ONS Ghosted me

Hello adv

I managed to meet a cute grill from a dating app a few nights ago for a date and we went back to hers for sex after. She said I was a very interesting person on the date and she basically initiated the idea of going back to hers.

It felt really good being with her but the actual benis in bagina was a bit awkward, she was super wet but I struggled to get my benis inside her. Her hole was really tight and I went limp after a couple of times of trying to get it in. We cuddled for a bit and I got really hard again and then finally managed to get it in but she stopped me after 10-15 mins because she said it hurt.

We spent a lot of time cuddling and she used my benis on her clit to get herself off like 3 times.

I don't really have any feelings for her per se but even though I get plenty of matches in online dating, I do find it somewhat difficult to actually meet up and fugg someone that I actually want. So it's kinda disappointing. We didn't discuss that it would be a one night stand or anything like that.

I would just like to fugg her again, it felt good being with her and her body was super hot. literal 10/10 boobs

I texted her a couple of days after with a simple greeting and asking how she was. I get the feeling she's not going to reply

I'm not upset at all, just wondering if it sounds like I did something wrong or its just her. Maybe my dick is too big for her? I mean if so then wtf

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>couldn't get penis in vagina and ended up going limp on her.
Are you honestly surprised if she don't wanna see you again?

did you even read the rest. it's not my fault. i did get it in, the first time round I was very hard and it physically just wouldn't go in. it was literally hurting my cock trying to get it in. I never had that happen before. she was just about wetter than any girl ive felt as well

Still went limp on her my dude, that's a big bruise on her ego

in that case she could've been more accommodating and stretched her vag beforehand. none of us are perfect friendo

bump desu

First you couldn't get it in then went limp, then on second attempt the sex was painful, would you wanna call a bitch back if she tried chewing on your dick?

Does anyone else find it really unsettling to try and give sex advice to someone who can't type the words "penis" or "fuck"?

>her body was super hot. literal 10/10 boobs

Why are fucking cartoons getting more action than me? Why is this such an unjust universe?

It's okay user, take solace in the fact that when he does get his dick wet the womans running away from how shit he was

so I'm not getting a reply because her vag was too small or my benis was too big, or a combination?

since when does that ever happen wtf

i bet you're not even above 8/10 in looks, dont even workout or have a job

No, but like he probably isn't even lying. Like, this level of immature benis-thrusting is probably all that most women have as an expectation of physical love, because they assume that guys are just cartoonish priapisms, and they're usually right.

It's probably so rare that any woman finds someone so committed to sexually pleasuring them that they actually put in the work that they've given up trying, and take whatever kind of swinging dick is connected to a guy who their friends won't make fun of them for sleeping with, and otherwise they just (hopefully) get themselves off for actually decent orgasms.

I only hope I'm wrong, and that I'm just woefully outside of any of the kinds of people who might participate in this question, because then at least I'd die knowing that people are having good sex somewhere, even if I'm apparently out of the fucking loop (pun unintended - hey-oooooo).

No offense to OP intended.

i should also mention that i saw a hooker for the first time recently, the whole time she saying my dick was really big and she was really enjoying it at the end. i mean she started tongue kissing me after she said at the start she doesnt do tongue kissing and she was upset when the timer was up.

i messaged her a few days later but she didnt want to see me again because i quote "put her out of business"

she got herself off with my cock 4 times. it's not my fault if my genitals dont fit in hers. this is not a problem i ever expected to have. its pretty fugged up if you ask me

>i bet you're not even above 8/10 in looks, dont even workout or have a job

Wait, is 8/10 somehow the line here? I mean, I'd be pretty happy to be called an 8/10. That's 80%. That's a solid B in looks, and that's not a bad grade at all.

Like, above that would only be a 9/10 or a perfect score.

I don't work out, though, so I guess you get a hit on that. But I have a job, so you're batting exactly one out of three.

>she got herself off with my cock 4 times. it's not my fault if my genitals dont fit in hers. this is not a problem i ever expected to have. its pretty fugged up if you ask me

Yeah, I guess it's fugged up. I mean, cheese-and-rice, it's hecka-terrible.

Buy some lube and be gentle. Water-based only. KY is good, but don't get the weird shit; just go standard.

I mean, if she's a grown adult female, then you should be able to fit your dick in her unless one of you is wildly abnormal, which I assume we'd all love to hear about if it's the case.

>believing anything that a hooker tells you after getting paid.

why would she refuse, it's literally her job and she was into it.

obviously i made her pussy sore so she didnt want to lose out on more business

Don't anybody tell them. They're so happy, after all. What's the point?

Bro you prolly were just nervous so you had trouble getting hard or have a porn. addiction. That used to happen to me because i jacked off too much like with every single new girl i was with no matter how attracted I was. Inb4 can i tell you about my lord and savior nofap?

>can i tell you about my lord and savior nofap?

If you think that your nofap is going to matter when it comes to someone who makes you want to put your dick in them, then you can save it for another time.

I assume you're joking, though, in which case, it's funny.

No im serious, I watched so much porn over the years that every new girl i managed to hook up with id have trouble getting hard, and then when i did i could never finish. Once i gave up jacking off all together never had that problem again. I spring right up and finish around 15-20 minutes.

>every new girl i managed to hook up with

Okay. Good jorb.

I hAVe seX with PeOPle CAsualLY.

Lol; you're such a fucking privileged asshole and you don't even know it that I can't even blame you.