I didn't get the job, Jow Forums

I didn't get the job, Jow Forums.

First interview I've had in months and I didn't get it. I'm a fat fucking piece of shit who lives in his mother's basement in a dead end town. I have no fucking future, it's too fucking late.

What do I do? Should I just fucking end it? I'm so sick of the loneliness, the poverty and the fucking rejection.

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keep looking for jobs

perhaps you need to be willing to move for a half way decent job, could be a good opportunity to start on a new path.

Why? The job market in this town is so fucking competitive and I keep losing out. Fucking pointless.

I can't afford to move out. I have no savings.

Hold your horses OP, no need for self deprecation. What was the job you applied for anyway? Retail or something? When I started applying I was over 25 and I went to about 7 and was rejected every single time until I learned enough about how to succeed, it takes practice and you might screw up the first time. In each interview, you learn what you might've done wrong, don't give up.

It sounds like you've already given up.
This is Jow Forums

so ether keep trying, or just kill yourself

>I didn't get it. I'm a fat fucking
Welcome to life. Congratulations bud, you just learned survival is a difficult challenge :)
Don't put all your eggs in basket next time, and you won't be so upset. If it makes you feel any better, not everyone has to constantly scavenge for opportunities like this all the time, but it's something any decent person has had to go through, especially if they just got fired/And that happens more often than you think. Opportunities don't fall out of the sky, they have to be hunted down... there's no secret to getting them, it's just you and your will, and any music you can find that hypes you up.
You're a prospect at least, not un-hireable, think about that.


>no need for self deprecation
Just the truth, man.

It was a retail job, yeah. I've applied to other places but I never seem to get anywhere. This was my shot, y'know?

Like I said, you can imagine how I felt when I was being rejected left and right from a lot of places. In those requiring a few months experience I didn't even get an interview. There are companies that have specific questions they ask you like 'why do you want to work in x company' and they give you a chance to show what you know about it. More important however is the attitude and character you show in the interview, it really help if you're calm, confident, and on point with the process. You have to be comfortable with the process and show you're interested.

If your resume sucks and you have employment gaps, you have to convince them. As long as you show them you want to work there, you'll have a good shot. Just be relaxed and calm and you'll be ok.

Don't try too hard like beg, don't do that. Instead you answer that along with the question as to why you want to work there if it applies. Don't sound like you're desperate. Show a professional demeanor and stick to the other points.

Dress your best, go to stores with your CV, ask if they're hiring, if so give em your CV, if not give em your CV.
Do this for 10 stores a day.

If it's just any job you want, this is the most effective.
Lazy, fearful piece of shit.

Can we get some background? How long have you been out of a job? Any friends? What jobs are you trying for? Is your resume good?

What type of retail? I applied to a bunch of clothes stores and never got a response (and one failed interview), but large chain grocery stores are usually sure things.

>take my daily /nightwalk/
>stop at a bench in the middle of park and start my daily ritual of drinking an entire 40oz.
>halfway through bottle when I hear some banter/laughing in the distance.
>sound gets closer and finally I finally see the silhouettes of some sketchy looking dudes.
>prepare myself to fight to the death in case they try mugging me even though my wallet in completely empty because wage cuck.
>they finally arrive near my bench and stop in front of me.
>they ask me what I’m doing. I reply just drinking a bottle and thinking about life.
>the leader of the group said it’s not right for a man to drink all by his lonesome and beckons his buddy to hand him the 12 pack of beer he was holding and they sat on the bench with me.
>apparently they came from a pub a few blocks away from the park and were walking home.
>the four of us drink the whole 12 pack in about a half an hour all the while laughing and telling stories that weren’t that funny but because we were all so hammered our sense of humor was that of a brick.
>after we finish drinking they get up and tell me to have a good night and walk off.
>sit there pondering the events that transpired because for the first time in like 5 years I actually felt like a normal human being.
>sit there until the morning and watch sunrise.

Grocery store, yeah.

>How long have you been out of a job
>What jobs are you trying for?
Basic bitch entry shit.
>Is your resume good?
As good as it can be with my lack of experience.

>Lazy, fearful piece of shit.

Maybe, you can imagine what it's like for a guy to grow up with that in his mind. Some guys have serious anxiety related issues though, seen it myself with my friend. He said he was afraid to sleep alone in the dark since he was young so his parents bought him a dog to keep him company. It worked, the guy gradually got used to being alone in a room even without the dog. When you have anxiety, you either need some coping mechanism or therapy, it can't be easy when you see someone sweat and start asphyxiating from fear. The mind is strong enough to make you believe things user.

Turn to alcohol, seems to work for most people

Everyone commits suicide.

Some people do it quickly, with a gun or a knife.

Some people do it slowly, with drugs and alcohol, or by working at soul-crushing jobs.

Some people do it over a lifetime, sacrificing for their families.

What is your life worth to you?

You have nothing but potential, so get out there and keep looking. If it's really that bad, take out a school loan and go to school or commit suicide by dieting yourself down to a reasonable weight and join the military.

Finally and most importantly, Don't take any guff from anyone. Violence solves nothing, killing does, and if at the end of the day you have to kill a SOAB, it costs nothing to be polite. You will find out in time, communication is hard; being personable helps.

That is all.

You can send your resume to me and I can review it/offer suggestions and improvements. Just remove all the sensitive information of course. I just got a job after a couple months of being laid off, and it pays better than any job I’ve had before.

Whoops forgot the name, but if you want to contact me at ArnLack on Kik.

How old are you?
Also, in the meantime try to lose weight, it makes a lot of difference

25, turning 26 in July.

What job is it, if you don't mind me asking? How'd you go about getting it?

take some with you