Tfw Latin

>tfw Latin
>doesn't like my own race
>but instead I have yellow fever

Is it hard to land an Asian girl if you're from a different race? Is it bad to race mix? And by the way.


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yeah you can do it you just gotta start talking to people/learning the language. btw i’m latin too and i agree with your list entirely

>is it hard to land an Asian girl ?

Litterally the easiest thing ever. Just make sure you avoid Korea, Japan and Taiwan unless you're confident about yourself, which will be a short matter of time once you get the fucking started in China, Thailand or Vietnam, for instance.

>Is it bad to race mix ?
What do you mean by that ? First, get to fucking. Then after you made sure you weren't just in a phase, then you can think about all of this. My two cents on the matter are that multicultural couples tend to tolerate each other at first because of the initial benefit of the doubt. Then they realize that they were truly out of phase, notably for cultural reasons. But if you realize that you're flexible enough, and that you like your girl and all her quirks, and that you're sure that she's in the same case, then why not ?

> Asian>Black>White>Latin

What a weird taste. Asian>Latin>White>Black for me.


Especially if you're going to China, do learn the language ! Get the "Chinese with ease" or the "colloquial chinese" (especially the first one), these guys tend to have phonetics even at a high level, so that you don't have to bother with the enormous hassle of writing chinese and focus on the easy task of learning only the language's famously basic grammar and vocabulary.

You'd be good in like 6 months. Are you american by any chance ?

Latin is not a race.

Yea I know how you feel, I'm Mexican and I have yellow fever too. Dated an Asian girl a year ago, just treat them like any other girl, just don't say racist shit like if they eat dog and work in sweatshops. Also some only date in their race or have other preferences, so you can't do anything about it.

This is the best taste

black girls are hot asf tho and a lot of latinas have arm hair

You better tell me where you live where black girls are hot. I have hairy ass arms and legs, so the arm hair ain't a problem to me. I just find Asian girls cuter

Mexican is not a race either.

Gracias! I'll take your word for it.

Man...that's rough. I went to Japan once, and they treated me respectfully. Even if I was a foreigner they didn't show hostility at all, and they all thought of me as a friend. This was during my school years as an exchange student. I'll try my best nonetheless.

Pure white? No... I live in America (now), but I was born in Colombia. I know you will chastise me by saying "only whites" can date Asian girls. But I do believe that I should have a chance with them...maybe...

Is it Hispanic?

I'm not racist. I don't judge anyone unless they provoke me.

Don't get me wrong. In my country, there's barely harry ones. I just don't like their attitude, while a black woman (that's white in the inside) is more of my taste.

>Is it Hispanic?
Afraid not. Why you guys wanna drink that kool aid? I'd totally let you in my club.

I didn't say Japan was a bad destination. I'm just saying that compared to Thailand, Vietnam or even China where you'll be drowning in pussy, Japan, Korea and Taiwan tend to be more conservative. I did fuck people in Taiwan and Japan, but I'd say it's the same game as in any western country. Hell, just saying that implies we're way better off than the native males, who are virgins 'till late for many.

As for the people in general ? People are OK. The only problem is that they're not used to western foreigners, so xenophobia is a thing, but it's not that widespread, especially in big cities.
>Pure white? No... I live in America (now), but I was born in Colombia. I know you will chastise me by saying "only whites" can date Asian girls. But I do believe that I should have a chance with them...maybe…

Lmao, take a chill pill nigger. I never said such a thing and I would never say that. The only reason I asked for your nationality was for your passport : If you have a native English speaker passport, you can have some great teaching deals in China for example. Just look for facebook groups regarding TEFL, you'll see plenty of that.

Dude, Who the fuck cares what race it is. For a White dude from France, you guys are just latinos. I'm sure people from guatemala have some quirks people from chili do not have or shit like that, but for us it's irrelevant. Hell, we call north africans "arabs" when they're nothing but that.

Did you... fuck any... you know who's? Especially by accident?

I could do that, I had to renew my old blue passport. But isn't China a bit extreme? I mean, they wouldn't even lift a finger to their own kind. Like I could be dying in the streets, and they wouldn't even care. And they are far more racist towards other foreigners, just like North Korea.

Trannies are more easy to spot than what you would think. And they're usually not on tinder pretending to be cis-women. Just make sure you read everything regarding scams and ladyboys and shit like that.

Some people are into that, hell, I wouldn't mind it but I hate the fact that these poor saps are usually tied to criminal activities, and doing them would be akin to enabling them.

You're way too self-conscious about how people look at you and consider you. Dude, you're an immigrant. You know how it is.

China's not the least bit extreme. If you go to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen or any first tier city like that, you'll be fine, there's litterally no crime nor racism unless you're actively looking for it at the right places at the right time and EVEN THEN, you'll have to be pretty confrontational about it. The only thing you should be wary of are scams, but honestly, this shit you can deal with by watching a few YouTube videos.

Issues of racism tend to disappear as soon as you get your chinese together. People are not really "racist", they just don't speak your language for many, and they just don't want to deal with the hassle of meeting foreigners. The racists are usually the equivalent of Jow Forumstards hiding in their rooms playing tough guys. Or ignorant suburb rich kids. And trust me, as you're not black, you won't get the worst of it.

I get paranoid at times, but yeah...I should do a bit of research. Thanks nonetheless!

No problemo. Don't worry too much about the scamming thing.

While looking for expat videos, you may stumble on a dude called "SerpentZA". The guy tackles many issues about China in a pretty negative -if not bitter- way. Don't take much of the shit he's saying seriously. As a former expat myself, I can tell you this kind of people are merely doing it for the clicks. Don't watch too many of those.

Who's the girl OP

google search is your friend.