How do I stop being attracted to asshole men?

How do I stop being attracted to asshole men?

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You just have to recognize they are assholes and not some kind of "bad boy"

Have sex with me instead

Stop being attracted to men

Yeah, men suck. Fuck men.


See a therapist who can help you get over your self destructive tendencies

You're self-loathing so you believe that you don't deserve a loving boyfriend and you're punishing yourself by being only available to assholes

You can't, you're a woman, its in your nature.

Probably because you are in the same area as them. I don't understand why bitches do what they do. You can do better.

Because they're the only ones that don't suck your egotistical dick.

The modern man is as much a failure as the modern woman.

The anti post is at the top so, what the heck?

You had issues with your dad in the past OP? I heard some women had family related issues and this eventually led to them falling for bad boys.

Keep in mind there is a difference between assholes and strong men with character. They don't necessarily go together.

Pray to god.

Op here. I basically have two "types": "badboy" rebel type guys who usually turn out to have terrible personalities, and booksmart academic types (ph.d students, professors, law students, doctors, etc.). Unfortunately, the latter are never interested in me because I'm a brainlet high school dropout so I settle for the former.

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I'm cool with my dad

Sounds like you have no self respect.

They're probably not interested because of the guys you dated previously.

I lost all self respect years ago pham lol

They don't know about them

why don't you date a nice guy and fuck bad boys on the side

Then get it back and stop being comfortable in such a low place.

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Marry an asshole with a strong sense of responsibility. They're not mutually exclusive.

Well I managed by researching what is confidence and what is just straight assholness.
Confident people don't rush to get in your pants. Confident people don't turn around telling how insecure they are as soon as you are both alone.
Confident people don't pressure you. They are comfortable with silence. They make you feel safe. They have self control.
This is attractive. I don't know if you are really young or not op, but noticing these things come with practice and you have to just be cautious about things and learn by watching people.
Specify for yourself what is an asshole man - typical personality traits and behaviors. these are going to be your "Deal breakers". You will distance yourself from people like that.
it is all about the perspective.

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*you will manage, it is all about the perspective.

you kill yourself and prevent it from happening

Oh trust me, they know.

People always sense how you've been treated based on how you treat yourself.