How much does how many men a woman slept with really factor into the matter of dating her,possibly forever?

How much does how many men a woman slept with really factor into the matter of dating her,possibly forever?

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very little
most men dgaf, don't listen to the incels here

depends how you get to know that


I meant the reverse, lo siento

Matters a lot desu.

Fucking 20 men is grounds for cucks only liking you.

I think I understand what you're saying...
If a girl has slept with a few guys and wants to settle down that's fine.
If a girl has slept around the block and then some and her pussy is gaping, stay away from that.

> t. never seen a vagina irl


> i'm triggered.

Learning to form a sentence is way more important than anything you were trying to say.
Please stay in school.

it's a very big deal

For you


If i a woman fucks a lot of guys will it effect her future relationships and is it worth settling down with her?

It depends on how much of a fat insure weeb you are

For me, quite a bit. A woman that hasn't slept around is inherently more valuable to me than a woman that everyone has used. It's a bit like supply and demand. If the supply is low and the demand is high, the value is greater.

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closer! good job! it seems like you had to fight to make it through that one. Take a breather.
To answer your question, no.
Men and women in the modern age sleep around a lot. It is frequent and even if you ask a girl for numbers she won't be honest. Neither will guys. Everyone will lie about this number if directly asked.
Now, knowing the facts above, does a woman's "body count" matter? It depends on you. A woman, like a man, can sleep around a lot and then find someone that truly makes them happy. Once they are in this relationship they never have sex with anyone else. Having 1 sexual partner or 20 before finding that person is inconsequential. The main reason people care abut number of sexual partners is because they want to gauge whether or not a person can be faithful in a relationship. Some say that having a lot of previous sexual partners is an indicator for infidelity, but studies have shown this to not be accurate. Having a umber of healthy sexual relations does not correlate to cheating in a relationship. The closest you will get is if you ask, and can get an honest answer to, how many times a person has cheated in the past. If they have, then they are more likely to cheat in the present.

but no woman finds you valuable, so what do you have to give back to them?
you can't expect them to give you something for nothing. That's communism my friend, and that's just wrong.

If you get upset over a stranger's opinion on the internet, you might be a snowflake.

I'm sorry you were offended.
Facts are facts though, and they are not on your side.

>Women are a commodity
Be careful dude, one more strike and you'll officially out yourself as an incel

I can only talk for me and my friends, I haven't seen any fucking studies about how important "purity" is to men. If anyone has any such studies please provide.

Basically for us it matters a good deal. For me, personally, I'd prefer my partner to have had as few prior sexual/romantic relationships as possible. But this is by no means a deal breaker, it wouldn't be something I'd lose nights of sleep over. I also noticed that the closer I am to a girl, the better I understand her, the less I care about her past relationships and sexual history. I think we inherently care about who and what a person is in the present, but we use their past to form ideas about how they are in the present, both subconsciously and consciously.

This is more or less how my friends feel too. I should note that I have a couple of friends who are the hard left types, the kinds who are all about that feminism, sexual liberation and whatnot, they would always say that the sexual history of girls doesn't matter at all. But I've heard both of them complain about "how many dicks my girlfriend sucked before she was with me" (that's exactly how one of them phrased it) when they were piss drunk, so I'm a bit skeptical when I hear guys say that a womans sexual history doesn't matter at all to them. That's not to say that I think there are no men who really don't care about it, but based on my personal experience I think they're a minority.

All in all I think it matters to some extent for most people, but if you truly understand and like a girl it won't be a big deal.

Not just faithful, but also successful. The act of sex is a high tier bonding activity and messing it up with any number of people is pretty damning. A girl who held hands on a date with 10 different guys failed to make most relationships work. A girl who kissed 5 different guys failed to make most relationships work. A girl who fucked 3 different guys failed to make most relationships work. A girl who divorced once failed to make that relationship work. Yeah there are a lot of factors into going a long term relationship, but how many guys does someone need to break to realize they are pretty shit at choosing and bonding.

Well you have to settle down with someone who, ideally, is compatible with you.
I don't know if i want to be with someone who, presumably, fucks a lot of people because sex is such a need that any guy "works". I mean the libido of a lady like is nice in the short term, but on a period of "dry spell", or you are figthing, or you have been falling apart and you both aren't having sex. She could, without any efforth, have a date and a fuck for free. She knows this, and you know this, at any time you cannot match her libido she will most likely cheat.

Ideally, if you are a male who has sexual experience but it's mostly GFs and some random college hook ups, a female who had more partners that you, it's a no-no. Recipe for cheating.
This might sound weird, but romantic love doesn't last, and your wife will never love you in the intensity of mother-son love (no, im talking about the fetish), so it would be a real challenge as soon as you are satisfied and she's not.

Depends on the guy. I have a pretty short upper limit for that kind of thing because after a point, it represents pretty godawful decision-making.

An incel who never kissed a girl or had a date failed to make any relationship work.

Perfection never comes user

This might sound weird to you.
But women enjoys sex just like men do
There's no reason they would, or should, deny themselves sex because some incel thinks that's slutty

I wish, bro. Nah, just a broken man with broken friends. I hope I am wrong, though. I just have yet to be shown otherwise.

Every time a woman has sex her value marital value decreases. She can increase that value by being more obedient. There's a lot of factors, it's basically like calculating credit score. Just know that the more sex you have, the quality of men decreases.

the issue is that some women fuck any guy they can and sleep around like fucking crazy. that's a big no-no in long-term relationships, user. maybe wait till you graduate highschool to talk about this stuff

It depends on how it affected you.
If you're a sex crazed little minx and positive about it and about having a Male partner that wants to catch up, I'd eat it up. You can be a slut, so long as you're my slut exclusively.
If you're a crazy single momma bitching about men because she doesn't do a background check on her unprotected hookups, no one is interested unless they're desperate.

As long as it's under 15 I don't think itd be a big deal.

>some women fuck any guy they can
Any guy except you

>Every time a woman has sex her value marital value decreases

How many partners is too many?

I don't care she has slept with 100 men as long as I don't know. As soon as I know I am disgusted, but I can't judge them because if I were a woman, I would probably do the same, just don't tell me. I know most girls are sluts, and I don't care, I accept them, just don't tell me.

so you're incapable of loving anything other than an imaginary idea of a person? get help, user.