Thanks for listening to me. I'm not going to fight it anymore.

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They love me, you never did.

And I never will

The ability to get away with cheating is testing my morals.

Not keen on fathering children anymore.

I'm sick of femnazis

Stop saying it then.

I'm sick of people complaining about feminazis.

Hint: They don't exist, you just fell for a Putin meme.


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I live with one and she is ruining my day to day life by being a literal nazi.

I hope they die

If I listen to/watch this everyday, I think I will be happy for the rest of my life. That is the magical power of this song.

opposed to a figurative one?

Puuuutin meme I'm

I hope they kiss me. I love them.

I want you to be a corpse

i yam

Naw, you want to be a corpse because your life is just that empty and hollow. No one likes you, not even your family, so you must come here to write hateful stuff for attention. Sad unloved trollie.

I deserve to kill them

You deserve to not hate yourself so much. It's obvious.

Panda aliens

Cheese is so good.

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I deserve to murder them

I deserve somebody I can torture

I know where they live I should harm them

Limb removal

No one cares you demented idiot, you're a loser.

You should listen to this every day.

I deserve to harm others

Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran are Gods.

I deserve happiness.

Nobody wants to talk with me. People are actively avoiding me. I'm tired of being the outcast. There was this stupid assignment where you had to do a short presentation on something. Everyone cheered and clapped at the end of each presentation BUT mine. This shit is way nastier than bullying. I want to kill myself.

Then fucking make yourself a person where they lose out a ton from not talking to you, read books and work out. Help people and learn from them if they let you because they will let you learn from them.

If you won't better yourself for yourself do it to spite them

that's just the start

the worst part is when they actively try to cut off any means of your life getting better

I feel spikes of anger and boredom because and I cant stop these feelings from happening

While I love revenge and spite as much as anyone, I can't even get out of bed. I've been skipping and failling so many classes, EASY classes, just because I enjoy sleeping more. Thanks for the kind words.

you people are killing yourself with the toxin of hatred, it happens.

Guys, I feel a bit silly due to what I said yesterday.

I sent this text to a cute girl I work with (she's frequently told me how tired and stressed out she gets at work).

This was my text: Even if you start earlier than me, I can cheer you up with silly jokes when I arrive.

Then she replied with: What you did today (at work) was a bit funny.

Guys, should I've said something else ?
How should I continue ?

I'm really considering never speaking to my parents again. Their mental issues are too much for me to handle. I live a state away, and I literally don't need them anymore.

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>just ignore the hate as we beam all the reasons why you're a piece of shit and why nobody likes you 24/7
>as a bonus, we'll send out a few more reasons why you should kys

is the majority of our problems come from knowing the difference between reality and fantasy but we continue to try in live in a fantasy life because its easier to predict?

Anyone ?

I don't understand why I have to go on living. I just want this to end.

dead yet?

It won't be long....

Say, have you noticed that those who live with loving thoughts usually look a lot younger than their age? Hatred makes you old.... that's why there are so many balding guys on this site.

You could look into medically assisted suicide, Good luck, hope you die like you want.

In a cafe.. why are people literally screaming? It's so loud in here my ears are ringing from the talking. This is why I hate people. Silence is a virtue.

No you're good.

>It won't be long....

sounds like wishful thinking that there'd be anything good after this

I want a baby. I want a baby!! Its not fucking fair at all. I fucking hate this planet I wish I'd never been born fuck my life I want a baby

I deserve to harm you

it's schizochan
I made you post this with mind control

This is how much you want me to leave you alone.

That doesn't make any sense. Its a post about how much I want a baby, how could you possibly try to larp around this

Because having a baby is deal breaker for me, and my gf knows that

7600 cough it up or get the fcuk out.

I'm the only one in the family who has never felt any romantic love. Fuck, am I so ugly?

I hope you know everytime I read one of these rants I'm smiling at you.

Oic. Nope just me being a failure and unable to provide my bf with something that he actually wants. So like the exact opposite of your situation.

Had the best sleep I've had in a while after putting that letter on your car. I'll probably never know if you read it or not. I suppose I should be glad I was prevented from killing myself since in the aftermath of reaching out I found a group of people who support and want me. I just hope I never let someone drag me down in the depths again and I remember the signs for next time it might start happening.

Did you really think that they were me?
I only do what I want in this life

WTF are you doing? Are you trying to extort someone here?


there are too many bees buzzing around that things go out of control so fast


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Yes I am you, we are schizophrenic. Unless you're trying to guess my initials, cus then your waaaaaay off

I'm super depressed and have OCPD. Like I said, we're actually schizophrenic and this is just an awkward situation

I wish kpop and all its fans would just disappear. They find mediocre untalented kids, either desperate or paid off by rich parents, to reconstruct their faces and bodies, to sell lolita concepts to perverted old men and idiot children, and literally prostitute themselves to producers for commercial deals, acting jobs, and promotions.

It's all a bunch of bullshit.
But they act like it isn't and the fans act like they are actually talented and clean. "They CAN sing they improved so much and ur just jealous" please die.

I think I finally understand covert narcissism. It's not thinking that you are better, it's thinking that you could be better, or could have been better, but chose not to be.

This is the exact reason I hated them back then.
while admiring from afar because I can't be a working horse like them

I always refused to believe it but now I'm pretty sure that my female best friend is a slut or at least has slutty "moments". She even wanted me to fuck her and I just felt like I lost a friend in that moment, she just turned on that persona and it felt like it wasn't her anymore and she didn't see me as a friend anymore but as a guy to fuck. I'm sure she does that to other guys too and thinks its normal.
I don't really know how to cope with that, we used to be best friends for a couple of years now, part of a group, now her true colors showed and I can't stop thinking about it. Feel sorry for her but at the same time disturbed and disappointed...

Happy birthday.
I hope I haven't caused too harm for you, even though you're toxic and kinda had it it coming, I still feel bad for what I did to you. Enjoy this hot summer day, okay? Still think about you.

Thank you so much!

Why does my body have to be so unappealing?
Seeing my bf saying that he likes older girls with big boobs and sexy body destroys my ego.

Take care. :)

>tfw there's a qt coworker
>doesn't seem to have any pics with a bf
>but has a diamond ring
Kill me... She's so goddamn lovely

How long has this been going on? You need professional help.

I want to be with you. Is that not enough?

It's never enough, user.

If I form solid habits then I'll waste less time. If I waste less time I'll be able to do more cool stuff.

The new Kesha video about Straight,Rich White men is being praised that it is Tim Burton like....Which in fact is a rich, straight White man.

I actually enjoy the smell of my dick

Please tell me I'm gonna be fine not buying that bag :O

I wish I was at home with my bf cuddling rn

I haven't jerked off in 4 days and my balls are getting very full. It would be nice to have someone to help me drain them, but I have no such person in my life at the moment

It's a debt.

I'm never gonna dance again

They're in denial of needing help. They think they're normal and everyone else is to blame.

Dance with me again.

Do guys really feel their balls being full??

I’m such a petty materialistic shit (I’m pretending that I’m sorry but actually I’m just embarrassed that I’m not that good)


Let's gamble

Truth is I want to play with you every day. Actually, I just want to talk to you. I just don't want to come on too strong, even though I have a feeling that you like me too. I know You wouldn't say "no" if I asked you to do something other than playing vidya, for example, I just don't want to freak you out. You're obviously sketchy about relationships as it is and so am I, but no matter how much I try to convince myself that I don't want to be close to another person again I cannot help but feel a connection between us. You are more fun to talk to than most people I know, be it online or real life. How long can it really last?
Every day I wonder whether you're going to talk to me first, if you'll reply when I message you and the extent to which your fondness extends. Every time I talk to you I get a sense you feel the same way about me: we can talk about anything, we make each other laugh, we can argue or discuss topics without getting vitriolic and mean. You know when I'm not being serious and seem to enjoy my "bits" where I pretend to believe something I actually don't.
But you are inscrutable. I bet many people have felt this "connection" in the past and I don't know where I stand. This is all getting very weird.

Does your name starts with T?

Yep. It's a nightmare because in my case I got to the point where it just starts leaking when I'm shitting. I'm not even joking. But normally it's more like feeling like you just need to fuck something, just anything.

>other than playing vidya
That's because I never trusted you

Totally. I find they take up more real estate in my pants, and hang lower and jiggle around more when moving, plus I obviously get pretty horny. It's primally satisfying because the next logical step is to empty them

But we do that stuff all the time, we don't have to just be playing to talk. I just don't want to ask often so I don't come off as interested. I can't help it but I am.

thats rape user, no wonder I barely have any dreams.

also Tana keeps popping in my mind as if someone is telling me something

You're all wrong. I'm the one who doesn't dream. But when I wake, I think of...not Tana.