What are some logical steps I should take in order to get a gf like this?

What are some logical steps I should take in order to get a gf like this?

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or this

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or this..

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Go to alternative clubs and pubs.

or this

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where do i find such clubs and pubs? what do i there?

Not live in Florida i can fuckin tell you. Wish we had these, but thb, it's too hot for me here will probably move.

Start getting tattoos

Like any other girl: have money

Best answer: be in HS, just ask.

(After HS) high-paying career, strip-club
alternate: Have money, purchase online
poor-mans alternate: pick one up from the pound, invest paycheck into making it sparkle

you can't handle a girl like that

I live in Hungary (eastern europe)

if that helps...

Tell me what do i need to do to step by step to get a gf like this.

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We’ve told you ways already dumbass. The number one imo is having money. It literally attracts thots.

Make a tinder around a college campus. It is not uncommon for a 27 year old to date a 20 year old college girl. Good luck finding a spooky gf

Step 1: get a better taste in women

Step 2: refer to step 1

>tfw no black metal gf

I'm 20 years old. Is tinder actually works? Isn't it a meme? How do i need to look like/dress in order to get matches with girls like these? Also what should i write in the bio. I guess i'll give it a try.


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Unless you go in prepared it’s horse shit

That depends, what step are you on?

learn to suck cock and deepthroat and get used to swallowing cum, so that you can threesome with her and her boyfriend

This. I haven't met a single woman that looks like that who wasn't a vapid bitch at all hours of the day

>Unless you go in prepared

pls elaborate

>what step are you on?

I started wearing only black, boots, certain metal band shirts etc.

also got piercings and stuff.

Make your tinder account goth themed or whatever. Make sure you know what you’re looking for and how to get it.

City center usually, where all the other night life comes together.
Or you can searvh google amd Facebook for goth/industrial/alternative/whatever clubs.
You go in, vibe to the music and randomly talk to people.

I know what i'm looking for. I'm literally asking for advice in this thread about how to get it...

But why those kind of girls? Why not just plane-jane girls?

Listen, getting a gf is nothing like getting a dog or a cat or something. Like it just blows my mind how you objectify her into MAX and just blank out all the other girls

This. They’re just like any other girl they just wear black clothes and cake on makeup

Most girls who dress like that tend to be religious

I dated a girl like that. She had mild psychosis. Overall the relationship was great, but really strange events would happen every once in a while. Shed start acting like my friends randomly, and then act as if it was all a coincidence. It was like a godamn twilight zone episode. Anyway most girls like this are fucking crazy so don't even try it man.

I want a girl like that.

Because i love them

Art school.
Plenty of bright colored hair snowflakes there but they're all obnoxious little cunts who won't shut the fuck up about the patriarchy or whatever it is they've been told to complain about this week.

>I want a girl like that
You only think you want a crazy girl until you have one.

>Because i love them
No you don't. Your dick loves them

>I started wearing only black, boots, certain metal band shirts etc.
That’s step 0. Step 1 is figuring out where these girls congregate. If you’re not a poseur you’ll be able to find them.

where do they congregate? tell me..

i'm going to a metal festival this summer tho i guess that's a good start

>No you don't. Your dick loves them

It doesn't matter. I love them.

Also my highschool crush was a girl like that..

Where I am from, you go to the city centre parking lots and parks on Saturday nights, where the alties go drinking, then you just go talk to one. They're sluts hungry for compliments, so fucking one shouldn't be hard. Alternatively, just google "metal concerts in " and go jump up and down there until one of them starts jumping at you. If you're mentally half-stable and you're capable of having a job, you'll be way above the quality of their usual boyfriends.

They're stupidly easy girls, but annoying to deal with.

Grow up faggot

You're chasing a Pipedream

Tfw had a goth gf and found up she self harmed all the time and had mental issues due to being raped by her dad for years..... No op you don't want it..

Soo all you need is a girl at least with one alternative thing like spaces who also does her eye makeup flare out to the side?

not that difficult

>where do they congregate? tell me
if you know, you know :^)
not sure if a metal show is the right place to find these dirty alternative art hoe types though. metalhead girls are a bit different aesthetically

you useless piece of shit. get the fuck out of my thread.

Idc.. what else should i do ? I just wanna fuck goth/metalhead/ and any kind of alternative sluts.

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I would STRONGLY suggest against that OP. You might not like what I'm gonna say, but it's reality: if an individual (men and women) are so tryhard about being different, there is most likely something wrong with them: it goes from "shitty personality" to "will attempt suicide in the future". Of course there are good people that like that kind of style, but they are few and far between.

I was the owner of a fairly popular alternative night club, and most of my friends are from that scene. I could not tell you the amount of damaged people that follow that lifestyle. And believe me, it took a toll on their sanity.

If you get a gf like that, expect drug usage (not weed, HARD shit), cheating, explosive mood swings, and most likely violence towards you or your loved ones. All of it I saw with my own eyes.

Goth chicks are good for fucking AND NOTHING ELSE, OP. Never ever get a goth gf, 90% of the time it'll be a nightmare.

You talk like i'm a responsible, mentally stable, healthy indivudaul just like you i suppose. I'm not. and i love people like that you've just described.

Have you considered suicide? Stop shitting up this board with your crap. If you have to fucking ask this god forsaken website, you've already lost and will never make it.

Yes, i wanna commit double suicide with the girl i love after i've experienced everything i wanted in life. Also i love this god forsaken board aswell.

>you useless piece of shit. get the fuck out of my thread.

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Give me (You)s


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Go to local rehab meeting or visit the insane asylum.

Literally Goddesses.

Go to art school and start selling drugs. They'll come to you.

These aren't even true art hoes. It's like transitional deathcore girls.

Tinder is 100% viable but it shouldn't be your only strat. i'd say use it as a compliment to in person methods.
try to not just wallow in these girls' aesthetic if you genuinely have no interest in it. im into egirls and art hoes myself but i also enjoy indie music and h i p s t e r things and have been told so by girls that we share aesthetics. don't single handedly cater your profile to these girls