Is there a way to lose weight without having the ability to count most of your calories...

Is there a way to lose weight without having the ability to count most of your calories? I would go to bed a little hungry every night, exercise daily, and eat lots of veggies

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sure. get a cup. like a cup sized cup. your meals can never exceed the volume of that cup and half the volume must be vegetables for every meal. assuming you don't slather everything in butter, mayonnaise, or sugar, that should keep you at a very low calorie intake

you're welcome.

pic related, a cup.

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I like that idea user, I might try it out, thank you.

Just figure out a lost of what is low calorie food and eat mostly that. Going hungry is not really good since it affects your energy, mood and general capacity

Stuff like chicken breasts, pork, salads, low starch veggies and almost everything in the bean family has a relatively low calorie value

Really though, stay away from white bread and sugar and a lot is done.

If you're trying to lose weight then focus on one goal at a time. Why can't you count your calories? Also yes it is possible but it's easier if you know how much you're eating.

I get meals made for me a lot, I'm home for the summer and my mom and grandmother like to cook a lot.

And by "exercise" I meant cardio if you thought I was trying to gain muscle.

Intermittent fasting is a good option. Limit your eating window to a small period in the day while the rest of the time you are not eating. Then when it is time to eat only eat small portions of healthy meals. Drink plenty of water, many fat people confuse being hungry with being dehydrated/thirsty.

Add fasted cardio into the mix and you'll start losing weight big time.

So then show them how to count calories and explain to them that you’re trying to lose weight. If they wanna cook for you then they gotta meet your diet needs.

Can you pleas elaborate on this so-called "cup"? What size should it be? What color? Do I have to clean it every day?

Bro I used to be 220 pounds and now I’m 174-180. I started losing weight at like 16 and floated around 175 for the past two years now. (19 btw) I swear dude, all you have to do is cut sugar and do cardio. The only cardio I did was run, but I ran like every day for 8 minutes to start then another 8 minutes in the evening. The first day I started I could hardly run for 4 minutes straight. Now I can run 30-40 minutes no problem. If running is just impossible, work up to it with dance, light jogging, swimming etc.

counting calories is unnecessary
just eat healthy and work out

Why can't you count calories?

I lost weight primarily while not knowing what exactly was in my food.

Assuming youve got a lot of weight to lose, estimating your calories will still let you lose a lot of weight. Ask your mom/grandma how they made the food, whip put your phone, and do some rough math.

Ive been doing this long enough that I just know the calorie counts of raw ingredients by estimating them. I can basically look at a meal and guess within ~100 calories. Its not that hard.


Be very active and push yourself to exhaustion regularly. You have to burn off everything you’re taking in. If you don’t want to keep track then you have to do more work.

Just eat only when u'r hungry.
Do exercise and don't eat shit all the time.

Only eat twice a day (regular portions, not fast food unless you exercise restraint), and drink a liter of water. 700 calorie meals or less. Once you count them the first time so they fall under 700, you'll know what you can eat.

If you can't count calories, control quality.
Cut out all grains, dairy, and processed food (shit like corn syrup on the ingredients list), and you'll start losing weight. Doubly so if you exercise at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes to an hour.
Don't eat when you're bored. If it's not a meal time and you're hungry, drink a tall glass of water and wait a bit before caving in, it might just be you're thirsty or feeling empty.

I eat one big meal a day with light grazing

Honestly man, it sounds like your mom and grandma are part of the problem. You have to set boundaries with them, let them know you are dieting, and provide your own meals.

You're not going to lose a thing if mom and grandma cook up a cheesy, carb and calorie loaded casserole for you.

As has been suggested, intermittent fasting or one meal a day will help you, but that's still going to mean turning down family cooking. It is what it is.

One other thing to remember is that being hungry isn't the end of the world. I don't know how many times I hear people whine they're hungry and just can't control themselves when they weigh 50 lbs overweight. Your ancestors did not have this bounty of food, your body will survive if you have 1600 calories in a day and don't snack on cheese doodles in the afternoon. Buck it up, you'll get used to it.

If there is no portion control, then clean eating won't help. OP would bulk up to 4 bowls of rice and a 20 ounce steak covered in A1, and continue to plateau weight wise.

Eat what you normally eat, only less