How much have you changed?

how much have you changed?

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a fair bit. normal kid til age 12 or 13, then became a sperg loser until i was about 24, then turned my life around. i think i'd hate the me of 5 or 6 years ago if i met him. really loathe even looking back on that part of my life, what a waste of time.

How'd you do it?

0-7 weird kid who doodled and cracked corny jokes
8-11 class clown kid
12-15 kid popular for being funny and tall

when your a super ugly kid, just be funny and you'll be loved by lots

it's a long story to be honest. i was pretty deeply dissatisfied with my life, and a chance event snapped me out my depression. i built on that small success and just worked my way up from there. i was also truly honest and realistic with myself, without using the reality of my crap situation as an excuse to fall into despair.

Most of my life of my 24 years living I was a weirdo, had no style, grossly overweight, couldnt keep conversations with normal people. No hygiene, had no idea what negative things I was doing in my life that made me look worse. I honestly had no care about it and didnt understand alot.

I am ALOT more normal now, still a little fat but I ahve a good style, talk to normal people now, I am going to school, I am caring for myself and understanding things more and more about life and how it works

Since you asked the other guy how did he do it ill tell you what my biggest pushing factor was. I lost. It is simple as that, i met a girl that was perfect for me we matched and connected 1:1 and I wanted to be a part of her life so I changed because I knew that she was embarrassed to be around me before since I was so disgusting and werid. Long story short today we're best friends and I have no words to thank her for how she made me change becuase I wanted to be a part of her life. The best thing is to lose something important to you or have a chance to lose something important if you keep fucking up and then if youre any type of normal human even deep deep down then you will start to change even if its small changes but small chances become small miracles

Popular, noisy kid, great in school and great at sports. Tons of friends from different groups. Tons of interests. Won tons of prizes for reading, writing and art.
Suicidal loser too stupid for suicide hiding in his room.
The mysterious somewhat popular kid with sick bantz. Started to work early and home-life was a joke, hence relatively mature too. Still needed fine-tuning and being aware of it.
Loner genius writer/NEET. Almost permanently happy for a decade now.

Childhood was gud. My teenage years were a wild ride. Been through a lot of depressive and nihilistic phases. Lots of trouble with family and the law. Was a rebel without a cause, the usual teenage woes. It has made me wiser person in the long run so no ragrets. I'm mentally a-okay now and in the best physical shape I've ever been but my social and career life are a dumpster fire. I still don't know what my future holds and I don't have any real push or pull so I'm just drifting with the wind.

How much have you changed, OP?

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>perma happy
But how?

Nobody reall changes on a fundamental level to be honest you just age and get older and universe does what it does to you

>not having to wake up at a time you didn't chose to go to some shitty place and do things you don't want to do for hours
How is that alone not going to raise your spirits? Though I guess I'm a bit of an outlier; used to run away from the fucking kindergarden to read books at home. Doing something I didn't chose to do unironically makes me sick.

Since material things don't do much for me, having only neetbucks isn't a huge con either; sure I do somewhat miss buying things and not caring about the price or having some challenge at work and solving the shit on time or simply shooting shit with co-workers but waking up free beats all that.

>Nobody reall changes on a fundamental level to be honest you just age and get older and universe does what it does to you
not really true, it's just that consciously changing yourself on a fundamental level is extremely difficult task that just gets exponentially harder the older you get.

Made my first one of these in 2011, been adding to it periodically over the years when I see these threads become popular again. think I made this last one in November.

Life's been rough but things have taken an upswing in recent months.

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who /regressed/ here

Honestly this is the first thing I thought of when looking at this. Are you legitimately the guy from Nickelback?

What about also a
>what you want to be
one too?
I'd make that thread.
Is there a base for that?

looking back on it scene was retarded as fuck

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There has to be an entire template with much more on /soc/; one could cut it down to essentials ... but I fail to see how it even makes sense for this board without some additional thing like "how do I get there" or "how do I get out of this."

Think about the incel and no gf threads dying.

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Hard disagree

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I can't remember the past, it's all blurry for some reason.

That would be the point.
>No more incel/lonely fag threads
It'll be a containment where we respond directly
>with advice for making life changes

Age 10. I dont remember
Age 15. Kicked out of high school for fighting and had to go through a school program to get my diploma since I actually did get kicked out (the bad guy)
Age 20. Working and hanging out with friends until 25 (same friend circle since age 17. We would hang out at parties, clubs, ufc fight events, bars, pool halls, hotels (hotel party.. dont ask)
Age 25. Decided to change careers and slowly moved away to another stage of life where I began working for a company which sucked my soul away
Age 30. Raging fucking lunatic who lost all his friends (moved away to another state, moved here, made friends which lasted for a few years and we would go golfing, some fancy restaurants with the whole click, party hopping everytime they had something planned (I-i also have a funny as fuck story of me at a Halloween party with this Mexican chick who was in a witch costume.. I was super drunk but ok no need to explain the story. I just remembered it) anyway yea age 30 and I lost everyone in my life basically

So yea. That's me. No not a retard. No not autistic. No just kind of broken and angry at life

Fuck. I really want to explain this party story I was at. This was a Halloween party and everyone was drunk
We were playing a bunch of games while everyone was drunk and I totally destroyed this party

Damn. I'm sitting here laughing my ass off right now. Good memories
Fuck. I actually used to have fun

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Explain the Halloween story to me user

I can't

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Cringe every single pic of me before long hair i was shirtless and screaming at the camera

long hair was awkward and was always messy weeb/tg/ and /co/ stuff

highschool skate rat spent most of the time and jumping backayrds to skate pools and geting into trouble

don't even know what i am now

forgot the template like a retard

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Quiet kid who was a no lifer, I browsed Jow Forums since I was 11 and never went outside. Sure I read a lot but otherwise did nothing, very dependent on my mum and older brother, had no sense of style and was not part of any groups. If you had to categorise me at school, I was part of the 'outcasts' along with the other foreign weird kids.

Then I moved away and became much more open with people and made friends but I'm still the miserable cunt I've always been

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>mass replying
I hope you fucking die

Your opinion has been duly noted

>the guy who links the whole thread


>35 posters
>10 images

you guys are fags

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2 years ago I was too anxious to go to the fucking store and would just stay inside eating raw packet ramen for every meal.

Now I have a job, go to college and have a 10/10 GF somehow. I think the main factors were exercising, losing weight and the general contempt I have for other college students driving me to be better than them.

you guys made me take an hour of my time to do this. it was kinda fun

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0-7 i have no recollection of this period
8-11 declared mentally retarded with tourette's
12-15 declared intelligent and depressed
16-25 declared a druggie loser
26-33 have several hot girlfriends, six figure salary, travel the world, generally happy existential nihilist

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Your next band tee will be Burzum. Calling it now.

also not retarded or tourette's

Post template or you're irrelevant faggot

honestly youre probably right. i dont want to shortcut it and get a burzum t shirt now, ill just let it naturally happen within the course of a year or so

alright how about this

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I changed a lot but I feel like I've reverted to teenager me who could barely function due to emotional stress the last few months.

Relationships are too stressful.

Since you already spent a lot of time, you should do another dude for how you wanna be in 5 years. Might help you with your current situation

Cringe light jeans
Based dark blue

From all my past selves the 16 year old one is by far the worst one to be and the one that I understand the least. Although exams are kind of a pain in the ass rn I feel like my arc is overall positive. Glad I made this

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Not much. Just got angrier I guess. But I've always been who I am. I don't think, deep down, that I really changed all that much

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