Would you date a single mom? Long term or short term?

Would you date a single mom? Long term or short term?

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Depends on the person and circumstances desu. But on a base level, wouldn't mind in a long term partner.

really depends on
1 if you take care of yourself mentally and physically especially
2 a nice person to talk to
3 and of course a a keeper

i am definitely in for such a person.

at the moment with your boob in the picture doesn't really help except gathering sympathy and alot of guys ready to give you anal while you feed your chid

>being secondary to the kid who came from another dude's nuts
I mean don't mistake me, single motherhood isn't a killer. But like boi, you best not be on Tinder with that thot fuel, that's some zero sum game right there. That bitch just wants a spare paycheque she doesn't need to work for beyond slobbing knob a few times a week



To add on I also notice that she says she doesn't wanna work so like maybe just swerve on this bitch and find someone who hasn't disposed of their employment options by the ripe, crunchy old age of LITERALLY JUST TWENTY-ONE

abs cool u say

They single for a reason. Plus I don't want kids in this life. Mine or anyone else's. Hard pass, sis. Good luck tho.

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>a ROUGH ass 21
>already has a kid
>no income of her own
1/3 would be fine
2/3 if it was just 1 and 3 maybe
3/3 is just nightmare mode

No. I don't think most relationships work anymore, least of all with single moms. Even if they mean well, the risk of you just being a meal ticket, or her love being fleeting is too high. If you really want to settle down, make sure it's someone with a clean slate

I mean... They do anything you want. But, always remember that someone who's a single mother, has a reason for being a single mother.

I’ve smashed a couple single moms, but I’d never DATE one. The kid will always come first, which is understandable, but you’re basically setting yourself up for a bad time

She wasn't stuck in the 50s when she chose her partner though, I don't think

No, am I suppose to raise another's man spawn?
I would as long as he is not:
>thug spawn
>an ungrateful brat
>a future psychopath
Which never happens, so no, I am not willing to date a single mom.

This. Sorry, but I refuse to raise another man's child.


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Maybe it depends on the circumstances. Would I have a one night fling with one ya probbably. Would I marry one? Almost certainly not it would have to be some extreme circumstances. Maybe if she was a super rich widow I might.

It'd have to be an incredible woman for me to consider it.
In that chick's case, I'd at least get coffee with her and try to pick her brain.

my friend dated and married a single mother very quickly, for some reason. Turns out the kid is TURBO AUTISTIC and an absolute nightmare. He spends most of his day at work and then leaves for the bar when he gets home so he doesn't have to sit around and listen to her yowling.

I guess the pussy gotta be good enough to snag that fish. Dumb ass.

Just long enough to fuck her brains out

No way. Screw and scram only.

it depends on the woman and the kid. wouldn't deal with any single mom with a kid aged six or seven and younger under any circumstance, and the mom would have to be decently mature. i get that the kid is overwhelmingly the priority, but if i'm consistently, always feeling like an afterthought, then tough shit, i'm out. in fairness i get that this is a real tough balance for single moms to strike.

>High maintenance
>Single mother
A real triple threat.

Nope not any term

Single mom = “helllo sir I am irresponsible with my cooter and don’t really give a fuck about anyone but my own desires.”

I've dated a bunch of single moms.

Pros: They fuck
Cons: Baby daddy drama, kid drama, tend to have shit jobs, drain on your finances, etc

If they're fun to fuck then by all means, but I wouldn't consider long-term unless she is a fucking 10/10 with a killer personality


I am 30 and I avoid these creatures like the plague. The mother might be a 9/10 personality but you have to understand that their children will ALWAYS BE FIRST! If you want to date a mother you have to first take into account your current position in life. Ask yourself a few questions. I ask myself.

>Does she want more children?
>What about my hobbies and her hobbies as a mother?
>How is she around her children vs how she is on a date?
>Is she looking for a baby daddy for her children?
>How is the father to the child/children she has?

These are all things you need to consider. You are not just dating the mom, you are dating the child/children. Also breaking up with a mother after being around the children is one of the hardest things to do, especially if they bond with you as a mentor figure. Best to avoid them, if you are in your early to mid twenties avoid them!

fuck no

Maybe, but it depends on a lot of factors.

Primarily, I'd want the kid to be split custody and make sure the dad isn't still romantically in the picture or trying to get shit back together. My mom got engaged to another dude after my parents split and it was just fucking ridiculously hard on me to be be between that. She and my dad got back together.

But the split custody thing would be ideal so I could spend some time with her without the kid.

Other factors would be if she was willing to have another kid or not (I want the openness to have a kid of my own some day), and her true independence/job.

It would really take someone extraordinary.

I have to post this so much I need to keep it on file.

Single moms can be good but rarely are. Potential problems are:

> she's looking at u to be a paycheck for her and the baby

> you'll have to deal with the baby's father who can be a nightmare in some cases

> the kid will ALWAYS come first, which is gonna mean being treated like a dog while the woman worships the ground some other man's kid walks on.

If u have any sense tread carefully and take a lot of time before making it official

All the single moms I've seen have obviously just seen me as an ATM

That aside, I want a relationship about me and her. Not where it's about some other dude's kid before I've even met her.

i am girl looking specifically for a man who already has children cuz i don't want to have my own.

might be helpful to see them as "free" children. sounds awesome to me.


If fuck a single mom, and leave her to her duties in continuing being a single mum

I've dated two single mothers. They all say "not looking for a replacement dad" or whatever but it's bullshit, they are. If you're into that then cool but she's just with you so she's not alone through it all and doesn't care about you as a person.

Fuck that shit, never again.

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What if the father if the kid has died. Would that make a difference?

I would date anything with a pulse.

That being said I don't get why women feel the need for the "my son is everything to me" line in their bios. Proudly announcing to a future partner that you will always come second doesn't seem like a good idea.

I lucked out when I tried dating a single mom, right before me she had dated a guy who had taken a real unhealthy interest in her kid and offered to give him baths and shit like that, she was so relieved that I took absolutely zero interest in her child and never tried to rope me into babysitting duty or anything, I completely forgot she had a kid most of the time

There are people who will actually say 'we're forming a new family and you need to prioritize your new family over your previous children'
That's what happened to my father, his mom died when he was 8 and when his father remarried a few years later my dad got sent to live with other relatives because stepmom didn't want him around
Better to be on the same page about that sort of thing from the beginning


I will if kid likes Star Wars.

I guess but the man you'll attract if you basically tell him "yeah if you date me you're always going to be second place" is probably not going to be a very confident man. I don't know it just seems counter productive.

Kid would have to be older 16-adultish and probably short term

They're just still trying to convince themselves that they're good mothers even though they're trying to get fucked by strange men from the Internet because they're putting their kids first
Most of what women write in their dating site profiles isn't for you, it's them trying to justify their life decisions to themselves

Eh I feel for them because it mustnt be a good position to be in.
But on the other hand I don't understand why they like to make it seem like they're the catch. Having a kid is a negative for pretty much every man out there, don't make stuff even harder for yourself.

Neither. I like my uncomplicated life a lot.

>short term
What does this even mean? Fuckbuddies, "not a serious relationship", some other retarded, degenerate nonsense like that?

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Cluck cluck cluck

I did, it was the short term.
See there are 2 extreme types of single moms I have dealt with:

1)The single mom that wants a man to father her kid and will go as far as let the man walk all over you.
2)the mom who is over protective and her kid is her life and wont negotiate time alone with her new man.

Both are the extremes and so you ate supposed to take that and come with the specifics that fit the single mom you are dating.
So I got a mom who let me tell her what to do and tell her child to calm down.
But she was too lazy sometimes and didnt want to go to work or what not.

I prefer to be with women who still have goals in life.

It can work my stepfather and my mother is proof of this but it is very rare desu.


true posts due to be lost in time

Absolutely the fuck not.. They have failed as a person they should be exiled by men and forced back with the fucking guy they took jizz from for months.

Being an imitation of a father will not give you any satisfaction or happiness; no matter how good the woman is. You'll never be anything but "mommy's boyfriend" to the child and always secondary to the woman. You won't be able to raise the child since you're not the father and you likely will not be the superior in any living situation.
You'll feel cucked, essentially, a shadow of the man you're supposed to be.

I did for about 6 months.
Her child was 13 years old at the time so I didn't really have to deal with him

Guys who date single moms either can’t have their own kids and want to be a dad, or they’re pedos who hide behind a mask of a caretaker. Then there’s guys who hate their step children and are just waiting for them to leave the house.
So if you’re a young man and it’s hard to find a attractive woman interested in you, for the sake of your sanity and health stay away from single moms.
If the dad is in the picture paying child support and you try playing replacement dad to his kids, you’re asking for harm to come to you.

>Guys who date single moms either can’t have their own kids and want to be a dad, or they’re pedos who hide behind a mask of a caretaker.

I think the more likely reason is that dating single moms allows you to date someone who is above your league physically, woman lose a lot of value once they have a kid which makes them give beta males a chance to provide for them.

I guess if sex is their main concern, but if you’re paying for pussy anyway why not get a cold hearted whore without a kid?


Being a single mom, especially at a young age, is a sign of poor descion making and or lack of impulse control. Same thing as being fat, a highschool droput, drug user, etc. Why would I bind my life to someone who has proof they cant take care of their own?

Only if her children are over 18.