Depressed because I'm lonely

>depressed because I'm lonely
>lonely because I'm depressed

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Are you sick? Is that why you’re wearing that mask?

user is always at the ready. Where you from?

Im depressed because Im lonely. Im lonely because I am probably on the spectrum and I lack the balls to put myself out there.

this shit reminds me of those lame emo cartoons edgy nerds used to make back in 2004 lol

So tell me about yourself user

Don't post an image of yourself if you want quality responses.
If its about girls, they actually don't care that much compared to us guys so just stop posting images of yourself and inevitably ruining your own threads.

Also being on the spectrum isn't the same as being shy. You're just making excuses to be even more unhappy.

More importantly, you can be depressed and not be lonely, OP.
Not being alone could help.
But then, the process can also hurt and I'm not very experienced with that myself. So I don't really know. But I know people won't hate you just because you're sad.

Yeah, that’s how life works.

no, not sick.
middle of nowhere
I am alone, that's why I'm sad.
and I can't make friends for reasons...
how do I break out?

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>how do I break out?

Baby steps.
Just start getting out doors, get some Sun. Find arts and events and start going. Find a nice coffee shop and start being a regular. I meet cool people by doing volunteer work.

Start going where there’s large groups of people such as the mall. Watch people. It might help with your shitty feeling in seeing that other people feel the same way, probably worse.

If malls had large groups of people they would still be open.

take off that stupid mask, it's not cool, it just makes me and everyone else on this website cringe. you're not unique just because you're sad and you listen to gay "bedroom pop."

you have to start wanting to break out of depression first. you probably know how to fix your situation, you just don't actually care enough to do anything. i can't really make you care, that's something that only you can do.

>get some Sun
can't I get hives from the sun
>Find a nice coffee shop and start being a regular
ok, I will do this. but I don't see how it would help. no one is going to approach me
also no one likes me, I don't fit in with anyone, I have been surrounded by people everyday all day before and nothing has changed
depressed and low-energy people are a bore
>It might help with your shitty feeling in seeing that other people feel the same way, probably worse.
what do you mean?
>you probably know how to fix your situation,
right, I'm lonely I already made this clear
>you just don't actually care enough to do anything
I care, but I don't do anything about it, I can't.
do you know how I can care more?

>i care, but i don't do anything about it. i cant,
if you cared, you would do something about it.
>do you know how i can care more?
like i said, i can't make you care.

I care so much though, but I don't know what to do
and I have no motivation or energy

End it, user. We all are gonna die anyway.

life is hard, sometimes you need to tough it out and do things that you have no energy or motivation to do.

you're right, I think it is time

like what?
I don't know what to do

Are you serious with this thread or are you making fun of anons that say that kind of thing when you think in your mind they're in a prison they made themselves and can get out of if they wanted to? Not sure if you're trolling or not.

I'm serious
that prison analogy describes me

BEING LONLEY IS NORMAL its genetical we evolved in groups where if you wheren't in one you would have prob died so our mind makes us feel lonly when we are alone HAVE MORE CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE AND YOU WILL TRICK YOUR MIND... at least for a while

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>middle of nowhere
I been there a bunch of times. I know people there. Like to shoot and hit renascence fairs near KC and Tulsa. Get in a square dance or hayride.