking out the same girl). Just kinda gave up after getting to college, and the next 7 years are what I hate myself for and only add to whatever's in my head stopping me.

When I talk to women they also rarely show interest. But you still have to fucking try. You are 100% capable of getting a gf, so go and fucking do it if you truly want to

I just dont know where to begin. I feel like I dont know any girl well enough to ask her out yet.

I mean I do have friends who are girls, but I don't want to date those girls, they're just friends to me.

The girls I actually want to date are girls I have maybe only met a few times or know from class so I dont know how to ask them out without it being weird...

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Ask one of those girls you're friends with out. Just to see what they say. I had a lot of female friends when I was in MS/HS and I thought the same about them that you do now; out of bounds, I'd rather have a friend than risk losing them, etc. I regret not making a move on at least one of them at some point.

Just try it. Play it off as a bad joke if they get offended or something.

No but I just genuinely dont see them in that way. I mean they're good looking girls but I can only see them in a sisterly kind of way now, not as a potential date or partner.

I know. You are where I was. Maybe a bit more outgoing, especially if you hang with them in other places, but I know where your head is.

If they say yes, give it a shot. A few weeks in if something isn't developing (and here's the thing I mean: developing for you, your views of them are or aren't changing), break it off with them. Heck, even if they are and you'd rather not, break it off with them.

But give it time, and just see what happen. You're young. Live a little, take a risk, makes things interesting. And you'll get some good skills out of it too by the end.

>What do you have to do? What more can you do at this point if you just aren't winning??
Are you approaching girls and inviting them to places? Are you flirting with girls? Are you displaying sexual and romantic interest towards girls who interest you?

In the same way you had to approach people to make friends, you have to approach people to get a girlfriend. Then make plans with her.
This isn't a thing, unless you're trying to ask out a cashier or waitress or whatever while they're doing their job. If the situation is still somehow questionable then get her number, get a form of contact info. Make plans with her over that, or just ask her out to coffee or some bullshit on such-in-such day.

As far as flirting goes, actually flirting is incredibly important. Friends will almost always just display interest in you as a friend and not more. You're approaching women as friends which is great, but approach them as more. Include playful and flirtatious behaviour and body language- tease them a bit. Courting is one of the most fun parts of getting into a relationship, so have fun with it.

I dunno man, maybe your town sucks. You should keep an open mind and maybe even date online alittle. Just meeting people is difficult these days when I realize my recent partner I met on discord and we've been doing great for 2 years. Maybe I got lucky though.



Didn‘t you just say you got to parties and clubs? you actively isolate her. Say something like, „I‘m going to the balcony, come with“. Then the two of you are alone and you get more flirtatious. When you try to get her alone with you, most girls will already understand you are interested and if she agrees you can also take that as an indicator of interest. Otherwise she is probably not into you, if she doesn‘t even want to be alone with you.

Lol dude. The only and sole thing you have to do to land girls is actively approach them and actively push things forward to a sexual note. I know plenty of guys who either are introverts with no social life or generally unattractive because at least they are pushing for things to happen. They try to make things happen. They don‘t stumble through the world and and think „oh gee when will dating sex girls come to me? better keep waiting“. you never tried you massive bitch, don‘t even start with the self pity.