Send a girl a message on PlentyOfFish

>send a girl a message on PlentyOfFish
>"Hey, nice profile. I'm a fan of the outdoors too. What are some things you enjoy doing outside?"
>she replies with "go away you ugly fuck"

This is the first time anyone's replied to me with this kind of vitriol, most girls that aren't interested either ignore me or give a polite reply. Would it be petty of me to report the message?

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Yeah, dude.

She’s obviously a bitch and a good thing you didn’t go further with her. Move on and forget about her, she doesn’t deserve any of your time.

Maybe it was bantz. Or she's mentally unstable. It'd be petty not to just ignore her weird ass but nothing really speaks against reporting either, just why?

Also work on your opener, my dude. Way too generic.

stop internet dating, its going to demean and devalue you. Its fucking dangerous for a persons self esteem, regardless of gender.

Make her believe that you have lots of money and if she does and wants to meet up take her to a restaurant and order whatever you want.
After you're almost done eating tell her you need to use the bathroom and just leave.
You'll fuck her day up and make yours better with some good food.

That’s dumb bro

Let’s match the bitch by being a dick? Just move on and forget her

Maybe you're right just moving on works,
still if you did what i suggested nobody would pity her given she's a bitch

It'd be still
>instant rude behaviour
>careful manipulation which requires time, effort and lies

She probably wouldn't even fall for it,
but if she did she's just a gold digger so nothing of value was lost

You got your answer though. Move along.

Roasties really do stick together no matter what, huh?

Also, OP should report her for the simple fact that she broke the rules. pof, like most websites, has rules against flaming.

What are you expecting me to say?
>Nah she's just being a bitch because she likes you?
Or some other meme ass shit that we've been fed since childbirth?
Get over yourself, edgelord.

Thanks, all. I won't report the message. Sorry. This happened about 20 minutes before I posted the thread, and it really hurt my feelings quite a bit since I've always been insecure about my looks and it came so out of left field.

>just act like a woman.
I don't think that solves anything.
You are not protected the same way, but even if you get away with it, you are just as bad as they are.


Christ, you live in such a fantasy world.

yet it's filled with the most insecure people

Rejection is bound to happen, especially on the internet. Not everyone is attracted to everyone, so straight up saying she thought you were ugly means you didn't make that cut. Nothing more. Now, move on.

Make a joke about it to her, but report it anyway.

Not OP, but god you're a bitch. She could have just ignored him, as is common internet dating protocol. I should filter your posts, you're turning out to be a shit person.

Where else are people meant to find other people idiot ?
Very real actually, it always happens.

While true, then we'd probably hear OP whine about not getting responses from his quaintly crafted openers that are actually cringe.
Suck it up, buttercup. POF doesn't kiss your ass and call you special like christianmingle does.


>Where else are people meant to find other people idiot ?
in real life like most people?

Perhaps we were expecting you to make an actually applicable observation such as "she seems like a mental case" but I'm assuming you are as well so it doesn't particularly matter

You are an awful, disgusting person. The world would be a better place if you weren't in it. And I fucking bet that if OP was a girl who was insulted by a guy, you'd be completely on her side.

Stop pretending that OP is some kind of Nice Guy, you sickening excuse for a human being. There's not a single god damn reason to believe that he would respond the same way had he simply been ignored; in fact, he implied in the first post that he's fine with not being responded to. He was insulted and is firmly within his rights to have his feelings hurt.


Get off online dating. It's toxic.
And dont worry about that thot. Love you (no homo)

>Regardless of gender

Yeah, no. For women it's the ultimate ego boost.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one pissed off by her. Like am I the only one who thinks this tripfag is a total cunt who needs to hang herself for being a bitch?

Give an example normie

Stop using online dating. It's a waste of your time, energy and possibly money.

I know for a fact that i'm a decent looking guy (i would say like 7-7.5/10) but even for me online dating is ridiculously hard. I've used online dating quite persistently for over a year and i landed a grand total of 2 dates. Women get so flooded with attention and thirsty guys that you need to be atleast a 8-9/10 in combination with good text game to land regular dates and sex.

Go out into the real world and learn REAL game. Trust me, picking up a girl in real life is way easier than picking them up online.

>Trust me, picking up a girl in real life is way easier than picking them up online.

how and where do you meet them

Bars, nightclubs and parties are the easiest place to pick them up. Anything that involves alcohol basically. That being said the quality women in those environments tend to be lower. But if you're primarily looking to get your dick wet those are the places you should be looking at.

Learn to not give a fuck what others say about you, and continue to pursue women online or elsewhere. When a woman talks to you, you should think of them like a cat trying to talk, or a child talking to you. They're not really fully human like men are, so don't let their words offend you.

Especially don't listen to this guy:

If a message calling you ugly hurts your self-esteem, sorry, you aren't a man. You are a man-woman, or a man-child.

I want a relationship, not a one night stand. I don't drink because I'm religious. This is stupid advice

>And I fucking bet that if OP was a girl who was insulted by a guy, you'd be completely on her side.
For one, girls would probably know that cookie cutter opener is cringe and would not use it. Two, I don't favor genders. Three, no you're implying that he's fine with it because he's only upset at this rejection. He can have his feelings hurt all he wants, it's the internet.
>6. Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster.
You can suck my dick.

Lol God you're such a bad poster

Met my gf at a concert get rekt loser

>rules of the internet

Wow, and you call him cringe? This is fucking epic

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>I'm religious
Well then church maybe? Chat up some girl there.

>Three, no you're implying that he's fine with it because he's only upset at this rejection.
What the fuck does this even mean? Speak English.

Why do you assume Christian?

Or whatever the fuck your religion is. Every religion has some sort of place where they meet up and pray and shit.

>the two letter trip spoke to me, ew
The chosen subject was on the foward rejection. There was no mood on what he felt about the nonresponses.

>This is the first time anyone's replied to me with this kind of vitriol, most girls that aren't interested either ignore me or give a polite reply.

Since he used the nonresponses to serve as contrast to the direct, out of the blue insult, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he finds the nonresponses to be acceptable and okay.

I'm Gnostic, we don't.

He's still contrasting them all as rejections and can be equally associating them negatively. I've seen similar threads a thousand times over about it.

I guess, if you're a complete retard without any reading comprehension. Which apparently you are.

I did my comprehension. You're just a tard that thinks there's only one side to a 2D girl.

Makes sense you don't follow a real religion

it's esoteric

You're ignoring OP's actual words in order to make him look bad, and giving this random girl the benefit of the doubt for no real reason at all. I know that you're not a particularly good person based on your posting history here, to say the very absolute least, but can you really not admit when you're being a bitch and an idiot? You don't have to be right on everything.

yeah report her but also dont send such bitchass messages

nah ur just a bitch. getting dates better than sitting on Jow Forums for 5 more years

Yeah that's what I said

so why do you blame me? its not my fault, i cant just go to a club or a church.

Everyone ITT stop posting, read my post, and leave the thread. I answered all questions, please leave the thread man-children and man-women.

Yes you can.

I will never drink and I hate Christians.

So do something else then instead of making up more excuses to wallow in your loneliness. Do a class, pick up a hobby, join a reading club, just get out there. Instead of finding problems and reasons why you CAN'T do an activity, try to find the activity you CAN do.

You very well know that op could be talking to a catfish which he shouldn't give a fuck about anyway, right? Stop being a massive faggot.
Agreed, men that can't actually converse with women beyond "Want sum fuk" or "I looked at your profile, here's my pasta, please talk to me" should leave dating sites.

>I hate a group who similarly rejects this world for the spiritual.

>, join a reading club,

You think attractive women go to these?

You should leave this site

Fucking agreed. I don't hate trips just for being trips, but this is a legitimately horrible person.

At least she let you know she was a complete cunt before you wasted any money on her.

Lol stay mad. It doesn’t matter if OP is at fault or not, his mistake was whining about it like a bitch. If you can’t handle someone in the INTERNET hurting your feefees, maybe you should grow a thicker skin.

>lol it's just the internet bro xDDDDDDDD

You should hang yourself along with the tripfag. That said, OP used a real picture of himself. Even if the person insulting him from out of nowhere is "just" an internet person (not that this should make much of a difference to people who aren't Jow Forums sociopaths), a real life picture is a reflection of what you look like in the real world, so internet insults are perfectly relevant.