Sombody cummed in my glass and i drank it without knowing

sombody cummed in my glass and i drank it without knowing.
they laughed while i was drinking it.

im broken mentaly and i can't trust nobody. i don't even trust to order food anymore.

i feel sick everyday and don't know wtf to do anymore with my life.

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Press charges. They can get into a lot of trouble for that

This and look for the guy who did this and beat the shit out of him.

Lol ur a faggot now
If you do that youll look like a massive faggot(more so) in the eyes of everybody

Man up and forget about it

Who cares what other people perceive? Someone literally came in this dude’s glass and watched him drink it. They already think nothing of him

Why would you ever in your life
A: Leave your glass unattended
B: Accept a drink you didn't see poured, yourself

there is no evidence.
and if i press charges they might hurt me or the people around me

Find the guy who did it and stab him to death

RIP OP, this made my stomach clench, I'm sorry.

What other anons said, either press charges if you have a chance at it. Or, really, beat the crap out of that guy and maybe do some equally disgusting and traumatizing thing to him as well to teach him a lesson and everyone else who laughed about it.

Who is this person and where do you live that you're afraid they could hurt you or someone close?

How does it taste like ?

you'll get made fun of, but yeah sure.

One mans trash is nother whores juice


Good luck proving it at this point.
>cummed in my glass
>i can't trust nobody
I'd feel bad for you if your English was just a little bit better.

>they might hurt me or the people around me
more reasons to press charges, since you're afraid of this person. you shouldn't be living in fear user.

Take revenge on them by cumming on something that they touch, or their food.

What an asshole

>dude, something fucked up happened to you but I can’t feel bad because your English is shit

The chad thing to do was to down the whole drink in one once you realized it was cummed in. And to do this while staring the guy right in the eyes, then to slam down the glass with a blank but proud expression.

Instead you probably cried and whined and freaked out while acting anxious, which actually made you look more of a fag.

How the fuck does this even happen

How do you put your cum in someone's drink and not have everyone around you immediately disgusted with you and asked to leave

Learn to cook your own food. I used to work in fast food a few years ago and this kind of stuff isn't very uncommon.

The guy probably had a bottle of cum from the last time he masturbated. I like to image in went something like this...
>lol wouldn't it be funny if user drank one of our cum?
>lol haha yeah man it would
>but im not watching any of you jerk off, that's almost as gay as user
>yeah me neither, im not a homo
>dont worry bros, i have just the solution
>takes out a small bottle of cum from a previous fap session
>wow dude your a genius!

I doubt this would happen IRL

user said cummed, as in someone fapped into his drink

He didn’t say put cum in my drink

i went to his house and he gave me a drink.
i saw him pour 2 glasses and i turned around for a sec.

i found out that there was dry semen in the glass because of the strange remarks him and his friend was making. and i remember him saying someting to the other guy that i did'nt understand at the time but now that this happend i realized it.

after i realised it i was in shock and i was frozen. i immediatley went to the bathroom and tried to throw up but i couldn't because i didn't eat anything .

i grabbed my stuff and told him i had to go.
i walked for 2 hours so can try to proccess wtf happend but i'm still fucked up

nigga u immensely gay
and doing about anything will make u doublegay
had a laughworth for two days easily

What the hell kind of faggots are these people? If my friend said "yo check this out i have cum in this cup and im making a drink for this guy" I'd slap him in the face in disgust

Now you know the secret of McDonalds secret sauce

Sorry, user. You're gay now. If only everyone knew the dangers of drinking cum

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You shouldn't feel bad for retards

I feel bad for people like you and the lack of understanding on your part.

Kind of, yeah. If he was born and raised in an English speaking country, but he still speaks like that, then fuck him.