What do i do when my life is like that of tomoko?

What do i do when my life is like that of tomoko?

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Ask yourself "What would tomoko do?"

(By the way, who or what is a tomoko?

Not helpful, tomoko cant help herself

Be my awkward gf

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I love Tomoko!

my life is hell user

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having a yuri harem doesn't sound too bad

but I haven't gotten to that point in my life yet, right now I'm just an awkward loner

do you have any friends who are into the same stuff you are?
do you have someone who is your Yuu?

>do you have any friends who are into the same stuff you are?
>do you have someone who is your Yuu?
I have a Stacy cousin who's nice to me

I guess a big thing to consider is
do you genuinely want a social life?
or is it something that will end up weighing you down in the event of finding that social life?

personally, I can count my friends with the fingers on one hand, but I love it that way
feels like any more would just be overwhelming and burdensome

not all of us are social butterflies and for some of us the best we can/should do is accept and embrace that

however, we all deserve a shot at making a couple true friends and I know that is difficult
sorry I can only speak from experience but the very few friends I have I made in school and from enjoying/liking something in common

are you still in school?

pour cola on yourself and make ants crawl on you

Wow, i wish i had just a few close friends that would be the dream
Also i just graduated hs, never met anyone in school unfortunately, mostly my own fault since im so shy and i would just always keep my heaphones in

I think youre right i just need to embrace not being social but its hard because im lonely and i see everyone else having fun :(

are you going to college or something?
also do you have any online chat buddies like an e-friend?

If you only Saw the anime, you are hopeless, but DO READ THE MANGA, the same Tomoko you are comparing with, Will give you the answers you seek.
As a plus, the manga is quite enjoyable

Yes im going to college but im very nervous
I did twice but both times they ended up ghosting me and that made me really upset so i wont do that again
I read up to around chapter 50, i guess ill finish it now

Keep reading, the answers you seek are around 100-120.

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>Yes im going to college but im very nervous
this is your chance mate
join the weeb club
>made me really upset so i wont do that again
sorry that happened
I would encourage to keep trying even if it was frustrating

Tomoko is unrealistic because she's a cute girl. Cute girls CAN NOT be social outcasts no matter what the bluepilled faggots tell you.
Now if you said Satou or Watashi we might have been able to help you.

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Thanks user, ill do that

The idea behind Tomoko is that SHE IS disgusting. Just look at the entire manga, for the most part she has like 0 attractiveness.
What she do have .. is personallity

woah it's like i'm in the Manga!

No one has ever said Tomoko is disgusting, in truth Watamote is a manga for people who wan't to be able to point out and say "hey that's a me!" but want to look at cute girls.
It's unrealistic.

... Stinks, her hair is usually misstreated, her eyes are constantly deprived of sleep, she has no figure, she acts like a Psycho, AND PEOPLE POINT THIS OUT CONSTANTLY. Are you sure you've read the manga?

All of her problems are brought to her by herself and only herself. That's not a good message to send now is it?

I'm speaking of the early part of the manga, where those things are a constant. But the good message comes later on.
But i won't spoil any of it, because OP is gomma read it.

It becomes a yuri harem later on? Is that the good message? Watamote writers are hacks who are exploiting lonely depressed man by showing them that they are just like that one cute girl!
It's sick and evil.

Thanks user, you spoiled part of the fun of it.
But no, it dosent become a Yuri harem, now would you PLEASE, not spoil OP?
Like i said, there is a good message under the manga, and i can attest to that myself.
BUT if you are a horny fuck who can't see beyond it being "Yuri" so be it, you are missing the really good Parts of the manga IMO
Disclaimer, there is no yuri on this manga besides some minor touches

Somebody already said it before, it doesn't reveal much and it really doesn't matter... no one reads watamote for the story.

There's nothing in this manga that comes even close to Welcome To The NHK or Tatami Galaxy

I'm offended, i read it for the story.
And of course, the good laughs it gives me

Have you watched the 2 other anime I mentioned?