Bad Advice

What's some bad advice you've heard or personally received?

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>You should smile more
i am a guy and i got this from a fat chick.

Just be yourself

just be nice to women
just be nice
money doesnt matter
looks doesnt matter

they matter a fucking lot, if i listened to these advices id sitll be a virgin freak
you need to catch their attention, probe them what they like and even be a bit of asshole sometimes
be exciting not nice

This guy gets it.

>Don't kill yourself, things will get better
Don't believe that lie.
Things "can" gets better.
But they certainly won't get better for everyone.
It's not a 100% surefire thing.

Any advice mothers tell their sons about women.

>just be nice to women
>just be nice
Same. Especially when mom said it and dad didnt give any actual advice.

True, life would be a boring ride if it was nothing but upsides; gotta have some dark to balance the light

My whole life is never ending darkness

absolutely this.
The advice mothers tell their sons is how they wanted to be treated, not how they were attracted to the father.

What are you going to do about it?

I wish there would be a way but the darkness is too overwhelming for my esteem.

>go to school
>go to university
>have a job

fucking idiots that got lucky in life and thinks that everybody have a balanced life with equal dark and light in life.

This right here

Be nice

That's a projection and a half, what's lucky about my life?

It's not about equal sides at all. Shit depends mostly on your perception too. There are tons of fags who have easy lives based on worldwide standards and still manage to constantly bitch about it ... like 95% of people here.

If you live in the USA and make at least $32,000 a year, you are in the top 1% of richest people in the world. Yes, you read that right. Three zeroes. $32,000. Around $15 an hour.

>Just be confident
Wow thanks I'm cured

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Someone made a thread yesterday about if drinking helps with social anxiety. I told him he shouldn’t resort to drugs for a crucial and prominent part of life like that and some other user had the nerve to say
>uh yeah nah bro drinking is perfectly okay I’ve got social anxiety and was drunk when I met my wife, got my job, had my kid, and got my car. Drinking is just fine.
I couldn’t believe what I was fucking reading. What a clueless fucking dunce.

"Never give up!"

Fucking hate that shit. So you need to be mindlessly obsessed with one goal whatever the costs or its unacceptability. Even if it seemed achievable but you have latter learned that it was fucking impossible and actually not worth the you effort any more.

Being so stubbornly bloody minded is not a virtue if the task a detrimental to your life and / or turns out to be a futile path.

Giving up a goal that new information has shown that it is not worth pursuing is a virtue.

>don't go to uni

huuuge mistake. (uni is free in my country tho)

>uni is free in my country
then what the fuck are you waiting for you retard?
get enrolled

This guy fucks

Ha. That was me. Im pretty well off and happy. Why let what others think get in the way of success? Pretty sure that I said something about responsibility too.

Being told I should settle for someone and I'll learn to be attracted to them because of their personality was a complete lie. And then just makes you feel like a jackass when you have to end it because you don't wanna fuck her.

Always be drunk.
That's it!
The great imperative!
In order not to feel
Time's horrid fardel
bruise your shoulders,
grinding you into the earth,
Get drunk and stay that way.
On what?
On wine, poetry, virtue, whatever.
But get drunk.
And if you sometimes happen to wake up
on the porches of a palace,
in the green grass of a ditch,
in the dismal loneliness of your own room,
your drunkenness gone or disappearing,
ask the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock,
ask everything that flees,
everything that groans
or rolls
or sings,
everything that speaks,
ask what time it is;
and the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock
will answer you:
"Time to get drunk!
Don't be martyred slaves of Time,
Get drunk!
Stay drunk!
On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever!"

T. Guy who wants mom to tell her son about getting porked behind Burger King

My mom was unfiltered AF about her sexual preferences with me and my sister. Even incouraged her to be a be a stripper instead of a wage cuck like some kind of sick fantasy of living through your children. Wish I could’ve had some innocents saved by sugar coating.

MDMA unironically was the social turning point for me... not suggesting for anyone to use anything, however all drugs are tools for something.

If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.

>how to be a good npc doormat

That I should go for a reliable but boring car in my young times.
Not worldbreaking. But I used to hate that shit and got rid of it as soon as I could. I bought an unreliable sportscar. And as absurd as it sounds I love it with all the repairs and all the money it eats up. One of the best decisions in my life. I don't really give a f about money.


Wow, small board. And yes, you did. But what you say and what you do are two different things when you mention your greatest achievements came from being drunk but saying to drinking responsibly. You didn’t respond to my last post but I mentioned that you were lucky at what you were able to achieve with the drug and that most other people would not be as lucky. It sounds like you either have a high tolerance or are a high functioning alcoholic.

In any case... I still don’t think that’s sound advice to ever give someone to just drink. If you’re at a bar with friends and just trying to cut loose, that’s one thing, but for moments like those, Nah.

Why dont mothers redpill sons about what actually girls like?

Why would you say something if it's not constructive?

>tfw lost virginity being a relative nice, ugly poorfag
And every girl since then was because I was just being myself.

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I always see and hear this from people that don't ever put in enough effort. Shit doesn't magically get better because you exist, you've got to work for it

My mom told me not to just go around fucking women because all it takes is one pregnant slut to fuck me over with child support. Was that bad advice?

I didn't stick around for the aftermath or I would've clarified shit. I'm sure you handled things. I should've gotten around to "using tools available" like training wheels. People can go the wrong way for believing they are doing wrong because of social demonization. I don't need to drink so much anymore. I think alcoholism couldn't hurt me because I didn't believe in it. Whatever dude. Yan/yang. it is an, "if the shoe fits" kinda thing. A lot of times, I give counter advice just because it hasn't been said. Not necessarily believing it.

>You should smile more
I'm a girl and I got this on several occasions from drunken guys who don't know me

Mothers dont know what they actually like. Most women don't.

They have an idea of what they "should" like, but it doesnt translate to reality.

Thats the reason "nice guys" exist. Guys who were primarily raised by mothers, mostly by single mothers as emotional feminine people that didnt have the firm upbringing needed. And this might come of as sexist, but women dont know what they want. I dont mean this in a deragotory way, same way attractive people just dont know that their relationship experiences are much different from ugly people. Just as living in a society doesnt give you an understanding of how that society works, being a women/men doesnt give you an understanding of your gender.

Nice guys were raised simply incorrectly, they were told not to be mean and essentially neutered to become boring shell of a person. Thats why there is a so called stereotypical idea of "asshole gets the girl", that guy is not an asshole, he is exciting by teasing the girl, making her laugh and cry with emotions and being fun.

In the end it is as simple, ask your mother/wife/sister/gf/friend who is a girl their ideal partner and compare it to their dating choices. They will say "oh i want a caring, thoughtful guy" but date complete opposite. This is not any different for men, it just shows people have literally no idea what they want.

I never teased a girl in my life because that seemed wrong in my head.

>they were told not to be mean and essentially neutered to become boring shell of a person.
There is zero connection between "not being mean" and being "boring shell of a person".

All the teasing dudes I know of are single these days. One was gay for a day, kek.

What are some things I should talk about to a woman to 'probe' them and how should I be an asshole?

>you live in the USA
I do
>make at least $32,000 a year
I fucking wish
>you are in the top 1% of richest people in the world.
I'm over 2k in credit card debt
>Around $15 an hour
Minimum wage isn't quite that yet.

I agree with the other user, I changed my perception and it changed my attitude. I'm not even close to being as depressed as I was. I'm poor and single surf no current prospects and I'm still content with what I've got.

I am talking about playful teasing, not really mean but not holding your tongue either.

How can there not be. If your only aim is to "not offend" you wont take risks, not be abrasive st all and in the end become boring.

I have the reverse experience. All my irl friends are ball busters and teasers. They are not mean though. But say things that will get the reply of "oh you are such a meany.." by s girl who is laughing.

>he is exciting by teasing the girl, making her laugh and cry with emotions and being fun.

How do I do this?

That is assuming they were even attracted to your father in the first place. That is a big if which isn't to be underestimated.

Perhaps your father was the typical betabucks who saved your mother off of the cock carousel.

>If you make $15/h, be thankful!!!
Yeah, I'll be thankful for not being able to afford basic necessities unless I move to niggertown. Thank you for opening my eyes.

>go to university, they said
>you'll get a great job and pay off the debt quickly, they said
>don't bother working during college, just focus on your studies, they said

Do you banter with your guy friends? I am a 5'3" 160cm guy, and i am with my friend sho is over 6'5" he just makes hobbit jokes with me and i just roll with it. I say stuff like "i am not a hobbit, i take offence to that. I am a proud dwarf look at my beard *scratches beard*"

But that line of teasing only works because i am not insecure with my height. So you just banter with girls the same way. Make a relationship your secondary goal, banter an laughs first my dude.

I meant playful teasing. It made me felt guilty for doing so.

>I am a 5'3" 160cm guy
wtf? That's my height and I'm a girl and have been made fun of for being short my whole life. You literally are a manlet.
Are you qt? Post your tummy. How big is the package?

I'm 6ft 2 and girls call me 'chad' as a joke and my ex even said I was 'alpha'. I have literally no emotional landscape besides shitposting on Jow Forums. I don't know what to do.

post dwarf feet before you ask to see his dwarf dick. thats the rules here

>If your only aim is to "not offend" you wont take risks, not be abrasive st all and in the end become boring.
But "not being mean" only means not consciously saying something to offend someone. Nor being dishonest. There is a lot of fucking wiggle room for teasing and testing boundaries without going to extremes like doormat or dickhead.

It's the sexists "you have to respect a lady and be nice to her because she's a girl" people who have issues, not the "I shouldn't be mean" ones.

Being thankful does wonders for you attitude, faggot. Try it. You can recognise that the situation in the states is fucked while still being grateful that your life is relatively easy compared to most.

Well, did they keep talking to you user? If so it was ok. It is ok to tease and banter user.

Based hobbit.

I went from forty to fifteen and can't even tell the difference. Maybe your basic necessities are not what you think. Im just saying dude.

Same here. Only even after figuring out that is what I should do, I still have no idea how.
The part people describe that "will come naturally" simply does not come for me. I have no idea what to do.
And to be honest I have to be really careful experimenting. Othervise a bad move and men could face being accused (if not rape) being a fuckboy, a creep or any other things.

It is just hard to figure out by trial and error. And with every error you have to look for an another girl.

I literally am a manlet, a hairy one at that.

I used to have a tummy, though i lost weight. Still awfully cute though. You interested or what?

>vehicle that won't take me 2 hours for a 20 minute drive (aka public transportation)
>credit (that i've stopped using but still need to pay off)
My roommate thankfully is my best friend but I would absolutely have to live in niggertown if I wanted to actually live by myself. And I live in pretty cheap part of the US but I'm not going to pay a mouth-watering $500/month just to live next to a crack den and get my shit robbed while I'm out working.

Are the contracts the best you could possibly have? Specially when it comes to webz people often get some oversized package will silly speeds they don't even need.

>>credit (that i've stopped using but still need to pay off)
Your intelligence powers up already. Get used to that shit and put 75 percent of that towards retirement after you pay debt. Keep a little something for yourself. It is easier to look back but, a younger one accumulates possessions to feel like progression is happening. One day, you get older and realize that you have too much fucking shit. You can adjust w4 to get mo money every week and less when you get your return. That is advised. But this is the bad advice thread.

Electricity, yes. We've tested some of the other plans like the "no-daytime usage" and it raped our rates like I've never seen. For internet, we use whatever package that's above their lowest (which was essentially dialup).
I'm just trying to say a half-decent lifestyle isn't possible unless you have help and having someone actually reliable is rare. If we weren't both working, we'd be stuck in our first $500 apartment where we couldn't afford furniture and had a drugbust downstairs the first week we moved in.

Yes theres a lot of wiggle room. It depends from person to person situation to situation. Simple as that really.

Every situation is different obviously.

So you appear stoic and such? Thats good user. You just need to not drop your spgahetti. If you want to develop more just do more stuff. In real life i mean.
Thanks mah dude. But as i told you i am a dwarf..

>If we weren't both working, we'd be stuck in our first $500 apartment where we couldn't afford furniture and had a drugbust downstairs the first week we moved in.
Still a place to live and sleep, with running water and plumbing, maybe even some sort of heating but it's not like you got no clothes. Add some food and even shitty internet and it's damn fine, nigga.

Most accurate post I have seen in a while. Do you think this "Nice Guy Syndrome" has a cure?

Yeah, you're right. It was all a good experience because it opened my eyes as to why niggers need to be culled.
I might still be living in fantasy land where black people are actually human if I didn't live that.

Been desperately looking for it for a while. Even before this "nice guy shaming" thing began....

Listen to my judgement not your own
Just don't let it bother you (in reference to a serious issue)

Well, i dont think i solved it for myself perfectly just yet. But the way i improved and got on the way was simply pushing myself into situations that were not in my zone.

I experienced stuff, i tried to/still trying to make up for those experiences that makes you grow. I got into business dealings that costed me good amount of money but thought me to stand up for myself the next time. A friend calls this "schooling" and told me so far he paid 1.5 million€ for schooling himself.

But most importantly i surrounded myself with men i aspire to. My father died when i was 10, and was usually away for work anyway. So i never had a positive role model to look up to. I changed that by going places and doing stuff. I now try to stand up for myself more. I push myself into new places and keep an open mind. Nobody owes me anything, i need to go get it myself.

Yes for some people some other stuff is easier, but so be it. Your life is your own, make the best of it anons. Be yourself, create an image of a good self though, a better self..

It was a conversation without banter.

Fucking this fuck you mom

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Than it was most likely a boring conversation. Serious conversations should be kept for serious matters, if you cant banter about it i would say it is a boring conversation.
I got rejected by a girl once because she thought i was too old for her. I told this to my friends and my friend asked if i thought the age difference would cause a problem.

So, i just made a giant theatrical gesture with it saying "you think i would reject somebody because of that?!? I would slap you to next week if you really think that". It was a serious issue, i liked the girl quite a bit. But it was still a matter i could banter about.

However if you are not a bantering person dont banter. Be at your most comfortable situation, if you are stoic be stoic or whatever. Confidence is much attractive than how you carry a confidence specifically..

I'm not good at bantering aka flirting with girls because i've grown up in all male environment.

I have no idea what to talk about with women even if I am 'stoic'
>1.5 million€ for schooling himself.
your friend is insane


>males that don't banter

You should love your parents no matter what

I meant banter with girls is flirting.

Just focus on the banter part, and then add a tiny bit sexual innuendo here and there. Wimin aren't a different species.

They sure are for me. Even if i'd somehow manage to get banter/flirting going and freeze when it comes to making physical escalation.

t. retard who doesn't understand adjusted income

Yeah he is a guy who usually has deals that go over 1million euros. And through his career of 20+years he got a few bad deals. It happens.

Just let them carry the conversation and join in when you can. Women talk more, but if stoic works for you keep going. Does it work?

Found the incel. You described the cuck fantasy that only incels have. And that is one of the foundations of their belief system.

mixed success unfortunately

Better than no success user. Which is the case for a good amount of people on Jow Forums.

But if your entire landscape is Jow Forums, how about some astroturfing, make the girl accustomed to Jow Forums by memes and greentexts. Move on from there maybe?

They would probably dislike that. I don't know want girls what men to talk about.

Pretty much every "redpilled" reactionary or incel thing I've ever heard on Jow Forums and Jow Forums has been completely fucking retarded. Whatever they say, do pretty much the opposite and you'll have a good life.

What? I think you mixed the order of some words there user.

Wait, you mean I shouldn't take dating and relationship advice from people who had none or only dysfunctional ones? Bummer.

>women like it when you act like you don't care

This is by far the dumbest shit anyone has ever perpetuated.

Poor as shit manlet here who actively fucks. I think guys confuse "being nice/being an asshole" with "being passive/being playful or assertive". People genuinely dislike being treated like shit, and would rather be with someone who is assertive, fun, AND respectful towards them, rather than someone who only knows how to tease and flirt.

So, similarly to what seems to be getting at, but I'd argue that when women say they want a guy who is "nice", they aren't 'incorrect' about their tastes. Most guys just erroneously assume that what they're saying is, "I literally will take any man that treats me with basic respect to bed, and if I don't then I'm a fucking idiot liar."

My comment was not specifically about girls wanting "nice guys" but just not knowing what they want. As i clarified this id true for both genders and across the board.

People say they want x but do y. They say x because they might not think about the subject and just say x because they thinkt it is the right thing, or as a virtue signal to others. So maybe there are really women who say they want nice guys and actually go for the nice guys. But from my experience personally, reading online testimonies i would say there is a good amount of people whose words dont match their actions.

>People say they want x (nice, caring, thoughtful guys) but appear to pursue y (mean, aggressive, selfish guys)

Again, I don't think most people secretly harbor a desire to have a partner that is going to treat them like a tool. Based on the people I've talked to who have admitted to having relationships with objectively shitty guys, it sounds like it's usually a combination of:
>This guy is making it very explicitly clear that he's into me and is making an effort to have a relationship, even if it's unhealthy.
>There's a lot about this guy that I can see is bad, but if I work hard to love and support him, then he'll soften into a better person.

So really, I think it comes down to people assuming that "y" is eventually going to turn into "x" in a roundabout way.