Gf gained quite a bit of weight

>gf gained quite a bit of weight
>absolutely miserable about it, thinks she looks gross
>Does nothing to change at all, has no problem eating a whole bag of chips

What can I do?

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Chain her to the bed and forcefully starve her.

Take her to the gym with you

Tell her you love her enough to work with her to lose weight but don't love her enough to stay if she doesn't.

Have you told her that you think she's unattractive and that you'd like her to change?

be like the rabbit op

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Tell her to not eat what's served at the table.

Take her to the gym with you, easy.

Show her pic related and tell her you dont date people over 24 bmi.

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To be honest, if your girlfriend is getting fat now it will probably only get worse over time. People tend to become fatter as they age.

If your girlfriend can't even control her weight now (i assume she's still fairly young), she'll be a landwhale in 10-15 years time no doubt.


That's a good soloution, after saying that he won't have a girlfriend at all!

they sell your data, don't use that shit

Start fapping in the evening right before sex so you can't get an errection.

Start to discuss it and tell her you can't get hard because she's gained weight.

If you use smartphone, they already sell your data. Irrelevant. Ungoogled android practically doesnt exist.

Eat all the food before she can get to it.

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I'm going through this with my woman right now. She whines about gaining weight, will binge when she's upset, feels depressed after and then it'll repeat. I told her I want her to lose weight and she agreed. She's on the road to losing weight. She told me poking fun at her weight is what motivated her the most because it made her cry but you have to be careful with that lol.

Let yourself go a little bit and become slightly overweight yourself. Then make it a joint goal between the two of you to get healthy and fit together. Go to the gym together and go on a diet together. Stick to a schedule. Hold each other accountable. Be supportive, blah, blah, blah. Don't know if it'll work, but this way you'd come off as a team working together if she goes for it.

agree with her and leave

>Omg he told me he'd only stay if I lose weight, wtf!

Don't do this if you share a friend group

This isnt even terrible advice

>not chaining her to a treadmill
This but also