0 matches on tinder

0 matches on tinder.

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Haha ginger

What stops you from killing yourself?

Not much

Well don't worry man. No matter how hard things get, you always have the option to kill yourself.

Never tried tinder. Im actually too proud to upload my pic and write some shit about myself then write some roasty about how everything is beatiful until she starts to like me and i could put my pee pee into her dirty and overly used vagina.

We live in world where women are trash. It was like this for like 100 000 years anyway.


Wow that's hard to imagine op
I recently signed up for tinder just to see what people are on there, zero interest in dating anyone
>Take a single quick picture of myself on the spot, wearing an old t shirt
>Write "idgaf, swipe left already"
>Got three matches on the first day
Granted they're all either land whales or prostitutes but still

1 day?
Try 6 month...

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Try 3 years

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>400 match count

>and trip get

U don't count tho, u have the cheat codes

Post your pics on /soc/ and get critiqued.
Then ya'll can come back here and work on bio and conversational help.

I mean idk man maybe you come off as a try hard
Any girl who says something like "no games, men who are ready for a real relationship only" or some other super srs shit, I swipe left instantly, to me it's just so cringe

>bio and conversational help

Yes user that cherrypicked image is proof that you should never strive to better yourself

i did strive to better myself, and after 2 years of lifting, getting nice clothes, travel pictures, hobbies etc. i got an extra TWO whole matches a month out of it

meanwhile, nazi pedo gang murderer chad gets more than ive had my entire lifetime in a week. you can make a horrible chad account yourself and see the results

I will try it out.
Maybe i even make a black chad so i know which women to avoid in real life kek

I don’t really trust those evil chad images because they only show a handful of conversations with women who weren’t paying attention to his bio. Never any conversations from girls who berate him. It’s very sketchy, and trying to paint a picture that literally all his matches know and don’t care about his bio.
But anyways show us your tinder account. There’s always something you can improve on.

ya, say something like you just got paroled for a gang killing when you were juvie

thats true, but i encourage you to do the experiment yourself. then youll witness the full horror

i dont have a tinder account anymore. since 2015 off/on ive had a grand total of 3 dates, and thats after posting on here and other places for advice on how to improve my pictures, bio, messages etc. improving yourself does help slightly, but the gap is so insurmountable for most people that its basically not worth even trying

the only thing that matters with tinder is being attractive, ie in the top 20% of men

>i encourage you to do the experiment yourself. then youll witness the full horror
No thanks I get enough matches as is to be happy with myself. Plus it’s a no brainer that hot guy = more matches.

if youre hot enough to get matches than you dont have any advice to give, so not sure why youre here?

>if youre hot enough to get matches than you dont have any advice to give
This is stupid. You want girl advice from guys who also don’t get girls? It’s the blind leading the blind.
And I’m not saying I’m hot, pretty average imo.

find a millenial woman you can confide with (co worker, family member whatever) and ask her to look at your tinder profile to give you pointers. Follow said pointers. Done.

Theres your problem.

...why are you posting

Sorry I misspelled
>400 dick count

I dont have any

I'm here to help, but some faggots just like to suck dick.
Like this one

Isn't that kinda low for a girl?

Is a tranny that trolls here all the time, and as you can see he can even insult other user's and get away with it, but if i said this i would get 1 year ban, fuck white knight jannies

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Carbon monoxide

If you delete and remake your account you will be stuck in ELO hell. People will never see your card unless you use superlikes or boosts. And superlikes actually lower your chances.

Additionally, I seem to get timed out and not get any matches if I change my bio more than a couple of times on the same day.

Idk if any of this is useful, hope it helps.

Once you get over this hurdle, you get to enjoy only 25% of the people you matched with ever responding in the first place. Lol.

Do a flip

Whats ELO hell
And how do i know my number

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nvm I revoke my hug

You can't know your number.

ELO hell means you have such a low score that no one sees your account. But the only way to raise your score is to have people actually see your account.

I've heard that you can request your entire personal data from the tinder corporation, and run some analysis on that. IDK whether that's still true, but you might as well try.

So i cant make a new account with same number?
Damn i should quit.
Or i have another idea.
What happens if i put chad pics in.
Then i match with lots of girls and will wait till they forget about the match and not delete me. After two weeks i set the pics to my proper pics and write them. Kek