How do i get white(er) teeth fast...

how do i get white(er) teeth fast? they're kind of yellow right now but could i be able to achieve an acceptable level of whiteness in a month if i started brushing twice everyday?
t. haven't brushed in a few years and no problems so far, except for the obvious yellow tint

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Brush twice a day to get into the habit now, but what will also help is going to a dentist 1-2 times a year for check-up and cleaning.

i will, but will a month be enough? i've pretty much been a neet until now, but i'm finally starting at a new job in a month and wouldn't want my workmates to think of me as a slob (even if that's what i am).


Go to the dentist and ask for Zoom whitening. It can be done in about an hour and will run you around $299 at a place like Aspen

>haven't brushed in a few years
What. Do you only eat keto or something? Otherwise you definitely have cavities.

t. ran dental practices for a few years

Brushing alone will not whiten in a month. Remember, you’ve likely done years of damage to your teeth. If you do go the professional whitening route, you may need some other work done first. Crest Whitestrips if you aren’t that committed

this is legit good shit. my teeth were terribly yellow because my mother (single parents amirite) never made me brush my teeth. I got zoom whitening done about 6 months ago and it still looks good. I want to say I paid like 400 though

Cost depends on where you live, but Phillips was offering a $299 promotion for awhile.

not OP but this shit gives me hope bro, i was basically in the same situation as a kid. hopefully it works as well for me as it did for you

alright, thanks a lot anons.
i had a checkup 6 months ago and they didn't see anything. i've also tried checking myself recently and seems like there are still none. i just drink a lot of water and avoid sugar, perhaps i have good teeth genes as well.

>how do i get white(er)

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becareful if you take medication, my teeth gyellow greyish and its because of my medication.

I have PTSD, and was homeless for a while. I had pretty easy access to soda, and would have it pretty often. I would try to care for my teeth as often as could, but they don't look so great. Not horribly bad like brown or anything. But yellow to the point that makes me self conscious.

Would whitening work for me despite drinking so much soda? I heard soda rids the enamal, and that if your enamal is gone then whitening won't work for you.

I have no idea if mine is gone, but it was probably affected if I had to guess. If the worst happens to be the case, are there any other options for me besides vaneers and caps? I'm back in school, so those would be super expensive for me

>go to a dentist 1-2 times a year
>pay $250 for him just looking at your teeth for 5 minutes
okay retard

burger get out

Don't smoke shit.

Don't drink coffee unless you can brush or chew gum afterwards.

Floss as well as brush.

Eat apples.

tfw brush 2x, floss 1x, and mouthwash 1x everyday but teeth are still yellow....

You’d know if your enamel is gone. Whitening works for just about anyone as long as any restorative work is taken care of first. What I mean is get your carries, crowns, and gum disease fixed before whitening, otherwise you are throwing away money.

>brushing 3 times a day
i didn't even know my teeth were supposed to be white. is it the fucking toothpaste?

by the way, are electric toothpicks alright? because i heard that i have to change the head but they cost like 20fucking euros a pair