Is it ok to date an abo? I have a crush on pic related

is it ok to date an abo? I have a crush on pic related

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wtf is a abo

Dude, taboo pussy is always the hottest pussy. Fuck her mum for good measure too.

An Aboriginal. OP is an Aussie who wants to bang a dingonigger.

She doesn't look about, pic related is abo.

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If pic truly related, she's a qt

Most of the hang ups about abos come from the sort who are drunk before sun down, fiddle their kids, or demand gibs. If she's none of that then take her out

Abo blood washes out when they mix, I've known many who have indigenous blood but you just can't tell.

why do you even need to ask vegemite chugging retard
who would be brave enough to breed with a neanderthal tho

Dude she’s hot af. Smash that shit.

Australia is a province of China now and soon there will be no abo's on the free range. They will round them up and send them to northwest china

>having a crush on a celebrity
I'm pretty sure she's not an abo too.

The first three or four sex starved convicts

If she looks like that, yes

Thats a hell yeah. Wonder what is going on in there though.

Many people are now fapping to her.
I'm one of them.

yeah, and shes cute

but you are aware that you'll be dealin with all sorts of shit even if she is sane. Lots of people will dislike you for it, and also her extended family and friends will have more issues that you could even imagine.
on the plus side shes probably awesome in bed and lots of fun

Have you got any idea what their obligations are to their family.

You would be better off finding a Filo. At least then most of the family will be o/s and you will only end up sending money back home.

abo mixed with caucasian is what indians are

why must you hurt me like this, op

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That girl will wipe the floor with your effeminate ass. You have been warned

Bro date whoever the fuck you want, it’s that simple. You don’t need our approval

cheese sticks

If that's her, of course. Start the de/pol/lination process ASAP and FUCK HER if not even marry.