Sometimes I think I look like a God, other times I feel like a long neck fag. Idk what to do to look normal...

sometimes I think I look like a God, other times I feel like a long neck fag. Idk what to do to look normal. I'm somewhere around 5'11—6 and am thing as a stick... do you guys think I'd look ok after gaining some weight and hitting the gym?

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Eyebrows could be thinner, but you have nice lips. You do have zero chest which most would find unappealing.

Long necked god of fags

have you not seen my neck? like, wtf is that, maaaan?

If you start going to the gym for any other reason than improving your health and because it's enjoyable you're never going to make it.

here's one where you can really see my neck
Idk what I was acting all smug about desu

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You got the looks OP you just have to tone your body. I can see what you would look like if you worked out and fixed your hair. Easily an 8/10 minimum.

the thing about my health, I have an all or nothing system that applies for most thongs other than choosing a haircut—I find when choosing the second best option for a haircut, doesn't make it as had to deal with when the barber cuts it wrong or when it grows out and whatnot—so I never put my all into taking care of myself health-wise; I've only taken a shower twice this year (before and after I had my haircut) and I barely brush my teeth, which I should REALLY be doing, but I don't. I do apply some face cream here and there, I try my best to at least.

Yeah your neck is a bit long but not too long to be weird. Exercise and give yourself a few more years, you will get womens' attention just dont get cocky about it.

Look man, I'm not going to lecture you on body positivity or tell you to stick to your perception of attractiveness, but you have a long ass neck. Sadly there aren't any operations to shorten it or make it thicker so you'll have to stick with it. So at the end of the day, you can just live with what life has given you and be happy or just hit the gym or become one of these fashion obsessed dudes, same shit. In other words just stop being a fag and live, you don't get the shit you think you deserve because you doubt you you. Peace, fag.

I'm 100% aware of how dumb my hair looks, but I'll only take care of it once I sort my other issues; e.g., skin, routines and whatnot, and especially my body needs sorting

I appreciate your words, but I've seen some unstable shit and I don't really believe these words are truthful enough. there are some things I can sit and accept, others I don't want to accept but have to, and others that I can't admit to accepting. I'm already going through the process of acceptance and whatnot, so I can't say much as of now. what I can say is thickening your neck through exercise is actually an option I'm trying to commit to.

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nah, man, it's long enough to be weird imo

what I meant by that is some realizations I had that hit me harder than a truck on steroids

here's another one.

I believe what grants me this long of neck is the lack of food consumption; I'm having what you would consider "a snack a day". sometimes, I just have six cans of red bull a day, that's what I did yesterday, btw. I'm trying a new diet, GOMAD, to gain me some weight, as I'm hitting the gym, then after a gain some muscle (which actually doesn't take me long to get nice results) I'm going to go for, like, half a gallon a day to slim me down somewhat.

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I'm typing as fast as I can, right, so I'm making retarded mistakes like that—jeez

here's the best picture of me of these past recent months, or perhaps even years...

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this is my very worse, at least one of them, but I want you guys to see me honestly, and not distorted with good ones of me.

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another of my neck exposed for all to see...

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try not to wear my (serial rapist) glasses as often as I can, despite the fact I have myopia


Eat normal food in normal amounts and stop drinking Red Bull. You're malnourished.

Neck looks normal here OP dont listen to other anons saying otherwise. You look better in these photos.

Like I said OP, you look good. Good enough to attract the attention of beautiful women. Just hit the gym and give yourself a little more time to develop and you'll be good, trust me. Just stay humble and everything will work out, you'll see.

Yeah this. Dont drink energy drinks or take artificial sht. Just eat normal foods and get your protein if you start lifting. Google some guides or ask a trainer in a gym about that. Eat healthy.

thanks user, but remember that I'm laying down hear, and for some reason my neck is normalized when laying down. be temporary fix I found was to pinch my shoulders to gather with my chest out and to slowly lower my shoulder somewhat, y'know, up and out to the sides I guess. Idk, it looks nice to me.

*a temporary
Jesus christ

GOMAD is a meme. Drinking a gallon of milk everyday is not sustainable. If you want to make lasting gains you need to do it in a sustainable manner.

I started gym this year and went from 61kg to ~70kg putting on a significant amount of muscle and a little bit of fat but nothing substantial.

I'm still learning but here is what I've done to get good results so far, before this year I was only able to eat while stoned and when I did eat it would be just absolute shit food. I was skinny and weak.

I started eating a proper diet. No more soda, no more chips, no more McShitHoles (except as treats on the odd weekend). More lean unprocessed meats like chicken with light seasoning, good cuts of lamb and beef, and fish to ensure a high protein intake (aim for 1.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per KG of bodyweight). Change your snacks to healthy stuff like unsalted nuts, fruit, high protein yogurt. Try eat different vegetables with every meal. You can supplement this with protein shakes to help get the required protein. If you don't eat in calorie surplus and eat enough protein you will not gain muscle mass and your time in the gym will be wasted.

I gym 6 times a week, you don't need to go this often I just go this often because I love the gym. Focus on perfecting your form in these exercises: pull up/chin up, bench press, chest dip, back squat, deadlift, and overhead press. These are pretty much all you need to build muscle, they target a large number of muscles and you can suplement them with additional stuff like bicep curls, lat pull downs, cable flys, calf raises, etc.

Search for Jeff Nippard and Jeremy Ethier on Youtube they cover the basics of building muscle and doing the movements listed above well with no bro-science and no hour long bull shit videos.

Also brush your fucking teeth man. You will regret it in the years to come when you're 30 years old but your teeth are decayed and look like shit and you know have to spend thousands of dollars to fix them

If op didn't have an eating disorder Id consider him hot and fuckable.

Please be healthy.. slowly eat more food and cut out any liquids but water and tea, vegetables and pasta are easy to cook and healthy and delicious. You can make stir fry, or soup. You need a variety of vitamins and minerals to function and also for exercise to be effective. Maybe go see a nutritionist.You don't need to be a muscle man just but a proper weight.

yep, you're right about my teeth. I think I have a good grasp on the exercise and whatnot, my problem is exclusively the diet.

btw, what if I was to sustain the GOMAD diet? what if...

if you kept drinking a gallon of milk everyday you'd probably end up with terrible acne, fat, and potentially fuck your bones in the long term. Too much calcium from milk is detrimental to your bones.