What are some logical steps I should take in order to fuck this?

What are some logical steps I should take in order to fuck this?

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>romance a woman through logic
>with logic
mind you romancing a woman is the only way to fuck them. There is no logic.

A) probably don’t call her this “” around her
B) lift, she’s pretty so she has options, make yourself a reasonable option
C) go to a hair specialist and have them cut your hair to suit your face
D) have cool interests and be excited to talk to her about them
E) be a good listener, but her drinks for her

With this five step program you’ll be elbow deep in no time user

>romancing a woman is the only way to fuck them
really? How does one git gud at romancing?


telling women what they want to hear at the right time, noticing what they are wearing and give them tasteful compliments.
Getting to know them and keeping eye contact with a good posture and gentile touch.

But that's not what Chads do.

You arent a chad. Stop trying to be something you arent.

Chads are big and sexy. Chad could get my name wrong and he’d still have a chance.

Chads arent gay user

My measuments are 36” 28” 40” user.

your "measurements" from your fake profile wont work on getting a chad to butt fuck you.

How do I practice??

Sure ill take the bait, mods feel free to throw me a ban if you think it necessary.

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By talking to women

practice while doing
try practicing on an ugly chick, the hot ones like to see how nice you are to women who look terrible.

You just have to keep going out on first dates with girls dude, and you’ll bomb less every time. It’s just a numbers game and getting a feel for it.

well you made me eat my words and I'll eat your puss if given the opportunity.

Does your husband know your talking to horny anons on a Korean basket weaving forum?


I think all of them are aware

I want to cuck your husband.

Ask your husband how it feels knowing I'm jerking off to your midriff right now. :)

He doesn’t care, pti is on.

thats hot

Be attractive
Don't be unattractive

Well how do you feel knowing that I just finished cumming to a picture of your tight little body?

Apathetic. You are not the first not the last.

And you can always become more attractive with effort. See:

>ring on pinky finger = marriage
since when

It was just a good guess

Of course the trashy chick loves her a chad.
This is why so much advice here isn’t even applicable.

I’m not saying that anyone can become chad but I am saying you can become a more attractive version of yourself with effort and in turn you’ll have more sexual options. Not Stacy, but still.

Do girls care if I want to cum on their nose?

your dick is small enough to fit, then no

So can I cum on their nose or not? I'm not sure what you're saying.

yeah go ahead


Gross. Why do you want to cum on a girl's nose?

so when she sneezes she cums at the same time.

It's hot af. Especially when the girl has a nice nose.

oh yeah, do a dance for me sexy girl

I want her to suffocate on my cum

Rock out with your cock out my guy, just say to her you like giving facials and she’ll be down for it. Maybe don’t make it specifically about her nose but more her face, it’ll make her feel pretty.
I can not dance user

Everyone can dance, you're just too lazy to post the video, but you'll still get attention from replying to my post.


What is this body type called?

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Extremely fuckable

What does pussy feel like bros?

Tense the inside of your mouth and drag your finger across the inside of your cheek. That but firmer and a little rougher.

Wait a second... wasn't you the same guy from Jow Forums?