How are my parents so god damn poor? I dont see anyone this god damn poor no one literally no one

how are my parents so god damn poor? I dont see anyone this god damn poor no one literally no one.

I even see people younger than my parents like 20 years younger with more and nicer and better shit. we live in a giant shit crumbling house. parents never once fixed the roof. house is 300 years old. leaks and shit when it rains. windows are 400 years old. cracked windows the frame is made of wood lets air in 24/7

dont have proper heating and no insulation house is literally always cold except in the summer. entire house is crumbling. the downstairs is covered in ripped up rags for carpets dont even have proper floors underneath. all my life my parents drove broken down shit cars with the engine lights on or didn't even run right. my parents finally at 50 got enough money for non welfare cars and then my dad just buys a god damn truck because he decides hes a redneck now and then buys a shitty overpriced piece of metal with no features in it and goes broke again

its so cold theres fucking ice and snow on the inside of my window when its cold. which is fucking always where I live. half the house hasn't been updated in 300 years literally so it just looks like an old abandoned crack house or something. my entire life has been fucked. my parents never bought me a car even if I had like 400 dollars they couldn't just help me go in 300 or 400 dollars to get a shitty beater car so I never got anything. ever. every single person I talked to their parents helped them buy a car before 18 or something like that. never got one. anytime I ever got any money they stole my paychecks before I could cash it. nothing but endless amounts of bills and debt coming in the mail with no money. 50 years old still nothing but debt and no money.

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I never got gifts, money, nothing. no savings no help nothing. even on my graduation I didn't get a single fucking penny everyone around me got cars and money for graduating school my parents just came up and took the 100 dollars I got from graduating.

it has made me fucking HATE life and everything. I dont want a family I dont want a wife or kids. I just want to get money any way I can even if I have to steal and do fraud and scam and I want to just get high and do whatever I can to feel good in the moment. I dont care about family friends or relationships I just want to fuck girls whenever I can and just do my own thing getting high and I only care about smoking weed and driving a fast car and getting a bunch of money and flashy cars and shit and just being a rich. I dont give a fuck about getting married having a kid or anything i dont give a fuck about family i have no values all i care about is getting money never ended up like this shit ever again and just fucking girls if i can but i dont care about relationships or anything like that i literally only care about money getting high and whatever stupid fleeting pleasure i can get and hope i have a quick death so i dont have to suffer from my consequences.

i have not seen one person with as poor and shitty of a life as me. not one person. whole time ive been alive. how the fuck does anyone end up this fucking poor? how are you stupid enough. like what the fuck. I could understand having a shitty small house in a crappy neighborhood and a shitty car but this. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. you literally have to be like schizophrenic retarded and mentally ill AND THEN have like 30 years of pure failure to end up this bad. its literally the worse it get

oh and it gets worse

>never been on vacation
>never went to Disney world
>never went to a tropical island
>never went to a beach
>never traveled
>never went on a road trip
>never had fun

fuck my parents
fuck my parents
fuck my parents
fuck my parents
fuck my parents

Quick question does god hate you for being black?


Join the army.

yeah no ive suffered enough I said I want to be rich not be an ant level peasant

im glad u will probably die soon because of ur poor status because ur view of the world is toxic af..

You’re a crack baby aren’t you?

both of these

Lol. This does sound just retarded enough to be that guy.

But in all seriousness, no where does this asshole ask for advice. Nor does he even lay out a plan for how he won't be poor like his parents. He mentions wanted to scam people and commit fraud, but never once mentions any willingness to get educated, get skilled, and build a career. So, fuck this dude I guess.

poor people dont get educated and skills and careers FUCKING RETARD

This is the mentality of a peasant. You want to be rich, but you're not even willing to work hard enough to be lower middle class? You're fucked dude. If you're unwilling to work, how will you survive once your parents die?

the army doesn't make you rich retard I already make more than army peasants

im not a poorfaggot my parents are I just get fucked over and over and over again because god and the universe is out to fuck me and I was born in such shit poverty

You're not poor? Then the only purpose of this thread is to rant about how much you resent your parents and wish you were rich? Sorry, thought this was about how to get out of poverty.

Also fuck you.

Here you're claiming you're poor. Whereas in another post you claim you're not a "poorfaggot".

You dumb sack of shit.

my entire life is destroyed

I still live like poverty hell and im not rich I want to be rich. this is advice. give me advice. stop being ass holes and do the fucking job.

damn nigga move out

No one in this world owes you shit.

Figure out why you're so useless and get away from your parents.

You're a loser now and you're always going to be one unless you get your shit in shape and accept you're a piece of shit as you are now and need to improve.

well I cant learn any skills out here im completely fucked in the middle of nowhere with no jobs or opprotunities

I wanna invest my money but after this shit im too afraid of being poor to spend any money

Honestly, this reads like 1939 German propaganda about how the Jews live, and they weren’t poor.

My own parents only replaced the wall to wall carpet to sell their home, which I thought they should enjoy new carpet themselves while living there, they were just being cheap and not poor at all. YRMV.

I've been the same except recently, because my mom finally got her life together after heroin addiction. And I've been abroad for the first time (second vacations ever)
Just accept that you're poor and stop being so spoiled. Have motivation to learn and get a good job. I have low requirements for life now, and will probably save shitton of money once I get a job, whereas all normies live from paycheck to paycheck, because that's how they were brought up. Do you really need to fit in with these shallow normies who take it all for granted? You have nothing in common with them and life is not about that.
About house: well, push your parents to fix it maybe? Now that it's summer (i think), talk to your dad to make a heating or something and volunteer to help. If he doesn't know how, well, you're in trouble, but just be louder about this stuff and say that you don't want any fancy shit, but just simply warm house and that it's unacceptable that you as a kid should tell it to your parents and not vice versa

Move out... pack your shit and head to a city.

oh yeah are you forced to share a room with your fucking mom im 24 never had friends over let alone a girl ever since we moved in with her parents aka my grandmother and fucking gandpa which i cant stand gladly my grandpa died i fucking hated them im thankful that i get along with my mom and be4 you tell me move out i live in a shitty 3rd world country where a rent is 80-90 procent of the average monthly pay oh and i havent moved out because i dont want to take the risk of being homeless because honestly that scares me

oh no they splurge fucking money as soon as they get it typical irresponsible poor people.

im not trapped in my town by a financial barrier its god. god traps me in this hell hole and targets me. and yeah that sounds like a fucking disaster dude. I cant bring a single chick here because its so sad and broken down. the bathroom is so fucking disgusting and I keep cleaning it but theres so much gross shit I dont even know how to clean.

ive had girlfriends before and it was just fucking sad I got so fucking depressed when I had to bring them here

but are you sharing a room with your mother tho

I have different problems

You can do it without your parents.

My parents were poor too, I grew up on foodstamps, and they slowly made their way up the job chain but stuck to poor people habits of putting everything on credit cards, lotto tickets "just for fun", eating out a ton, etc. So they currently make a combined $120k/yr but own 2 used cars in the 190k miles range. In large amounts of debt they dont expect to pay off in another 15 years but wont tell me how much.

Never been to disney land/world
Never travelled
Never went to the beach despite it being a 3 hour drive (I have now that im on my own)
Never been to a tropical island
Never been outside of texas.
Couldnt provide me a phone/computer
I really wanted to goto pax when I was 15 but it "wasnt in the budget", I played video games on my parents wii.

Then I turned 16 and was old enough to work at a whataburger walking distance from my house, they hired me for $11/hr. I bought a computer setup, a smartphone+plan so I could finally text highschool friends, a $3k focus off chraigslist, and ate as much fast food as my parents did until I saw how expensive it was. I planned to go into the army until I got diagnosed with chrons disease and they cancelled my recruitment.

Currently have 1 roommate, job that pays $15/hr, going through college in hopes I get a better paying job after.

How hard is it to just get a job and just do it yourself? You chose to sit at home and blame it on your parents and god so you dont have to go and work.

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you are the fucking problem
go kys

damn you did all that with a shit burger job? i got totally fucked i tried finding jobs at 16 but theres nothing here but a mcdonalds and burger king type shit and even thats 10 miles away and so i got totally fucked

i made a bunch of money scamming and i want to keep doing that but im totally fucked now tho

Just fucking steal

Buy a ticket to Somalia.
Become a pirate.
Get shot by the US Navy.
Problem solved.

I am dude I want to steal even harder

>Be 16
>Parents divorced
>Both parents were and are on welfare
>According to law i'm not allowed to earn money or they will cut off from my parent's welfare check.

So i had no choice to stay poor. And guess what. I'm on welfare now too. It's a never ending circle. Altough i don't plan on having kids.

I think if you are not on their taxes and are independent you can still work

theres gotta be some way to fix it that sounds fucked

Habe my own renting house nowadays so i don't have that ossue anymore but i do feel like it hold me back from slot of dreams and whatnot. Nontheless, now i'm an adult and i'm 100% responsible for what i do in life. Nobody is gonna hold my hand. I need to fix it. And i'm currently slowly but surely making the right steps. Want to get my drivers license, after that i'll see if i can get a job again, but atm it's alot of self-improvement, cleaning my years of neglected house, going to the gym, eating healthier and trying to control my emotions, visiting family and friends, etc.

I'll be proud of myself some day. I know it.