What's wrong with using your body to get things? It's no different from using your brain

What's wrong with using your body to get things? It's no different from using your brain

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Because dicks are disgusting

because it makes you a whore

It devalues you as a person.

Nothing, but you have to develop your brain, your body will pretty much appeal to something regardless, at this point. There's no dignity in it.

There's no problems with being a slut, but by definition they are bereft of their dignity, male or female. Sluts are people who exchange dignity for results.

You chip away at your body little by little by using it to “pay for things”
The wear and tear isn’t immediately obvious but men pick up on it very fast and will treat you poorly if you exhibit the signs of using your body vs your mind.

This is true
Even for men, if you use your body to make a living, you'll eventually wreck it. You can take care of yourself but injury and wear take their toll.

Because it doesn't really require a lot of skill or thinking. You don't really "earn" it on merit.

You know, I've prostituted myself before. 2-4 days of pay at a fulltime wageslave job...made in less than 1 hour of work. "devalues you as a person" my asshole, wageslaving for piss money is what is truly degrading.
the guys weren't even ugly. the one was a 40 year old gym addict working in finance, the other was a 50 year old doctor. also did a 20 year old who was pretty ugly actually, but cash money honey. i still came several times from his dick so what do i care? orgasms, cash, what's wrong with it?
>paying for a whore using student loans
dog blass murrka.

anyone who says it's wrong is just asspained that no one wants to pay money to have sex with them. lmao stop being ugly incels and HAVE SEX. i have no regrets. if it were legal it would be easier to get arrangements and i'd do it more often.

Because it'll make you basically less than a person. Something not to ever be taken seriously, just a pretty hole to rent for a while

You are granted your body simply from hitting puberty. The nearest equivalent would be a male working for years to achieve the strength to use his body to manipulate the world around him. All you have to do is maintain your figure. There's nothing wrong with it, but that's why it makes us salty.

You sound pretty gross

>Jealous that middle aged men and ugly people don't want to rail me

i also get paid hundreds of dollars for a 30 minute fuck while you can't even successfully beg someone to lay you. feels good being me.

Okay then, it's not worth having someone go through ego death for winning an internet argument

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Nothing is wrong with it, as long as you're not being forced to do it.

None of these reasons are good because there is literally nothing wrong with it. Your body will not break from frequent, rigorous sex or whatever we're talking about here. The worst risk is an STD or unwanted pregnancy, which do both suck pretty hard. Aside from that, it'll also make dating and even general socializing a lot harder.

>there's nothing wrong with it besides all these problems with it
You really got them with that one

Damn this is turning out to be a great bait thread, I’ll have to remember this subject for future shitposting

This. I'm not a woman but I completely understand this logic. If you got it and willing to do it, why the fuck not? All of these posts about devaluing you as a person or it'll wear on your body is such horseshit. Only people that complain about this shit are the people upset that they either can't do it due to their appearance or bitter incels.

Absolutely nothing wrong with willingly using your own body to have sex for money as long as you are health conscious and safe. No different than a guy using his gfs body once a day for sex yet that is completely accepted.

>sex for money "chips away at your body"
>sex in a relationship somehow doesn't
it's dick in a hole

Those are all risks of a job, not something that makes you a lesser person. Would you tell someone there's something wrong with being a male kindergarten teacher due to the risks of being called a diddler?

There's a reason why it pays so much sweaty. Prostitutes have been the lowest on the totem pole for a millenia because it's shitty, demoralizing work. Imagine your mom being a whore, not very pleasant.

I'm not saying that it makes you less of a person, but your point was
"there's literally nothing wrong with it"
You didn't specify past that, don't make grand declarative statements like that you don't have a reason to make them.
And I'd argue yes, that is something wrong with that profession if there's a risk of something as terrible as that happening to you.
All professions have risks sure, but if it's life defining things like stds, pregnancy, or being labelled a sex offender, I'd say that there are things wrong with that profession.

It's lazy and doesn't actually develop any useful skills.

If you don't want to work at mcdonalds and think prostitution is your only other option you're too far gone already.

End of the day you can do it, some people probably appreciate being able to pump and dump whores whenever they want, but don't expect anyone to respect you.

9/10 threads on Jow Forums are bait and everyone knows it. Doesn't stop the topics from being fun to discuss.

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Hijacking this thread because mine got 0 responses.
Is there any reason not to become a camboy? I don't want to devote any effort to a legitimate career, all I want to do is write, and I don't socialize enough to care about potential social repercussions.

Send pics

>It's lazy and doesn't actually develop any useful skills.
The service industry has existed literally forever. How can you possibly claim that they're not valuable skills?

Dumb stupid whore, this will stick you for your ENTIRE life, you better keep it a secret because everyone EVERYONE will look down on you, guarantee you won't be viewed as human being, because you're literally a walking fucking failure,WHO the fuck is gonna marry you? WHO the fuck is gonna be your bf? only dumb stupid cucks, kill yourself before your children do, god forbid if you ever have any

What does that specific service require though at its base level?

We're talking about the value of someone as a person after this whore phase is over. You know, when you try to start a family? If the whore is going to stay single and become the local cat lady, then go for it. You've got your life planned out. But fuck off if you're going to prostitute yourself and then come crawling back to humanity when (almost) nobody wants to fuck your used up hole.

means you are worthless and the only valuable thing about you is your body
0 self respect, sad as fuck

Prostitution isn't "the service industry" .

>exchange currency for a service
>not the service industry
4channel not being 18+ was a mistake.

That money be exchanged for a service? That question doesn't make a ton of sense.

I have no idea what that means, not that I care to send pics anyway

It's a discord name, if you're going to be a boywhore you'll need one. Also you're going to be showing off your body to everyone anyways why does it matter.

What are the minimum amount of skills you need to be a prostitute

You still need to explain the skills developed.

I can stand on the corner and spit on people for a dollar, doesn't make it the service industry.

>Is there any reason not to become a camboy?
Extremely low success rate would be the argument. Nobody got to be internet famous (YouTube, Twitch, whatever) because they were talented. They got lucky. That's what it really takes.

There is no way you're going to make enough money just from cam whoring to provide a real life for yourself. Also, it's something that will become DRAMATICALLY more difficult as you age. Like what's the plan when you're 40? With no career experience, and camboying become not viable... what? Just an hero? Gotta think long term user.

To clarify, it doesn't make it the service industry outside of semantics.

how is anyone gonna know unless i walk up and tell them? dumbass.

I might plan to show off my body, but it's not currently ready. It needs a few months of gym work, I'd need to get some clothes that actually fit, probably get some concealer or something for my rosacea.
Is Discord a good place to do that kind of work? I honestly don't know the specifics.

Good job speaking up, nothing wrong with it. I have had sex with prostitutes and don't consider myself or any of them lesser beings as a result. Neither the guys who have been to prostitutes nor the prostitutes are desperate. On the contrary they know what they are getting into.

>Like what's the plan when you're 40?
By that point I will be a published author

Yes it is, there's tons of e-girls and orbiters there.
All you got to do is find some servers and start netowrking

Why are you even here if you don't know what a prostitute does?
- Look the part
- Flatter your client
- Be adaptable and quick thinking (so that you can appease any type of client no matter how varied they are).

Like a traditional geisha is MORE than a prostitute, but it's just further along the same vector. Imagine a person who was unclean, smelled bad, torn dirty clothing, could hardly converse / speak with you.

That's a prostitue that's going going to make $10 for a quick fuck in an alley. Even blowjobs require skill if you want repeat customers. "absolutely bare minimum skill required" is a bogus argument because you can extrapolated to be ridiculous for any profession.

If I was a Chef for instance, I could ask "what are the bare minimum requirements for that position" and get the response of: "Boiling Water" because serving someone a mug of hot water and a tea bag is technically "preparing a substance to be ingested by a customer". Obviously that person would be paid almost nothing and would likely not garner many customers, unless they increase their skill set. I hope you see how retarded that approach to reasoning is though.

You're like, actually too dumb though.
>Do a thing rather than trade a physical good for money
^ANYTHING that falls into that category is the Service Industry if you're being paid for it. If you found weird fetish dudes that wanted you to spit on them, and they paid you, congrats, you're providing a service.

Any recommendations for somewhere to start?

So you ARE gonna keep it secret, kek, dumb bitch, people WILL find out sooner or later

Best of luck I suppose. Being an independent creative is very difficult. Like almost no one hits that JK Rowling success. There are SO many more failed authors than successful ones.

Hope you make it, user. I'll be rooting for you. Just saying that as an adult, it's somewhat irresponsible to not have a high success chance back up plan (like plumbing or wiring or something else that is relatively simple to get into once you acquire the skill set).

So you're saying the life skills it develops are
>being clean
>able to talk to people
>able to have sex in different ways

Okay so you're not a child. Now what?

>Like almost no one hits that JK Rowling success.
You're under a weird assumption that I want to be massively wealthy and successful.
I just want personal fulfillment with a side of liveable income.

>Okay so you're not a child. Now what?
It just sorta sounds like you're way too dumb to be having this conversation. 80% of Jow Forums users don't meet those criteria.

>look the part
Be good looking
>Flatter your client
Kiss ass
>Be adaptable
This is a good trait to have but it's not necessary.
What a difficult set of skills left over though.

What you're describing isn't the bare minimum, you can still be a successful cheap whore but you can't be a successful chef that only makes regular tea.

Your entire argument is a cope, I can imagine you saying that geisha thing in the mirror as an attempt to save your self-esteem after you fucked some fat 50 year old.

I was being a bit hyperbolic, but a livable wage as a creative is not easy. As a side hustle for some extra cash? More feasible, but even that's not super simple. Unless you've really got some exceptional talent, it's a tough long road.

>you can still be a successful cheap whore but you can't be a successful chef that only makes regular tea.
I mean it just sorta sounds like you're out of touch with the real world, which isn't wholly surprising for Jow Forums neets. There are plenty of Hotel hospitality employees that do little else other than replace hot water containers and clean up when people spill shit.

You're crutching on this "I'll define it as I use it" approach to the word "success". A cheap whore that gets beat up in alleys and paid $10 for a fuck is not "successful". You clearly have absolutely no barring on how bad that shit gets.

Even though, at the end of the day, there is a spectrum between cheap/bad whores and more expensive/good whores and what do you call the metrics that separate the two? Skills. I hope even you aren't so dumb as to try and argue against that.

That's a pretty low standard you have there, I don't know what else I'd expect from a prostitute though

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Well, I've got 16 years until I'm 40, I've got some time. Maybe I'm conceited, but I'm 99.99% sure I have the talent and natural intelligence to produce great things. I'm far more worried about my immediate future than my long-term prospects. Also, getting a boyfriend ever.

I wouldn't say that hotel thing is a good job though. Success in this case just means you can live off of it. The reason why there are so many prostitutes is because it doesn't take a lot of skills. Even then I wouldn't say a quality prostitute that makes 100,000 a year has proportional skills to a business man or an engineer who makes the same amount.

I don't mean to spook you off pursuing your dream. My apologies if it came off that way. I just have a tendency to be pragmatic. There are certainly easier types of books to get into than others in terms of being a creative. Like Young Adult Fiction has a pretty low bar, provided you have that infamously elusive "sufficient work ethic to actually produce a whole book from start to finish and not just be a WIP forever".

Camboying may be viable for short term cash. I don't really know anything about it, other than internet success is rare. You are competing with every other person out there that dreams of being a cam boy/girl.

Getting a boyfriend is definitely easier though. I mean a full on advice post would be lengthy, but that's something thousands of people do every day (unlike becoming a successful creative)

>Even though, at the end of the day, there is a spectrum between cheap/bad whores and more expensive/good whores and what do you call the metrics that separate the two? Skills. I hope even you aren't so dumb as to try and argue against that.

Usually it's more about if they succumb to drug addictions or not

>a lot of skills
Alright, progress, we are admitting it takes skills.

>I wouldn't say that hotel thing is a good job though
I mean that depends on your definition of "good". If it's enough to live on, and you only care about doing your 9-5 and not taking work home with you, then it can be totally sufficient. Those jobs that pay 100k/yr involve you making work a part of your life. (I would know, I'm a software engineer for a LARGE company, and I am _constantly_ having to check up on the progress of automated builds, or I have to be available to come in and hot fix issues with new release builds if they're bad enough, or any other number of reasons).

If your only metric for one job being "better" than another, then yeah, prostitutes are never going to be the end-all-be-all of careers, but that's not the priority for everyone. Maybe people want a job where they can put in as little time as possible for as large a profit as possible. If that's the case, a prostitute charging $400/hr or something can pull like $800-$1200 a night and work like... 2 nights a week. Sure that would mean they're making like $30,000/year and that's "bad" but they also have ass loads of free time.

different strokes for different folks.

Drugs are vicious, and will get anyone. One of my best friends fell out of the legal profession because he developed an addiction and that shit is just the fucking saddest thing ever. Hope that doesn't happen to anyone you love... cuz it's the worst, my dude.

>you need to have no work/life balance to be successful unless you're a prostitute

I get this is a bait thread but come on.

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I don't think it is wrong to use your body to get things as long as they are good for others as well. The same follows for the brain, there are both positive and negative uses. Use your brain and body wisely.

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If someone came in with a resume that said "Prostitute of 10 years" what position would you have for them in your company or anywhere that isn't a brothel?
You may be fine with having a job where you don't do a lot of work or challenge yourself, but it doesn't make you respectable or make your work any less unearned, especially in an industry where most of your value depends on your looks.

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>or anywhere that isn't a brothel?
If someone came in with a resume that said "Personal Trainer of 10 years, what position would you give them in your professional kitchen? (See how dumb that sounds?)

> especially in an industry where most of your value depends on your looks.
Also wrong. It MOSTLY depends on your ability to navigate risky situations. Looks, behavior, charisma, and wit come into play when you're looking to IMPROVE your proficiency in such a field.

Large companies require PR, sales people, HR if prostitutes are really have great people skills why wouldn't you hire them?
>Also wrong. It MOSTLY depends on your ability to navigate risky situations. Looks, behavior, charisma, and wit come into play when you're looking to IMPROVE your proficiency in such a field.
Yeah that's why you see all those ugly high-class escorts and why they always advertise brothels with how their girls have "great personalities" I forgot all about that section of people that don't exist.

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It depends how desperate you are to survive. Doing it on a whim when there are other options available to secure a livelihood, seems greedy. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it at all, we all have mouths to feed, at the same time flaunting is rude.
There are also other workers who are not as “valueable” as you would appear to be, and their toils are not as pleasant, there is no grandeur or luxury in it, and the dividends are abysmal.
Any kind of real labour (not art or passion, but necessitated toiling) is almost always a burden, but it can actually make you feel good sometimes if you feel that you have gone about doing a hard thing the right way.

Id say that to someone who still has emotional buy in with sex, its worrying when someone you care about seems like their wired the other way.
Stings just a bit

we choose our own pain though, cant forget that

reminds me of 'a million ways to die in the west'

"My job sucks too"

Late night, come home,
Work sucks, I know.

you've made a stranger on the internet laugh today thanks

Nothing wrong with it, but it will take a toll on you. Just be aware of the risks and accept the consequences when (not if) they come.

She may keep it secret, but like all the other people taking the easy way out, it's going to come back eventually, in fact, it may never even leave to begin with. Whores. She thinks everything is fine, opening her legs whenever she is in need, but guess what is going to happen when she is no longer desirable. When opening her legs for paper won't fix the problems. Like in everything, good enough men can smell whores. She will end up with some beta at best.

glad I could and I’m happy that you’re happy user

I’m leaning heavily towards being a cam girl. Call center work has given me depression but sex/kink helps.

That's some strong bait

>Hundreds of dollars
Confirmed bait or lives in super rich area. The good looking ones are less than 100 a hour.

I do not condone prostitution, it it is extremely degrading and devaluing and if it doesn't negatively affect your body it will ruin you mentally.

Well you're already mentally ill, why not make things worse by also turning yourself undateable?

Personal trainer isn't a PR risk.

wear and tear is equal wether you use it or not, old people will look old

Fuck all the christfags from this shitty board, I support this prostitute
I'm a guy, btw

In the case of prostitution, it's because it is easy. Easy money. Yet ruins your romantic and professional options. Oh I'll keep it secret, says the whore. Okay fine, now you're not open and not easily connecting with people and people always sense you're trying to hide something.

And with that, you're still getting an inflated sense of self-worth, particularly as your beauty declines. You're ruining your pair bonding ability by flooding your brain with oxytocin for people you'll never see again. People look down on it, because it is a poor and easy decision.

But they always need a new whore to replace the ugly old one.

Well if you do think about it. Most women date for hypergamy and will use their looks to achieve status from leeching off their partner. I have a personal rule not to date a woman that proudly claims to have many sexual partners but that doesn't mean she is a worthless human. I just have had experience with women who have had multiple partners and the standards for sexual expectations are higher than a girl with say 3 or 4 partners. Still if a woman wants to turn around and make that a job let her.

Still all I have to say about that is if you are getting railed 10 ways from sunday. The guy who might have fucked her real good if she had a little experience might be a bottom tier male sexually after she had been around the block. Think about it like inviting an NFL QB to a family flag football game. Dude would be throwing TDs left and right without breaking a sweat because he got paid to do it with way better competition than Uncle John and his stupid son who discovered his first pubes a month before the reunion.

The difference is that women do want a relationship.

Men will play recreational games of football with any decent looking woman, but men that can rail them 10 ways till sunday, have options and will choose one that does not have that amount of experience to commit to.

The scent of virginity all over this post.

Haven’t had a date in 4 years. I don’t think the regular life thing is happening for me anyway.

All this time my youth has been fading when I could be capitalizing on it.

you have a desire to be desired for something more than your body, you shit on yourself every time you whore yourself out
life isnt that short, you gona be a mess by your 40s

Thing is, why would I as decently looking man pay for sex? I have so much more fun when she's into it, and at that point why pay a woman for mutual fun and pleasure?
I have paid for sex before but only because I was super drunk and taken advantage of.

Men who enjoy the occasional prostitute are the ones who can also get it without paying for it.

Because youll become psychologically dependent on utilizing your body to take the easy way out or to get things easily. Good looks dont last past your 30s really, so once you are unable to use your body to get stuff then youll have no other skills and you wont be able to cope. plus you run the risk of getting stds

This desu senpai
Prostitution is mankind's oldest trade.

Nothing wrong with it. It would be wise to use tools you have. More people should do this. Long thread.

>Think about it like inviting an NFL QB to a family flag football game. Dude would be throwing TDs left and right without breaking a sweat because he got paid to do it with way better competition than Uncle John and his stupid son who discovered his first pubes a month before the reunion.

You really think that would happen? He'd be setting up his family. He's got no incentive to showing off at the family flag football game. They all already know he's rich and made it to the NFL as a quarterback. He doesn't need to prove himself.

I've got an uncle who played hockey for the Islanders back in the day. He would join us for some pick up games in the outdoor rink near my grandparent's place. Me and my cousins sucked but he always set us up to score, never attempting to net anything himself. Nobody cared much that he could score on the little kid from the block wearing a Roy jersey who used pillows duct taped to his shins as pads and a baseball glove?

You do you.

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>lmao stop being ugly incels and HAVE SEX.
um you know miss, incels would probably be on yourside. If you both can agree that sex shouldnt be stigmatized then incels wouldnt be incels. They would pay for services through online support much like if you signed up for a maid service.
I agree prostitution shouldnt be a stigma
>what about cheating husbands and wives
make a claus to the law that says a prostitute isn't allowed to violate the state marriage certificate. Or cost of a fine by the male or female, done case by case situation of course.
From there make sure that all legal prostitution has gone through screening of stds. That way you know yoh hoe is clean!

Are they though? I would take sloppy seconds on a girl if I knew they were both disease free.

Absolutely nothing in short term but since your body is something fading, it's a better strategy to learn using your brain. Takes less energy too once you got the hang of it.

Visiting prostitutes isn't stigmatized in countries where it's legal. And even in backwards countries like Murica, rich guys getting of hoes is pretty much expected. Being a loser who can't get laid without sex workers has to bearing too it; these people will always get stigmatised since no one likes losers.