Would you consider dating an ugly woman if she had a good personality?

Would you consider dating an ugly woman if she had a good personality?

If so, what would her personality have to be like?

I'm a pretty ugly woman in her late twenties and I'd like to know what kind of personality I should have in order to be loveable.

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your personality has to be based AND redpilled

Nope, I want beautiful kids.

You shouldn't change your personality, and there are always things you can do to improve your appearance. When you say
, "ugly," you need to be more specific in what traits about yourself you dont like, because at the end of the day the person that's actually going to love you isnt going to care about looks. It just takes time to find the one.

No but maybe you are not as ugly as you think. Maybe you just have low confidence in yourself

I have a huge nose, wonky lips, long face etc etc

I'm not getting any younger, I'm already 26 and haven't even had one date

I have seen fairly ugly women with boyfriends and even married so there's no limit for that.

How do these women get boyfriends?

Would you consider dating an ugly man if he had a good personality?

If so, what would his personality have to be like?

I'm incredibly vain so no

I wouldn't date an ugly woman unless I fell in love with her personality and she stopped being ugly in my eyes or if I was the kind of person that dated down for easy pump and dumps.
Asking what kind of personality you'd have to fake having is incredibly unattractive and speaks volumes about how ugly you are inside. If you don't love yourself don't expect others to.

But on the other hand, have you tried not being an hypocrite and dating ugly men?
What's the matter? They can't fake the right personality?

Maybe you should work on your self-esteem and social skills instead of acting like a damsel in distress who'll be swept off her feet if she pretends to be someone else.

Inb4 but pretty girls-
Life isn't fair, that's no excuse for having an unlikable personality and/or refusing to adhere by the same ideals which you'd like others to apply to you.

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But I don't really have a preference when it comes to personality, as long they're not mean.

Are u actively seeking out dates? Either u play the game with the assets u have (and don’t try faking it, not sustainable) or learn to find contentment in celibacy, as many others have done, myself included

By having likeable personalities.

OP here, I literally got rejected by a 500lbs+ virgin who, according to his friends, is desperate for a girlfriend. And this isn't the only attempt I've made.

So yes, I have tried dating ugly men and they didn't want me.

How do I increase my self esteem after living through life being unwanted?


How did you manage to find contentment in celibacy?

Mermaid effect. I've found myself starting to fall for chicks I initially found repulsive due to their inner beauty. I would have to warm up to her but I would gladly date a woman like that.

Natural temperament is part of it (I’m not debilitatingly horny) but also, looking around and realizing that the people in relationships are not substantively happier than you—quite the opposite in many cases. Find rhythms, habits and interests that bring u joy. Build a life that is distinctly yours. It’s a very freeing thing

The same way all the other men and women who've given up on dating do, by dedicating their time and money into the things they like.

The idea that everyone gets to have partner is pretty retarded and it's mostly pushed by Disney and dreamers from as early as time immemorial.

If you can't be content with not having something you've never had to begin with then it's your choice to make whether or not you want to keep banging your head against a wall.

But if you do decide to continue with trying then you shouldn't base your self-esteem on the outwards responses you get from other people. Strangers don't give a shit about your feelings and they'll be mean to you, so find something other than their opinions to base your sense of self worth out of, a hobby, career, working out, trying to stay healthy, being social come to mind. And for the love of God defend yourself, taking abuse from others and accepting it as facts that reinforce your low self image just makes you an insecure doormat; most people don't know you, don't let their words get to you, they don't know shit. As long as you can't develop some degree of apathy towards external threats you'll never be able to develop any self worth. It's called self-esteem and self worth because it must come from within first, else it doesn't stick for long.


Down to earth, empathetic, understanding

You don't even have to have a smokin' body either as long as you're not overweight.

Don’t treat it as gospel, but pic related is an adequate visual scale of female beauty. The lowest I’d go is a 5. But maaaybe I’d go for a 4 if I felt she was really compatible with my interests and not overweight

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the disparity between 4 and 5 is laughable. who the fuck even makes these things?

are you fat? Fat women have other mental problems that drags down their "good personality."
And if you aren't fat then you're probably not ugly. You might not be a 10/10, but men aren't as shallow as women, so as long as you're healthy and Jow Forums most men won't consider you ugly.

#1 mistake women make is expecting men to do all the work. Don't be sexist, don't expect men to always approach you and ask you out etc.
Also be openminded, men are kinkier than women and have weird fetishes and we don't like being judged for them.
Avoid shitty political views. Whether you're a Jow Forumstard or a feminist, it's going to drive away any decent man.


Hey I'm fucking ugly and I am dating an ugly chick. You want to know why I am dating her?

She has a good personality and accepts me for me. I used to date okay to attractive but the upkeep sucks. Having to stay in shape, thinking of creative dates, and having to maintain a sex drive. It sucks.

I enjoy being able to eat whatever the fuck I want and say whatever I want. If she wants to quit the relationship, I don't mind because I can pick another ugly woman out of the pile of women.

People like to think that you get to have a princess that is all sweet and will be the perfect partner. In reality it is realizing the older you get the less options you have. I'm in my 30s, the dating scene is a disaster and it will get worse. So a young fatso with no kids with huge tits that likes the same things I do is a win in my book.

Just be yourself and lower you expectations OR you could hit the gym and lose a shit ton of weight and get fit.

I said it’s not gospel but what’s laughable about it? Imo the 4s in that pic are generally less attractive than the 5s