Is this Disrespectful

So three weeks ago i broke Up with my ex. She was my First gf, and it lasted 9 months
she was VERY sad
(even though she was the one who wanted to end the Relationship, and who fucked the Relationship Up in the First place)
she was crying herself to sleep, and cutting herself for the Fist week

then, two weeks after the Breakup,
she told her friends that she has No Feelings for me.

at the end of the Second week,
we were both invited to a Birthday Party of a good friend, it was alright. But at the end of the day,

she sat next to a guy, they talked, and i noticed one thing, i didn't hear a lot but the thing i heard was
>"yeah it happened 2 weeks ago, but im already over it, i actually wanted to break up a month ago"

I was right next to her.

Maybe i should mention that i was.. "a little drunk, while pretending to be really drunk, to get the max amount of information out of them"

i thought, "if i pretend to be very drunk, maybe they will act like i Mount remember anything" or something like that, i was never drunk before that by the way.


we got driven home, we were 4 people in the back of the car, my ex sat on his lap

they were talking the whole time

one girl that was also in the back, got out, so we were just the 3 of us in the back

he had his arm kind of around her, and she had one of her tights on top of his

And everything while I was just sitting next to them.

I got out next, so they were just the two of them in the back.

yeah... and Yesterday i talked to her about it
she Said "nothing was going on and even if, its None of your buissnes"

and thats Just insane because it Shows that she doesnt even know what the fuck she did
its Not about her flirting with some retard
its the fact that i was RIGHT NEXT TO THEM

so what should i do?

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all she is doing is trying to get under your skin and it works. Just ignore her and that will piss her off.

thats the same Thing i thought
Thing is, she doesnt realize what she did
so she didnt do it on purpose

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You did exactly what she wanted you to do by bringing it up, congratulations.

In those 9 months. Did you creampie her? If the answer isn't "Yes I creampied in her a lot of times" than you lost.

the Conversation we had about this was VERY short

i said
"so about that what happend at the Party
you know that was really disrespectful right"

she Said
"nothing happend, we Just Talked"

i said
"you know what you did"

and then i left

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>I was right next to her
You're stupid

we didnt even have sex. yes. the whole 9 months

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This! I came inside all of my exes a lot of times. I know the men they're with now are having my sloppy seconds.

she says that but its a load of crap. She knows now she is looking to make ypu jealous so move on and dont fret.

You sound underage.
If you guys are broken up, who the fuck cares? kek. She's not your issue anymore nor should you be offended by shit she does with other people. Move on. Don't give her satisfaction of caring for a relationship that's not a thing anymore

What the fuck! THE WHOLE NINE MONTHS! You. Can't. Be. Serious.

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yeah she is a bitch trying to make drama move on kid.

i was the First Guy to have her swallow but thats about it

also one Thing

while we talked a a Last time:

a week ago, we were talking
I said, "I promise to be there for you whenever you have problems"
and she was Happy about that

And when I left, I said.

"remember how I said I'd always be there for you, yeah?

then I got on the elevator.

and said: "I don't want to be there for you anymore"

she was like
"wow what an exit"

Pic related is a translated Version of Out chat

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Give it up OP, its over and you are doing nothing but humiliating yourself for NOTHING. You think you can woo her back but that ship has sailed and no matter how many times you try to cock block other guys she will slip out one time you don't know about, though you monitor her closely, and another will be inside that pussy.

OP this is the second thread you’ve made about this. What she said yesterday is correct, it’s none of your business and if you can’t handle hanging out with your ex then grow the fuck up and stop hanging out around her.

What to do now? Stop posting about this and get over it. This is the consequences of having a relationship, almost all of them will not work out. Be an adult and either decide you can hang with her or don’t. It’s that simple.

guys chill, im already getting over it

im not Planing to have contact with her, dont worry about that

and yes i Made this smaller thread because the last one was Just so much Text No one wanted to read it

Thing is
>i dont Care that she is fucking around with other people
thats Not the Point
>its that she did it while i was next to her
and thats Just a hoe move on her Side, right?
and i wont be near her from now on
the Birthday of that Guy was planned bevore we broke up

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Just cut her out. Nothing good will happen with this woman again. There is no reason at all to keep her around. Just drop it. No arguments, no reasoning, no reconciliation. Just. drop. the. bitch.

It was a hoe move ignore and move on, constantly saying how she just "doesn't get it" is lying to yourself. She gets it but wants you to do precisely what you're doing - doubting yourself. Don't waste more time just block the number.

>im not Planing to have contact with her
that includes you taking any calls from her or even reading a text and it damn sure includes snooping around social media or asking mutual acquaintances or listening if a mutual acquaintance wants to tell you about her.

>No one wanted to read it
because contrary to what you think, none of it matters and it damn sure isn't unique. Point is she's not your gf anymore and she's moving on and it doesn't matter if you are foolish enough to get in a car beside her when she's interested with another guy.

Jesus Christ you're acting like the bigger bitch here

thanks i will

Trust me when i say that i only talked to her Yesterday because i was at her place to get one of my Shirts Back
and i removed her on all of the socials
i dont even Look at her Storys (Something that was easier than expected)

i realize that, but i had to get in that Car, there was No way for me to get Home that day

im sorry, what did i do wrong
im just 18 and still Just learning

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I don't get it, you guys aren't together anymore?

So what are you complaining about?

you broke up, it's over
she doesn't owe shit so asking her about her "hoe moves" is just bitch behavior
texting the guy about her "hoe moves" is peak bitch behavior
go get you a better girl and forget this

She knows what she's doing. She's testing and eliciting a response from you, which she got.

If you had ended it I don't understand why you would call this a hoe move? This is official over.

Yes, it is distasteful that she did that while you were there. But hey man, you gotta toughen up, this is the reality of your choices. You showed you still had some feelings despite you ending it with her. She was testing that and she got her results. You live and you learn.

The best course of action here is to move on. After all it was your idea. Now you just have to stick to it. Don't contact your ex anymore. If she does, great, be polite and cordial. Otherwise, just let her go and move on.

Given the follow up theres a couple things you could keep in mind next time:

1. Don't even bother giving a reaction to hoe shit, just observe it as hoe shit and move along, this will bother them more than anything you could ever come up with to tell them, trust.

2. This is just nitpicking because you asked but make sure you have a ride home after parties that isn't just random luck (or misfortune in this case) because you never know what will happen.

Cheers man, my first girlfriend I had for almost 3 years and she cheated on me at least once (usually catching once means more have happened that you didn't) and managed to convince me it wasn't physical where I wasted another year of my life not trusting a word she said. People can be more fucked up than you could possibly imagine so take this experience as a lesson to heed red flags when you see them. Chances are you aren't seeing them from nothing unless you're a literal paranoia case.

>im just 18 and still Just learning
Look OP all of us had to learn this lesson the hard way. If anyone says they didn't they are lying and in each of these it was hard to get it through our thick skull. Lets hope you learn the lesson because this same situation will happen again with some other gf or wife in your future. Its life. It happens, you learn, it happens again, you know what to do to minimize the pain and that is to not know what they are doing after they leave. Be careful out there and good luck.

i was Not asking her, i was Just stating my Statement
and left

by the way, she thinks im a Pussy because is didnt let her speak..

im actually really Mad about that part,
about her thinking im a Pussy rather than Not caring about what she has to say

thanks for the advice
also yeah a month ago she cheated on me while shitfaced drunk, fun times

thanks a lot

>also yeah a month ago she cheated on me while shitfaced drunk, fun times

What the fuck? I hope this is why you left her.

Because this is a perfect reason to easily move on from this girl.

You honestly dodged a bullet.

Now you gotta go on a self-improvement stretch a la "eye of the tiger", rocky-running-a-thousand-stair sort of montage. Improve your mind, body, and financials.

All the best to you young user.

This is just pure manipulation, step back and read your own knee jerk reaction in this post, she is getting precisely the anger she wants from it because she knows it will bother you. Obviously you dont need a reminder by this point but if she didn't sleep with you the entire relationship and cheated on you while drunk she has always been using you as an emotional rag. I can almost promise she did it before then too.

>so what should i do?
Nothing. It's none of your business.

haha... hahhahahahah.. No
i gave her a Second Chance
we broke Up a month Later because i saw that she is wants to Break Up

and she wanted to Break Up because the Relationship Fell apart
and why, because she stoped trying
why did she Stop?
because she told herself she is Not a Person that can maintain a Relationship
funny right

thanks for the replys and yeah i realize that,

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making memes is coping

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Well, man. I always say, women are like apples. There are plenty out in the orcharch, but you gotta sift through them so you don't find one with worms in it.

In time you'll find a good one. Keep moving forward. All the best.

>its the fact that i was RIGHT NEXT TO THEM
So? You're her fucking ex and it's indeed none of your business. She could start sucking him off right next to you, it's still not your fucking business. Why the hell would you do the creepy faking being too drunk shit anyway?

She knows what she is doing. Women are instinctively sadistic to see how you react.
You should aim to be completely unmoved by whatever stupid games they play.
The right move is to genuinely enjoy your life more now that you don't have to put up with her.
The second-most right move is to give her the impression you enjoy your life more even if you don't.
I would never recommend keeping an ex in your life.

>so what should i do?
It's so weird that you don't have to be 18 to post on these boards anymore.

You're a loser, OP. Fuck off. She gets to live her life. You sound like the most pathetic type of highschool fuck boy.

>so what should I do?
Nothing you really can do now, you missed you're opportunity. You should have bucked up and stopped the drunk act as soon as you sensed the mockery of you and said something right then and there. But when you wait until the next day and you've already discussed it with her and she says it's none of your business, I hate to say it, but there really isn't much that can be done then.

Just stop hanging out around her.

Skimmed though the thread.
Fuck off OP.
Stop being a bitch and learn a lesson. Some people are like that. You need to ignore her. Even if you think she doesn't care about you, or does, it doesn't matter. You are nothing more than an emotional sponge now that she can squeeze when she wants for your sweet emotional juice.
She'll do this over and over just to get a feeling out of you. Positive or negative.
Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror. Just walk away.


also due to her behaviour you can now absolve your self from worrying about any of her bullshit, block her numbers and move on withn your life. When she tries to run to you crying then you remind her that she was an asshole, she's actually done you a favor, she can't guilt trip you anymore.

In a few years she'll be one of those girls sharing emotional snaps and facebook quotes about how miserable she is, if she isn't already doing so.

>who fucked the Relationship Up in the First place
With statements like that, guarantee it was you who weren't worth being with.

I get that you might think that
but eather you read my book i wrote in my Last thread about the whole Relationship
or you Trust me on this one
i even got her to agree with me that i was the one who keept trying while she was Not.
im not joking, she literally agreed with me
(also pic related was her, i dont have a lot of memes left)

well i'd say you shouldt do that, Just Out of Respect
and the fact that If the roles would have been reversed, she would have gone insane

guess i learned Something new, thanks

yeah you're right, thanks a lot

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