Ladies, what goes through your mind when you see a guy that completely mogs your bf/husband? Better height, face, frame...

Ladies, what goes through your mind when you see a guy that completely mogs your bf/husband? Better height, face, frame, more youthful masculine energy, more assertive/outgoing personality, more money and success, etc. What do you think when one talks to you, compliments you, or makes you laugh? Do you admire and move on with your day, or does the guy linger in your mind, making you wish you could be with a more alpha man?

Be honest, don't say "i don't find anyone other than my boyfriend attractive!"

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You are a closeted homosexual with cuck fantasies.


I'm bi, so I have no problem looking at other people besides my boyfriend. He's allowed to do the same thing. There's a lot of pretty people in this world and it's ok to look and lust, but anything beyond that requires communication with your partner. Handsome guys get the appropriate amount of eye-banging, but other than that - I'm happy with my guy.

Move on with my day.

This only becomes a problem once you start pushing your insecurities onto other people.

There's more to relationships than physical attraction. If a woman's in a relationship only for the guy's looks (or resources, hah), she's a bitch, and I don't use that term lightly. If she's regretting her choice for other reasons like personality it means she made a bad choice to begin with. (And no, there's no bad personalities, everyone's into something)

It appears that you have the same immature mentality since you asked this question.

You're a bitch, OP.

I just came here to say its nice that out of 4 replies to this incel cuck horseshit two seem to be from adults and two are just dumping on OP.

>mogs bf/husband
>more alpha man
OP is a fag.
It's the same for a guys seeing girls that out league theirs. Something you clearly don't know about. Your post wreaks of insecurity.
If I see a chick that checks more marks than my girl, I don't just dump my girl and lust after someone. I've made a bond and it's important to me.
Anyone that would dump their SO to chase after some meat is probably in two cases:
1. person doing the dumping wasn't worth it to start, the person dumped dodged a bullet
2. the relationship was already crumbling
Grow the hell up OP.

Nothing? If you're with someone you love then it feels different looking at them than at someone else, if you look at them you see all the years you've been together, all the things you've done together, both supporting each other and going through bullshit together and your sexual history. They (hopefully) know how to fulfill you. You've worked with them to build a strong rapport. You don't look at anyone else the same way as you do them, you can't without that history.

So what happens if you see someone hot? You think that they're hot? Maybe your pulse quickens, and then you move on with your day. What happens when YOU see someone attractive OP? Do you suddenly fall in love with them or plot to leave an established relationship that you're happy in? Or do you just think 'hey she has nice tits' and continue with your day?

Honestly, cringe at the Mr. Perfect act because uncanny valley isn't mentally attractive.The human that I've been dating is obviously more attractive.

Wisdom post, well put
t. happily married


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He asked for responses by women. You “adults” need to read

I'm a married woman.

I would love to know what he looks like.

Please be in London

they think the same thing when you see a hot girl "wow I wanna fuck that person". Thing is you girlfriend will face no lasting consequence if she goes through with it


Op here. I didn't think i would get so much shit desu. I'll admit that i have some insecurities, but i try not to act on them. I am just curious to know because many people cheat, i know plenty of guys who will at least go for a hot girl's number despite being married or in a relationship. Looks aren't everything in life but they are pretty important, and status and personality are even more powerful influencing factors. I'd say financial woes and insecure behavior are the biggest relationship-killers.

Literally just curious, i'm not a raging incel.

And I am one. Doesn't matter though, anyone male or female with any real life experience could tell you the same thing. Nothing is going to happen, and in fact, no one will even think of anything happen, unless they're already the types of people who would cheat or the relationship is on death's door.

To the OP: Be less insecure. It's the single most unattractive feature a person can have. It's okay to doubt yourself, or to recognize flaws, but for fuck's sake walking around thinking that other people existing automatically makes you look bad or less respected is asinine. It's not that you're less attractive, or that you're less funny, it's this crippling insecurity that you let rule your life. You're on this planet for another sixty years or so, make the most of it instead of believing - and acting - like you're a joke.

“London” isn’t the cheat code for women anymore noob lol, that was changed a while ago. And no I won’t tell you what the new one is get rekt lol ask gamefaqs fagtron

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are you even (have you ever) dating someone or a just talking hypothetically?

In my experience the girl does a mental analysis on whether or not she has a chance with that guy, and then acts accordingly. I like to think that there is love and all that, but that's what I see irl.

With that said, you REALLY don't want to be the schmuck guy, at least not in all categories, or life is gonna suck for you.

It's a scenario that can play out irl OP so I'll tell you what I think. It comes down to the individual, some may be more tempted to act on their desires than others. I know being a guy myself had fantasies in the past a lot of guys are worried might come true. If your libido is high, you have a higher risk of cheating but for any man that knows what it's like to satisfy urges through masturbation, once you climax the urges are gone. So I think it's definitely lust you feel. I don't know how women would process this but I'm guessing something similar applies. It also wouldn't help if this person was going to stick around to show off his/her charm.

What you have to remember is, you chose your partner are you satisfied? If you know the answer to this question then you'll have an easier time resisting urges originating from your human nature.

>ask a question
>get called a bitch