How to cope with being unattractive?

I've posted on /soc/ twice and I average out at about a 6 rating, which by /soc/ standards basically means I'm ugly because that's the lowest you can rate someone without being mean. I'm 22 and plan on getting plastic surgery when I have more money, but that probably won't be for many years. I feel cheated out of my youth. The relationships and the friendships that come with being attractive are out of reach to me. I used to distract myself with the computer but lately that's bored me. How do I better cope with my ailment?

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Workout, dress properly, get a haircut, wash face
come back after a year and thank me

Even if I do those things I'll still have monolids which are considered ugly by Western standards.

Bullshit, people get rated 5 and below too unless you only posted in the morale booster threads.

Also keep in mind that the picture quality can affect a lot ... your problem isn't your looks that aren't even bad according to 4chains but the yearning for external approval and building a view of yourself based on a meme like looks. No kind of plastic surgery will help with that.

Distraction was the right call for a short term solution but you gotta work towards something for it to work.

Though just out of curiosity, please do post a pic.

You didnt try yet so this thread is pointless

No matter how unattractive you are, there are tons of other people right in your tier for you to associate with. That's generally how things work. 8/10 guys end up with 8/10 girls.

This sort of thing stops being important after you get out of school though. It's still true that 8/10 people end up with 8/10 people, but the evaluation of what makes an 8/10 changes to be much less based on physical appearance and much more based on personality.

are you stupid? look how many girls are fucking crazy obsessed and in love with the guys from BTS. half of them have monolids.

Friendly reminder, /soc/ exists because Jow Forums actually got so fucking tired of rate me threads. /soc/ is a containment board off of Jow Forums.

Listening to literally anything they say is patent retardation so, good news is you have bigger fish to fry and even though you're probably not a six strictly speaking, you can also safely ignore their ratings because you have larger issues at hand.

Sadly since you're retarded, you might not like your dating pool. You can fix the retardation though, so if you work at it you may get somewhere.

things said by people who don't know what being ugly actually is. You can workout and dress nice till the end of days but it won't fix an ugly face.

>I've posted on /soc/ twice and I average out at about a 6 rating
>average of 6
This is statistically meaningless. You could’ve gotten ratings of 2 and 10, and averaged 6

The stress of looking for a wife would leave me if I knew that I was unattractive. I wouldn't have to try anymore and I can put all my time into something more productive.

I would just kill myself if I was ugly lol. I mean you could get money to attract women but they will probably love the money more than you

Love? Women? Money? You seem to be confused, are you aware these women don't want nothing but your seed inside them?

Fucktards like you who get plastic surgery to hide your disgusting genes are the reason the gene pool is so messed up. Just die and please don't produce offspring, we have enough ugly people in the world as it is.


are you M or F?

Male. Would be nice if I was female because at least average/ugly females get attention. Average/ugly males are just invisible.

>caring about looks as a male
Jesus kek.

>caring about something that is the single biggest contributor to how others treat me
Ya no shit

It really isn't. Your status is.

Oh great, so I just have to work for years to get a 6 figure paying job so I might be "lucky" enough to get Chad's leftovers while Chad has been smashing pussy left and right since high school by just existing. Really looking forward to that.

>Getting a haircut and washing your face is gonna fix bone structure and fucked up facial features

get money you dummy

>I might be "lucky" enough to get Chad's leftovers while Chad has been smashing pussy left and right since high school by just existing.
Never mind. With an incel attitude like that even a decent job is unlikely going to help.

Holy shit user maybe you should consider killing yourself, I mean its over for you.
Think that I could of have been worse be grateful that you dont have deformities, acne scars or shit like that.

Idk if you religious or nah but god made us the way he made us. Trust me you gonna find you a man eventually no matter what dont do surgery cuz some fags on soc gave u a low rating.

Truth is, style and the image that you give off matters a lot. If you look traditionally ugly, for example, you could go for a "misunderstood artist" look or work out and go for "hardcore bouncer". You cannot pull off the yuppie look or dress like a generic guy. You have to be a "character" and then go for women who like that dig those traits. Yes, you might have to dress in a way that isn't close to your personality or what you naturally like, but rather what looks good on you. Over time however, because of the positive reactions you will get on your new look, you will slowly start liking it and in turn will become you. Even if you're like 3/10 and completely deformed, you can get a girlfriend. Put in the effort and you can get a GF who is 4/10 (essentially go 1 point above your physical looks).

Same goes for women. They could be average or meh, but if they're wearing a certain outfit and cultivate an image, I might think to myself they're sexy. Personality matters a lot as well. Here's an example: When I watch pornstars and camgirls, they could have the hottest body, but as soon as they open their mouth I could lose all attraction or have to put them on mute in order to be able to jerk off. Looks, personality, and image matters a whole lot.

I recently started shaving my head because I'm going bald. Now, at first I was a bit upset, but quite frankly I always thought bald men with dark heavy beards were masculine and looked cool. There are millions of women who have a fetish attraction to bald men. I'm not going to bother with getting a hair transplant and shit, because it doesn't matter. As long as you put in effort, there will always be a buyer. I wasn't intending on running a harem, I just want a girl that I find cute enough, she finds me cute, and likes me for who I am. And for that you don't need surgery.

And you need to fix your thinking. You realize what the rest of society thinks doesn't matter at all once you're out of school, right?

You could work remotely, start a home business, freelance, and dominate the living shit out of your competition that is living in a 25 mile radius from you. Get into investing stocks or lowcap crypto. Or take on jobs that don't require your face being seen.

Newsflash: Things that make real money don't require interacting with people one on one. Waiters, retail, receptionist, stripper. Only other place where your face matters is sales. Do you want to be a car salesman? If you can be a great salesman but have an ugly mug, just do internet marketing and make a $100,000+ salary setting your own schedule. As for attention, you can get attention by creating things. Write, play music, make indie games, start a YouTube channel and a Patreon. You have all the choices in the world to do whatever the hell you want.

Learn to control your emotions so your happiness doesn't rely on outside sources you cannot control.

>advice board
>"Kill yourself"

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