POF won't let me message 18 year old girls. I am 32

POF won't let me message 18 year old girls. I am 32.

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How about you message girls who are at least old enough to have graduated college?

Or how about POF admins stop trying to be online babysitters. 18 is an adult, open season.

Just women trying to control male sexuality again

It’s their product, they allow you to use it how they see fit. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. There’s other sites for you.

Women will never control male sexuality. They should be happy with what they have now, because we could just as easily lock them all up in chains and make them slaves.

Go and vote kommunisem if you want to use Google/Youtube or the Internet. It da prodakt and da rules.

I'm sorry that I am not interested in the roast beef sammich you have between your legs.

18 year old girls don't want your wrinkled ass. The biggest pain in the ass as a teen on dating sites was nasty crusty old men. The restriction is probably a part of why they're more comfortable signing up. Go cry about it.

Let me guess, you are 30, single, female, two kids, and at least one crazy ex-boyfriend?

No I'm mid 20s, in a relationship with the man I lost my virginity to at 19, no kids.

Lol the guy trying to message kids just out of high school trying to attack my character. Says a lot about you and why you're single.

Men like you were the reason I left online dating sites after a few days. It's all ugly ass old men sending you hundreds of messages. Young women are a more valuable user base than your wrinkly dick, and they will leave the site if it provides a bad user experience. Getting constant messages from father and grandfather types means the overwhelming majority delete their accounts after a few days.

Stop creeping on girls that are way to young for you. You aren't in college anymore.
Based. If you just want to fuck sluts get on Tinder. Stop complaining about a dating app that prevents your trashy behaivior.

It's their website and they can do what they want with it, there's loads of other fuck apps out there that don't have the 14 year age gap restriction.

>OmG user wHy aRe YoU chAsInG TeEnS ur a pEdO!!!1

Only in America does 18 = child. Plus girls almost always want an older guy. I've hooked up with girls that were 10+ years younger than me

>waah why can't i message underage girls who lied about their age so it says 18

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While that's true, the kind of 30 year old an 18 year old girl wants to fuck is fit, attractive, and charming. Exudes confidence and success. Not the type that lurks about on dating sites. If the quality of 30 year olds messaging those girls was up to their standards, that rule wouldn't be in place. It obviously isn't, as evidenced by that rule in place.

Furthermore, the kind of charm needed to pull a girl that young by a guy that old can't be achieved online. It just can't. Everyone knows online dating relies way more heavily on physical appearance than regular dating, and a fit 30 year old will rarely ever be more purely physically attractive than a fit 25 year old, or younger. Their actual presence is required to communicate that confidence and success mentioned earlier.

>the kind of 30 year old an 18 year old girl wants to fuck is fit, attractive, and charming. Exudes confidence and success.

oh boy I am none of those things and still hook up with girls in that age range. Girls who want a guy who is "fit, attractive, and charming. Exudes confidence and success" are also all those things themselves. There's plenty of weird and desperate and kind of ugly 18 year olds who will hook up with weird and desperate kind of ugly 30 year olds.

The same is true of the reversed gender age gap. There's plenty of like desperate 40 year old cougars that will suck a 19 year old male incel's dick.

>weird and desperate and kind of ugly 18 year olds
Oh, I thought we were talking about attractive people. You're probably right, in that context. I tend to like girls who are attractive, and I guess it's my bad to assume other people do too.

It's all relative. I never hooked up with 10/10 Staceys because I am not a 10/10 Chad. The girls I hooked up with were more or less on the same level as me. I was never grossed out by them or anything, but not once was I ever like "damn I'm so lucky this girl is out of my league I can't believe she's hooking up with me"

The point isn't that they're literal pedophiles. The point is that most young girls are swamped with messages and sexual attention from guys old enough to be their dads, and outside of like 1% of ugly fat young chicks, it's not something they're into. At 18 you are not a 30-year-old's peer, and attention from them feels repulsive in a pedophilic kind of way, even if it's not pedophilic in the literal sense.

For young girls they get hundreds of sexual comments and harassment starting at age like 12-14 online, and you just know they're pedos, and that feeling towards older men doesn't go away on your 18th birthday. It's the same group, same tactics, same messages. They are not your peers.

It's like how adult babies give off pedo vibes even if everyone involved is an adult.


what does that have to do with anything

>The point isn't that they're literal pedophiles
>you just know they're pedos
okay glad you clear up the fact that they're not pedos even though they are as well, schroedinger's pedobox

Lol the fantasies of the sexually frustrated is amazing

lie about your age

>be 20
>still can't get attention from 20 year old girls
>meanwhile millions of 18 year old girls this year will have sex with a 30+ year old man
really makes me think

how is 32 old and wrinkly? Maybe if you're a women, but men don't age like milk that fast. around 40 yes but men have a few years on women

>a women
The state of education these days is2g

>women my own age have enough experience and confidence to see the red flags and bolt, clearly this is society's fault

women that are 30 look awful compared to 18 year olds. that's what it's about, not their maturity or confidence. Why does Leonardo DiCaprio only date models under 25 when he could date any experienced women with confidence and a successful career? Because given the choice men would date/sleep with young women

>itt roasties

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