Found a apartment that I really like, in a zone that I love, have the money to buy it and its kinda cheap...

found a apartment that I really like, in a zone that I love, have the money to buy it and its kinda cheap, it only has one issue, its on the 4th floor and it doesn't have an elevator, what to do? also I've heard the last floor of a building its also the hottest one, so more electricity bill too

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My only concern would be getting furniture up the stairs. If you're just worried about walking up the stairs every day, stop being such a lazy lardass. 4 stories is nothing. You already said it was cheap so that should offset any minor difference in electricity bill.

my fear is if something happens to one of my legs (like an accident or something) suddenly I can;t get into my house. Pic related I guess

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Fair point. I hadn't really considered that. But couldn't you make it up on crutches or whatever?

guess I could crawl for 4 floors, its not the end of the world, but probably not the nicest experience

It'll be worth all those stairs if you really love that place

I've beenliving at the 4th floor all my life. You are paranoid about an accident happening and not being able to get there.
The bill for an AC depends on the climate and tje insulation of the walls and ceiling/top of the block.
Most companies will deliever the furniture to your door, up tjere anyway. So no concern with that either

are you on shape after walking all those stairs?

No. 4 sets of stairs with 27 steps each is nothing

my other concern is, will it make it harder for me to sell it because of that? or regular people don't care about stuff like this?

You're buying an apartment? Don't you usually rent apartments?

yeah I'm buying.

Oh, that's interesting. I'm guessing if the apartment itself is in good shape and a good location you'll be able to find a buyer

okay, think I'll go for it, thank you all for the answers

Yeah no problem man. You clearly want it and are looking for reasons to pull the trigger. Go with your gut

Just depends on your attitude about having to do work every time you want to enter and exit your home.

I lived in a 3rd story apartment for 2 years and it is not something I would do again.

> moving is a bitch
> every time you have items like groceries and have to haul them up it's a bitch
> the appeal of being "high up" gets old fast.

If I had the money for a 4th floor apartment I would only buy it if there was an elevator. No elevator no deal.

I'm fit too. Not a fatty.

Get a sled so you can glide down the stairs.

well I work from home, so I only move to go to the gym or do groceries once a week

You could get some diy guy to build you a basket and winch system on a swing arm over the balcony.

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A minor inconvenience.

Go ahead and just don't become a cripple.

> what are lease agreements
> what are HOA covenants
> what are deed restrictions

Stop being a fatass and climb the stairs. 4 floor is no big deal

Rent the property next door and install a catapult that can shoot you directly into your apartment.