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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>I'm an insecure/suicidal/anxious person who doesn't leave home
Watch these and follow these channels:

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?
As Jordan Peterson says, what's the alternative? Just not to date and wait for death?

>Why is there no new thread?
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sometimes I have thoughts like "I don't deserve friends" and it really bothers me that I would cobsider friendship and social interaction to be a good that can be "deserved." If I deserve anything it is to be thr miserable social outcast that I am. But lately I've noticed that even when keeping to myself and not looking at other people, people seem to feel uncomfortable around me and have been making clear I am not welcome even in public spaces. All these people can't be wrong, but how can I continue to work and continue to society while being invisible to the actual real people that are part of it?

bonus sperg: I often don't feel as "real" as other people. Obviously this body is physically real and exists in the same world as others, but other people appear to have a wide range of emotions, goals, and desires and anymore I can barely feel anything, like I am a machine in human form.

Girl I like and am trying to get with sent me that one of her friends think I’m cute. I want her and not her friends, what should I say/do?

It's a test. She wants to know if you're interested in her friends instead of her

>Meet a girl
>I'm prefacing this by saying there's nothing romantic about us; circumstances just make it that we have to be around each other really often
>Make friends with her
>After a while, confide in each other a bit; she sometimes comes to me crying about personal shit
>Claims to be bipolar and that her parents don't believe in it and don't support her
>Try to be there and support her and she seems to be grateful for it
>Other times, insults and belittles me in front of others with no provocation at all
Do bipolar really turn around and attack those closest to them when they're at their worst? I can understand mood swings, but just straight-up insulting me in front of others? Should I cut off ties with this girl, or does the bipolar thing really check out? She's really getting on my nerves, and I'm mentally prepared to tell her to fuck off.

So, what do I say?

and I don’t really think it is, I feel I am very clear in indicating interest in her and I barely know her friends

Any time a girl does something you don't understand she's probably testing you. Just say you're not interested in her friends

Can I ever have a real relationship when i'm in the Navy?
I'll have to go away for months at a time.
Can that allow a real relationship exist?
Will Jody fuck everything up? Will she want Jody?

Will girls look don't on you for putting things up your butt? Asking for a friend

do girls really, honestly, wholefully, know that they go outside dressed in the way they do showing off their ass cheeks under their shorts and nipples poking out of their shirt and shit

like do they just pretend like their butt-crease is showing and that they are moving in a way that is getting their breasts to jiggle and shit, like for real. And then they get upset when someone looks at it, but not when a "hot guy" is looking

Why don't people recognize when young boys are vulnerable to being preyed upon by adult women?

because womyn gud, men bad

Where do you hide your noodles, bros and sises? What are good places to hide noodles?

Mine are "hidden" and password locked in a 7z file inside a 7z with some selfies (that I didn't want others to see), inside my personal folder, where I save receipts, porn, documents...

How can I tell if a coworker lady is interested or just being nice?
She sounds seductive when greeting me for example and she always glances at me no matter what when I'm around, but I hate to risk professionality for thirst.

Women studying psychology, what was your reaction when you first realized that the vast majority of men have pedophilic attraction?

Most men don't have pedophilic attraction. Lol.

How do you know if you made an impact on someone’s life?

When she calls you darling or her love, should you try and hookup?

Is it possible to forget an old friend you cared about?

Forget, no unless you have brain problems. Stop thinking about them, yes: it's honestly quite normal.

Why are women shallow?

Why does she ask me how my day is multiple times?
Does my face act like I had a bad day or what is it?

>moving in a way that makes their breasts jiggle
user, I literally can't do anything about that and I'm almost flat, why would you think we do that on purpose? Do you expect women to wear breast binders so their chest wouldn't move? And nipples are nipples, who fucking cares.
As for shorts that don't cover the ass, don't think I've ever seen that irl so I can't comment.

All people are shallow. As much as we're very smart apes, we're still apes.

Not necessarily.
I call very many people "love" or "sweetheart", and I'm sarcastic 90% of the time.

So I'm just supposed to suffer because contrary to what we claim we are not above our nature

You're not supposed to suffer. You can get over it and do better things with your life than cry over human nature.

How am I supposed to just ignore that I'll never be loved

Girls. I was at a concert and couple ladies next to me. Dancing around and stuff. Closest bumps me plenty and when she is just standing, is kinda sqishing into me or leaning on me. That's good right?? There was never any talk. I looked her a couple times. No look backs. Im cool and all but I want to be happy about this. She was a cute one and had a cool purple felt hat. I think there was room to spread out, but she didn't. Felt nice.

There's nothing that stops you from being loved.
Humans are shallow and care about looks, but it doesn't mean that you're either a greek god or you'll never be loved.
People have different tastes, so this alone gives you a chance to appeal to a niche at least. And you can do your best to be as appealing as you can.

>4.5"x4.5" (erect) penis
These are insurmountable

Sorry 5'1"

Girls, would you give a guy you've dated another chance?

I met this girl a month ago, dated 4 times, I'm 4 years older than her with a stable job and she's just starting out. Stayed as friends because she wants to focus on herself and travel for the rest of the year.

Haven't spoken for two weeks and been radio silent, don't intend to talk anytime soon, I don't even know how to. What's also strange is she's hidden her IG stories from me, dunno when this started happening but possibly over two weeks ago, it's been bugging me. Should I just move on?

I had sex with a girl I kinda know (we were both drunk) and then met up later to talk. She said that nothings gonna happen because she has mental issues and stuff and it'll be a lot of pain. Now that's fine and dandy, I didn't want a relationship with her anyway, but is the actual cause that she's not attracted to me? I hate hooking up with people drunk because you never know if they actually like you

when they tell you years later
or smetimes inferring it from their actions. for example i taught my ex how to hitchike anď laţer people told me how hardcore rips she attended

Like half a year ago I used to see this girl with a shared friend group weekly in a particular event. Apparently she told her friend that she liked me and she told my friend who told me. I did nothing, and I haven't seen her ever since. Would it be weird to write to her now?

i was lucky enough to get preyed upon by a few, so it's not that bad. guess you were just unlucky

How top tier should I be to get a qt young blonde blue eyed virgin wife?(Ofc I'm willing to compromise on a few of those but you get the idea)

My ex was nothing special if I think about it, she also fucked other guys before me, and dumped me fast to fuck some more. Didn't have much luck with other girls either since, so perhaps I'm in no position to be this picky. But I'd kinda rather die alone than compromise too much.

Very much. In general, if you have a very small dating pool, the more important it is to have great qualities in order to appeal to them.


I'm a 5'11 skinny 4/10 forever aloner who works in a female dominated field. At lunch and in the office (we're a small team in a small office space so we all hear one another's conversations) they regularly talk about fit male celebrities and how hot they are etc etc

Am I right to be made uncomfortable by this? It makes me feel horrible listening to all these women gush over men I'll never look like in a million years, that combined with the fact that I've never had a girlfriend makes me feel awful

Am I just being sensitive?

>in love with girl from school for nearly 2 years now
>asked her out 3 times so far (4/18, 8/18, 12/18) but each time she gave a weakly veiled response as to why she couldn't make it (ie. asked her out to a gig about a week before but she said she didn't know the band and couln't make it anyway)
>still remain really good friends, pretty sure I'm the only male friend she has
>have still been talking nearly every day on snapchat
>atm we've been talking more than ever, and it really seems like she's interested in me
>thought I was getting over her, but after missing the opportunity to say hello and get a pic with her at our prom I've realised how I'm still totally in love with her
>was planning to ask her out one last time
>going to uni at the end of summer, so this would likely be the last time I would ever see her and get the chance to ask her out properly

Sorry for the blog post, but this is really tearing me apart. I know how stupid it seems to try asking her out again, but I can't risk not having one last chance. We have our exams soon, so my plan was to wait until those are over, so she can't use the "sorry I'm busy with school work" excuse and I'll know for sure. What do you think Jow Forums, is this a good plan or am I just being a oneitis striken retard?

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It's normal to feel bad. But what do you want? Them to stop talking?

Idk. Obviously they have a right to talk about what they want and be attracted to whom they want. It just makes me feel like shit knowing I'm the furthest thing from what a woman could want...just want to be loved y'know?

Is it hurtful to you guys, if I say, I'd prefer dating someone that is taller than me?

Not really, most men past their early 20's have dealt with enough rejection to know that it is not a big deal

Rejection hurts in general, even more so when it's for something you have no control over. So I'd say yeah. Maybe not as much if they have other important aspects going well for them.

Does the thought of urinary catheterization make girls feel a bit of imaginary pain down there too?
I think so, and should seem obvious but it's been bothering me for the past hour and I need some closure.

Yes because getting rejected over a thing you cannot control (height, facial looks) hurt the most.

Anyone here get back with an ex before?

How do women feel about military guys. Am I likely to get cheated on if I get deployed.

Also, what's the etiquette for contacting a woman you didn't know that well originally and have had no contact in a long time? Shifting to a new city at the end of the year and a girl I had a crush on years ago lives there, thought I'd try my luck.

Its the same as a guy telling you he prefers dating women with bigger tits than you.

I'm a girl in your position: I'm in a male dominated field and hear my colleagues talk about hot this or that woman is all the time. It doesn't matter.

If you feel bad, improve yourself as much as you can to look like the men they like.

>If I deserve anything it is to be thr miserable social outcast that I am
people can probably feel that bitterness and self hatred coming from you. people don't want to be around that. it's kind of a cycle that can be hard to break but the first step is treating yourself better

that sounds closer to bpd, but same concept

tell her that you know she's dealing with mental illness but that doesn't excuse her from treating you like that and that she needs to make an effort to change her behaviour or you're going to cut ties

don't join the navy regardless of relationships
you want to be a boot-licking dog to the military industrial complex?

How the fuck do you navigate the first few dates of a relationship without knowing where to go or without having your own place to take her home to?

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your own or other peoples?
i'm not super discreet with my own. what are people going to do if they find them? be impressed?

Read the FAQ.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

go to the park

Yeah, I'd wait til you're out or almost out the start something real. With the GI Bill, you'll be able to build something beautiful.

this is justified, it doesn't matter if you look like danny devito or a greek god. if you want you should tell them it makes you uncomfortable and you don't think it's really appropriate for workplace conversation

just be yourself
you shouldn't be trying to fuck on the first few dates

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How do I be myself?

It only doesn't hurt me because I'm 6ft. For men smaller than me, I imagine it would be extremely painful as they're not big guys. In fact, I expect that to be one of the main reasons in the absolute wreckage of self esteem shirt guys have. Its something they don't feel in charge of, and they don't so they really feel bad wondering why a woman would btfo his height before rejecting him.

ask her out again, tell her you're into her. tell there's no pressure for her to say yes, but that if she's not interested, to just tell you because you'd rather just know

Recently met a girl and has been going out for 3 months now. Never declared anything. My bestfriend (female) since high school is making a move on me so many times now and its making the girl im seeing jealous.
My friend knows im seeing her but still sending snapchats (sometimes nudes) to me. How do I tell her to stop flirting with me without hurting her?

Also before I met this girl, my best friend told me "youre just like a brother to me" when I asked her out.

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define "get back with"
i've slept with an ex after breaking up, it actually gave the relationship some closure on my end

it doesn't matter what they want. all that matters is what you want

Accidentally fell in love with a girl after not having any crushes for 5 years.

What do I do? I can’t take getting heart broken again

She wanna talk with you even if she doesn't have anything to say.

Yes, if you are saying it to reject someone it hurts a lot and you're gonna made him insecure about his height. If that physical trait is so important for you, reject him by telling you don't love him and friendzone him.
Also, if I can give you an advice, reconsider your priorities.

For introverted people and girls.
She's feeling sad and depressed over things happened in her life and she does not wanna talk. Now, I don't have the possibility to spend time with her. How do I make her feel better?
Should I distract her about that specific topic that is bothering her or should I push for it by saying that I wanna know whats going in her mind? I know a bunch about her life so it's not like she never opened up with me, but now she does not wanna talk at all and I'm concerned. I don't wanna just leave her alone in her thoughts.

you follow your instinct. do what you like, don't do what you dislike.
don't pretend to be someone else, don't pointlessly try to prve your masclinity at every opportunity, don't try hard o be funny if you're not.
do what feels right.

tell your friend she had her chance and to be respectful of your relationship

or ditch the new girl and fuck your friend

You leave her alone like she asked you. Just let her know you're there for her if she wants to talk, and check in with her later today.

is this you?

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I'm only just getting into dating, is this really what people are doing

Really? Maybe not fuck but surely some physical stuff

Nobody cared who I was until I made that post.

dating is about finding that rare someone whom you can spend time most enjoyably. no matter where you go, it's important it pleases you both

For what purpose?

I feel like leaving her alone will lead to her not stop talking/writing with me for a week or more. I know she has drugs at home and I rather have her not use them (she's trying to stop). I don't have the possibility to spend physical time with her.
I mean... picture this
>you're feeling really bad
>you don't wanna talk about that with your family (they are not the right people for that conversation)
>we are not living together and I can't go there in the next couple of days
Would you avoid that subject as much as you can and deal with it by yourself or are you searching for someone who listen to you? Should I say something random to distract her or should I push for the big talk? Or should I just shut the fuck up, not write any message and leave her alone?

I don't know. Girls just like to test. Ask one of them

You left out that you are fat.
Start by fixing that

If I tell someone I don't want to talk about something, I don't want to talk about it. Them pressuring me to talk to them will only make me stop replying and block them for the time being.
My advice is leave her alone. This is normally what I want if I ask people to leave me alone.
If you really want to keep talking to her, talk to her about something else.


How much more attractive becomes a man, when he walks around with a smiling face? Not laughing or so, just a bit of smiling, compared to having a resting bitch face?
Does it change anything on the attractiveness scale at all, or does only your facial structure really matter, no matter how you look?

I think that smiling all the time feels a bit weird and fake, but having a relaxed face helps.
Men who smile at me when they look at me are 10x more attractive.


She never said she don't wanna talk about it. She said there is no one in her family she can talk about that so she go quiet. I made myself available for that discussion, but apparently she's going quiet with me too.
I didn't wanna to be shallow by talking about casual things like I don't care. She told me there is something bigger that goes through her mind. Anyways, I think I'm gonna follow your advice and aim for casual convos to see if she at least reply.

I've never been in a relationship despite being 29 year old. What do?



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Is there a chance she likes me in some way?

So basically she knows I like her, a friend made it known to her like 3 months ago. She initially said I was too immature and drank too hard.

Initially she was pretty friendly still after that. But then got distant for a few weeks for some reason. (I have an idea of why but not 100%)

Then over the past month or so she got close again. Like she's been making solid eye contact, glancing at me on more than one occasion, trying to get me to go to stuff that she's gonna be at, and kinda confiding in me a little (Probably due to me just knowing about the situation a bit more) Along with other stuff...

Along with not focusing on the other guy as much... (It's a different story here. But he crashes at her place (But is from outta town, but has to do shit in the city alot) and they always leave stuff together. But no real handsy or flirty shit)

I'm a 28 kisless virgin with zero relationship experience.
i had been used to being alone so much i don't know what to do when i'm alone with the girl i like.
I can texts her and be a funny person,
i can chat with her in a group,
but when i'm with her alone, i have nothing to say, and it make things kinda awkward.
I'm not a good looking person or a rich person, so i don't expect any female to be interested in me, let alone one that i'm interested in as well.

Guys, what do you do when you are the silent type but not good looking enough to attract girls?

Have you had sex?
Also a question what would you think if the guy had one night stands, but never had a relationship @24?

f/m question:
M: do you avoid open communication with ur woman because it doesnt matter what u say unless it what she wants to hear, it always ends in fight and agression? because she doesnt hear what she wants to hear? so actually, partnership, open-dialogue relation, we-should-talk-more is a meme?
F: Do you avoid open communication, expressing clear opinions and feelings, "sigining the deal": approving some decision made together because it limits your possibilities and independence and takes away the privilege to change your mind?

had a relationship like that, cancelled it quickly. had three more that weren't like that

So how were those 3? Would u like to describe them shortly? The girls were submissive? In scale 1-10 how would u place ur male-power/dominance, lets say chad level?

Go to a therapist that specializes on behavioural therapy.


I hooked up with this one girl from tinder last week. Usually i treat tinder for just hookups. Not always the case though- I've met some really cool girls on there. I just didn't want to continue with anything more than sex.

Anyways i really like this girl. We texted for a few days after. Still flirted. I jokingly said i'd wear something ridiculous on the next date. She responded "ohh all in due time". I texted her a picture of something fun i was doing a few days later. No response.

I know the rule of thumb is not to text her at all at this point? Do i give it a few days and text her something? Like what? I don't know what to do. I'm usually the guy who ignores texts and ghosts. I don't like this feeling...

This is the worst part of hookups. The ones i catch feels for.

F. I always had pretty open communication with my boyfriend: we talk about everything, compromise, and had maybe 6 fights, just one of which lasted for more than 15 minutes, in the 2 years we were together.
There have been instances (namely when his father just died) when I did what he wanted even if I wasn't completely on board because I didn't want to argue with him and stress him out. I'm sure it's the same for him.

The purpose is being honest.
If you are interested in her say so.

Stop being manipulative.

Is there any other way to tell? Non hobby examples