7 inch dick, can fit inside a toilet paper tube easily. How do you date when you know it will be hard to please her

7 inch dick, can fit inside a toilet paper tube easily. How do you date when you know it will be hard to please her.

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That's a good dick dummy.

She's probably fucking a 22" dragon dildo with 22,000 rpm oscillation and realistic cum action anyways.

Focus on what you can do for her, because being a human meat stick is pretty unimpressive.

No girth

I have the same problem, and I think the best hope is to try and find a girl with a deep vagina

Same here. My solution is to tape 2 frozen sausages to my penis.

These monster cocks don't exist for all intents and purposes. You poor fagats are no longer forced to take showers gym class.

Did you measure? How thick we talking? I think 5in is average. I heard a 5.5 should be enough to satisfy a lot of women if you know what you're doing. if you can barely squeeze shaft through USA toilet paper roll you should be ok. There has to be some friction.

4.5 is average girth. 5.5 is quite big

look up some advice how to use your dick, if you have a big dick but can't fuck you are the equivalent of the girl who just lies there.

There is a girl out there that your dick fits perfectly.
If you are really worried you can try to increase your blood storing capacities, so you get a little more girth.

Get good with your hands and mouth.

How to increase blood storing capacities? Would cardio do the trick?

Are you being fr op i literally have the same prob and have been making threads for help these past coupla days i even have a thread on like the sixth page rn it eases my nerves that someones havin the same prob, not that i wish it on you ofc

Link your thread

Yeah I feel silly for being a pencil, most ladies feel loose.

Im on my ps4(pcs trashed) browsing so i cant do that but its the one with the meme of the thai girl and its has to do with a libral girl, i think i started off the post with "im fucked bros"

Right on, yeah I saw that one

But yea man im in the same boat man and while im steadily getting over it the still a bit of anxiety in the deepest pit of my stomach

I feel you. One of my insecurities is that I'll find a girl who I get along well with but whom I just can't please the same as a former lover due to the fact that my dick's a bit pencilly

Literally me too man i just connect with this girl and im afraid i wont be able to satisfy her cause shes a bit promiscuous but idrc about her past, i just dont want the frst girl i ever felt something for slip through my fingers because of something so stupid

I'd say you can't let it get to you because, if you do, that will be the thing that lets her slip through your fingers. But that's easier said than done. A lot of penis insecurity is deeply rooted

Yea true, i just gotta stop cucking myself into this bs and get how i used to be, hope u find peace bro and we can both get through this issue

Not same user but I think a lot of men are insecure about their size. If it's not huge it's not enough for a lot of guys. They think some women they date will be disappointed. Then again I've heard of women saying they dont like them too big because it can hurt. It depends who you date.

Cheers user

I've heard the same thing: that a lot of women prefer average-sized dicks, which makes sense when you think about it. I think porn has addled our notion of how big a dick should be. Even amateur porn is full of long, thick penises and it's difficult to not compare yourself to them

>How do you date when you know it will be hard to please her.
he still thinks we you can actually sexually please women, that's rich.

look up angion method on youtube

Without watching the video I feel this probably bogus. Jelqing supposedly works too, but can fuck up your dick if you're not careful

Then be careful. If you truly want girth, its the only reliable way other than just using a bathmate every time you have sex.

Doesnt a bathmate cause ed

if you hurt yourself yeah. If anything using it correctly makes my boners way harder even when not using it.

american toilet paper roll is around 5.35 circumference.

average dick is around 4.5 circumference.

5.35 circ girth is actually pretty big.

Women don’t care about your dick as much as you think they do. As long as you make her cum. You don’t need to make her come off of penis to vagina sex, few women do. Touch her clit while you fuck her, finger her g spot, oral. Stop obsessing over your dicks. If you’ve got a huge 12 incher but then pump for 5 minutes and fall asleep the girl will be just as unsatisfied with however inferior you think your penis is if you have sex in the same way. Sex isn’t about penis to vagina. It’s 2019, sex is about orgasms.

What about the fleshpump from fleshlight i heard that was even better than bathmates

just because you spent 45 minutes fingering and muff diving doesn't mean she's going to be any more satisfied when you stick in anything shy of a energy drink can in size.

If you're good at fingering and/or muff diving she probably will be

If you made her cum already you satisfied her. You’re worried about pleasing a size queen.

Wat if im in love with a size queen

Then she’s shallow if she can’t see past that.