On the second date with this woman she said "so when you can't sleep you watch cartoons?" or something like that...

On the second date with this woman she said "so when you can't sleep you watch cartoons?" or something like that. I hadn't mentioned cartoons. I'm 34 years old. Did she mean that she thinks I'm childish? I don't know if it was an insult.

And then another time she said "do you know the word 'betray'?" like her vocabulary was bigger than mine. I found that offensive too. I tried to forget about the things that annoyed me about her, tried not to be insulted. And then there were things that annoyed me about myself too, I tried to forget about that too and just enjoy the date, but every date I've had it's been like this, things that annoy me.

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Maybe she was offensive, maybe trying to be funny, maybe both, just dont take it so personal

I don't think she was trying to be funny

>"do you know the word 'betray'?

Know it? Baby I lived it

>so when you can't sleep you watch cartoons?

Yes much better than fallin asleep to hardcore phornography

If she leaves she aint the one chief

Bring in some humor like -"yea i watch cartoons and after that i sleep with my teddy bear". She will probably make fun of that too but take it as lightly as you can. Take it with humor. Your ego is working here to get you offended. On the other hand, if she offends you all the way around and always Play the same game with her and joke about her in the same manner and see how that works out and her reaction.

This wasn't a pickup scenario, it was the second date. Why would she leave? You don't seem to understand what I'm saying.

Why can't I lighten up and just be happy a nice woman wanted to be with me? Why can't I just enjoy the date? Why is there always shit that irritates me? Makes me want to cry.

yeah it could be you are over reacting
or it could be your gut telling you "nope, this is a missmatch"

Too much tension and probably a lot of underlying insecurities OP, try to lighten up and less autistic

I didn't want to ask her why she thought I watched cartoons because that would make me look bad. I just said "how did you know?" and I think I said "why did you think I watched cartoons?" or something too, but she just said "I guessed" and I mean after that I didn't want to ask more about it because it would make me look bad, but it irritated me that she said it.

sounds like classic shit tests to me
next time she tries to insult your intelligence, pull out the mensa iq results

Sounds like dating this person is just a hassle, why don’t you give some snarky remarks back? Just to see where things go before you leave her

I took one look at you and knew, you were my nigga.

Lolwut. How is a woman saying some shit like "do you know the word betray" = OP is insecure? Fuck this board is such a joke. Fifth graders, no, fourth graders know the word betray. My eyebrow would raise if a girl asked me that, too. Op doesnt sound insecure or egotistical, he sounds concerned that a girl hes on a date with is being condescending as fuck to him. Once again this board is a fucking joke lmao

Next time call her out on it in a lighthearted way.

>do you know the word betray?
>no i forgot that word, along with all of the other words that people learn in 3rd grade

Id say that with a smirk, but i have a certain jerkish personality so maybe that wont work for you. Just make sure when you call her out on it, if you do, dont be too upset, thats kinda lame. Do it really lightheartedly.

>literally one (1) person ITT calls OP secure and this user decides to sperg out about it

We both have English as second language but I think it's still condescending to assume I don't know a word she knew. I don't know if she had just recently learned the word and thought it was a rare word or what but no matter how I look at it it seems condescending.

It really makes me mad that I am so irritated at both her and myself because she was both sweet and relatively hot. It's like I can't appreciate the good things in life because my neurosis overshadows it. It makes me really sad.

We weren’t there so we can never know the exact context, but are you sure she wasn’t trying to banter with you?

>are you sure she wasn’t trying to banter with you?
Yes because she started crying during sex and she said it shen she was explaining why she was crying.

She's testing the waters, if you get triggered and start talking avout waifus (not calling you a loser, I am a 2D lover), and about the word "betrayal" she was testing you aswell, if you've answer something like 'no, that is a women's only word'.

Why would she do that?

I don't know, I'm not a normalfag, so maybe it's to put you into the friendzone or be your girlfriend.

If you feel offended by that, run away, you are for a bad experience with that kind of woman.

Oh so you’re either an autist or just shitposting. Clearly she had a reason for saying what she said but trying to get you to explain is like pulling teeth.

Dumbass. Nothing in that post changes shit.

OP please go take your crazy ass and bait somewhere else

And then after the second date she sent pictures she took of me. But she didn't send the pictures of her and me together. She left my country that same day so this was only a brief temporary romance but still weird. Although she said she will tell me if she comes here again and that I should tell her if I come to her country, I think.

Go be a woman somewhere else. This is men's stuff.

>he thinks “men’s stuff” means obsessing over a random girl’s comment for two threads

No retard, I'm saying I don't give a shit about your opinion on this subject because you're a woman and therefore don't have the male experience.

I'm not even the guy you've been talking to most of the time, but she explained this AFTER she had sex with you?

OP, who gives a flying hot fuck. She had sex with you. You should just give her the benefit of the doubt and think that she asked if you knew "betray" so that she wouldn't sound pretentious. Maybe she learned it the other day.

The whole "you watch cartoons to go to sleep" thing is some kind of weird insult. If a girl said that to me I'd ask what she meant, just because it's such an odd question to ask regardless of scenario.

Honestly this girl may just be a bit weird on the whole though. Cries after sex? Makes weird, shit-testy comments? Not my cup of tea, on to the next.

It really fucking irritates me that she thought I watch cartoons. I regret that I didn't ask her again about it when she said "I guessed", I should have said "why did you guess I watch cartoons?". It's too late to ask now I guess, would make me look bad, plus I hardly feel like talking to her anymore. It's a fucking insult that she guessed I watch cartoons.

She's not even in my country anymore. I can't text her and ask why she guessed I watch cartoons. Gonna make me look bad.

Should I text her and ask why she guessed I watch cartoons? Because it irritates me like hell.

If there's always shit that irritates you, then the problem is with you. If your "always" was exaggeration and it was only this woman, then the problem is with her.

Relationships are a great mirror

This is something you have to work on alone


I've never had a relationship retard, only dates

R9k tried to give advice

Relationship friendships whatevr. I’m speaking ina general sense.

so? you still haven't given any fucking advice so fuck off

Try this--Every time she asks you a question like this, answer it with a question. So if she says do you know the word "betray" you might respond, are you implying that my vocabulary is limited? And if she asks do you watch cartoons, you could ask, do I seem like the kind of person who watches cartoons? Keep throwing it back at her because it force her to say what she actually means.

Why do you think she asked the question to appear better than you?

where do you come from that any person would think the word betray is not well known? either this story is from the third world and english is the fourth most common spoken language, you are literally in 3rd grade and posting about it on adv, or this person is just incredibly retarded, either way I would drop them immediately

OP you need to meditate or seek some therapy or do some self improvement. This question shouldn’t insult you so much.

Also, if you do fall asleep to cartoons, this should shame you at the age of 34. Just read and go to bed. Cartoons are to be watched by children.

Yes. Cartoons are for children.

I do watch cartoons. That's why I'm insulted.

On the one hand I want to ask her why she thought I watch cartoons. On the other hand it might make me look bad plus I don't want to talk to her ever again and I hope she burns in hell, the stupid whore. She said other insulting things too. Like when she saw how small my apartment was and she asked how long I'd lived there. When I said 11 years she made a sound like she was shocked. How can she insult me by asking if I watch cartoons and then a few minutes later tell me I was her best birthday present? I hate her so fucking much.

Should I ask her again?


>Did she mean that she thinks I'm childish
it doesnt matter. Just be confident, if she thinks thats childish, fuck her. if you like it, do it, i think that is the core issue here

>but every date I've had it's been like this, things that annoy me.
If her personality annoys you then stop going out with her, retard.

Did you ever consider that you're allowed to just not fuckin' like some people enough to date them? Did this occur to any of you ITT who are trying to help the OP spiral into over-analyzing?

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She isn't even in my country anymore so we weren't going to meet again regardless. That's not the issue.

And I didn't mean every date with her I meant every date I ever had with anyone.


>Dumbass. Nothing in that post changes shit.

The context of:

>Her sitting at a coffee table and randomly asking “Do you know the world betray”
Paints her as a nut bag feminist, looking to pick a fight

The context of:
>Her beginning to emotionally sob as she’s having an intimate sexual encounter, apologizing, and then trying to find a word that best describes her reasoning and source of pain
Paints her as someone who is very vulnerable, and hurt, and struggling to find the words that she needs to best express herself.

Those are two COMPLETELY different situations.

You are a dumbass if you can’t see that.

You are the idiot for assuming shit. And no it doesn't fucking matter because it's about her assuming I didn't know that word.

I hate her so fucking much

That’s no assumptions, that basic inference and deductions.

Its also about you having some fucked up persecution complex, where you think everything is about you, when clearly she was trying to talk about herself on a very personal and painful level.

But somehow, while she was doing that, you still found a way to make it about yourself...

Given that this is happening multiple times with multiple people, clearly you have a problem user.

You’re making assumptions that people are always picking on you, but really, you are NOT the center of their world. Not everything is about you, nor is everyone always out to get you.

Me, I’m insulting you because it sounds like you’re too pigheaded to respond to anything else.

(I’m a guy btw)


OP cannot translate what went on in this event well enough or respond to posts well enough to really get a good thread going.

Just kill this thread plz mods.

You haven't given any advice so fuck off retard

>very vulnerable, and hurt
So that justifies her insulting me?