Generation of meme girls

>get friends requests on fb from girls
>Quite literally all of them were the same person.
>Same self-deprecating shit posting.
>Same overtly sexualized memes.
>Same subtle weeby undertones.
>Same tastes in music.
>same want to be dominated stuff
>Same pop culture tastes.
>Same attention seeking “I’m sad/lonely/etc.” posts.
>Same “haha i wanna kill myself” shitposting
>hang out with a few
>same thing
>no real personality
>just want sex and drugs

Is my generation fucked?

Note: Of course not all are the same, i have met a couple who were actually different but the boatload were the same online/irl/just talking to them

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>people of similar age group using the same platform and growing up in the same country with a similar preference for boys have other similarities
Yeah, fuck this generation!

>no real personality
Go on, what's your real personality?

Our-world-is-dying-and-OP-has-time-to-shit on-women-because-they're-depressed The Thread

Perhaps these ones stand out the most because they're the most obnoxious and easy to notice. This works in your favor because they're walking red flags. Maybe you should be more careful about which girls you pursue and go on dates with.

>uses facebook
>complains about facebook "culture"
>shitposts on Jow Forums about it

Yeah you are MUCH better than them.

I'm older than you. Started using dating apps/sites because I met a girl, didn't work out but it made me realise I'm lonely.

Anyway, it's probably been a mistake. Should have just banked on meeting someone else in real life like I did her. I don't find myself attracted to any of these people. It's possible I'm just caught up on her but I'm not sure it's that, it's a whole new world I don't think I like it.

Sorry, I blogposted.

Point was meant to be it's not your generation alone that are odd.

Yeah they're shit since 2001.

The world isn't dying.

The personality thing Im getting at is none of them have anything going on.
The act the same, online/irl, no ambition, no wanting to better themselves, just staying at home, complaining about things they could change.

>hurr durr OP shitting on depressed women.
It aint shitting on depressed women its shitting on those who complain and dont make efforts to change and revolve their lives around this degenerate image.

Happens outside of facebook bud, read the post (^: wouldnt post this if it was purely online.

Most of them are fucked up.

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> none of them have anything going on.
If they did, they wouldn't use FB and text you. Same attracts same. Going from a self selected sample to an entire generation is laughable.

I have stuff going on that takes up hours, but I text and use social media in free time, what does that make me?

All women are retards.

>but I text and use social media in free time, what does that make me
The same as the chicks you bitch about.

more and more girls are raised without fathers
the lack of a father figure is crucially detrimental in the psychological and emotional development of a girl/young woman

i don't see how

for a boy it makes sense, for a girl idk

Holy shit, she got a fan. This sure took a while.

Shut up u r her and im her.

Women become sluts because daddy never loved them.

Most people, men and women, tend to be pretty average.

I actually have had a few, this isn't the first time.

How do you get so much attention from these girls OP? Clearly you have a lot of game. Help some anons out?

they're no worse than any other generation since the 50's, really.

Females need a father figure in their life mainly to teach them how to work for the things they need in life, teach them assertiveness and resilience in changing situations/environments. These are things mothers aren't always good at stereotypically if they are the stay-at-home type as their environment is quite static and their levels of stress are more controlled. My gf dad was an abusive piece of shit that ran off when she was 8 years old and I literally taught her so many life skills she missed out on from learning to ride a bike to performing well at a job interview, making new friends and dealing with problematic customers/co-workers