Trying to keep Jow Forums shit and incel shit out of my head?

I will admit that I am not experienced at all with women and what not. However, I don't like the influence Jow Forums and incel stuff in general has on me. I don't consider myself a incel but the shit they say on Jow Forums just starts slowly making sense to me and I don't like that. They say shit like "20 percent of men are dating 80 percent of women!" or "Marriage is a trap if you are a man!" Stuff like that just slowly eats at me. I hate how shit just starts sounding true when its in that echo chamber.

Is there any real truth to their words? Is Jow Forums actually a truly fucked place? I am just trying to keep hope. but things seem so fucked for me. Another woman ghosted me on okcupid today too so now I feel incredibly down.

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What helped me the most was just stopping thinking negative or if I do, I would immediately notice it and correct it in a positive way instead.

Also I only browse boards that make me feel happier, no more pol, no more r9k, no more news etc.. The other things I do is set realistics goals, eat better and get better sleep. Rarely do I stay on my computer for long periods of time.
Of course keeping it consistant is what matters.

Also I would not take r9k too seriously, it is mainly a vaccum for people who are unhappy, or had bad experiences with women.

Unfortunately I've seen it all for the projection and cope it is and I just can't sympathize even slightly.
They're people who became monsters to face monsters, and didn't stop to consider the irony or cruelty of that.

Then they tell you the world's at fault. It's at fault for everyone-- including the ones who don't need to blame others to be at peace with being subject to the chaos of life.

And of course it's fucking always about sex for them. This big soulful rant about how shitty life is...... all because they don't get laid. It's just so fucking boring and predictable at this point. Pic related

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Jow Forums is fucked but also stay out of Jow Forums. This place has become way more incel-infested.

is there way of thinking all bad though? Some things they say are true right? Take this comment fresh off Jow Forums, "Women have it WAY easier on dating sites."

That is a true statement right?

It's fairly evident that we live in some sort of a "looks-ocracy". That's the one part you can take home. Just snip away at the self destructive/nihilistic parts.

Yes it is. It's all bad.
Justifying it is a fuck terrible idea.

You know damn well that the Jow Forums mindset is more than just telling the “truth.” Gtfo of here with that bullshit.

There are some truth to r9k, but as with most ideologies they go stray somewhere along the way. Here are some example

>women have it easier in dating
This is not universally true. Young women have it easier than young men for sure. But older women have a harder time than older men.

>20% man dating 80% woman
The ratios dont seem to be that skewed in real life. However there is obviously sth very wrong with the recent changes in the dating market. The issue is that it still works well enough, but the people who doesnt work it for can now come together on the internet and give out the image it doesnt work for everybody. You only need a few thousand people posting online at best to get the impression it is an issue that is universal.

>women are bitches
Nope women are people, but i can see how the girls on tinder become who they are. One night i was bored and changed my tinger profile settings to be a women looking for men. The profile doesnt even have any human pictures, just cats and the name is unisex.
The amount of likes/attention i got was overwhelming. Literally more matches in a day where guys would brag about getting in a month. So i decided to continue my petty trolling attempt with the convos. It turned me into a vitriolic narcissist within days and i decided to quit it. For my own mental health..
It isn't the women being bitches, it is the open check and unlimited power. It will turn anybody to a rude asshole.

In the end, r9k just makes the wrong conclusions from some datapoints. It isnt inherently evil, but should be used in moderation at worst and none at best. Good luck OP..

Jesus. Lot of truth in this post. I don't think all women are bitches or anything but I often struggle trying to figure out how I can compete with ruthless men. I am a male and not a ruthless person. Sending a dick pic is never a option for me or doing other weird online shit that would be considiered rude. However, I feel like I have nothing that would give me any kind of edge. In my mind, my only saving grace is that the woman shows mercy upon me and gives me a chance. A friend was telling me that I need to make myself seem like I am doing HER favor by talking to her. Not the other way around which is impossible to me.

You just have to accept female nature they way you accept gravity. R9k is right about women and relationships but dont takd of any of it personally.

Your friend has something right. Both sides of any relationship should be lucky to have the other side. Impressing the other shouldnt be just one way to other.

So you both try to impress and act like she is doing you a favour. But she should be doing the same, trying to impress you and not take you for granted.

Just accept it and brace yourself for the incel revolution

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It literally is true. It's complete and utter biology. Learn about the mating habits of other animals, especially mammals and you'll learn how no different homo sapiens are. The mating game is a rigged game against low value males no matter the animal.
You just don't want to believe it.

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That’s right anons, stay in the Jow Forums bucket and never leave. The game is rigged against you, there’s no point in trying.

I think the incel mentality is appealing to a lot of people because of just how negative it is. A lot of people (like me) are more inclined to believe a statement is true if it's negative than if it's a positive one. For example, it's much easier to take insults to heart than compliments. It's a mentality based on self-hatred that's hard to escape because there's a justification (based in reality or not) to stay in it for every argument against it.

That being said, having been on r9k for eight years, it is a fucked place and really has negatively affected how I view myself. It's almost a weird form of self-harm.


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That's not what I said. My point was based on biology and not what the appropriate response to these biological facts is. But anyway, the juice isn't worth the squeeze. You put in all that effort and for what?

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It hurts because it's true, all of it
Acceptance is the first step to recovery, you need to internalize why things are the way they are in order to successfully grapple with it and come to terms with it

yeah bro fucking clown world, never leave this place it’s not worth it

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your attitude should be to strive to put yourself in the top 20% of males. Giving up has never and will never get anyone anywhere.

I did the same experiment and didnt get many results. I honestly think this is a myth.

I dont know dude, my anecdotal thing did prove it. Maybe it is because i am from some third world country where men are even more thirsty.
Hell, even changing the setting women to women increased matches greatly. And this is with a cat account.

What i got from it is this essentially, once your rarity increases (lesbian or just straight woman) the amount of bs you can pull off increases. I mean i am sure if i pushed it i could have gotten nudes from most of the guys without showing a face. I got two of the lesbians to meet within an hour of talking where you would hardly get a number with a straight girl, with thesame account.

This is as i said anecdotal, but i think hints at a larger pattern..

good post

Jow Forums is a stupid source. if you truly want to understand humans then look at nature. in nature 5% of males do 95% of the mating. if the species is pair bonding then all males get to reproduce. humans are in between tournament and pair bonding species.

>in nature 5% of males do 95% of the mating
Where did you get this from?

Stay off Jow Forums and try to actually socialise with more women. A lot of what they say is bullshit. Women and men both have things about their lives that make it easier for them in diffrent ways. Jow Forums is just full of men who've never listened or even spoken to women enough to get that. If you want to change how you feel you have to adjust your perspective by not putting yourself in one of the most toxic echo chambers on the mainstream internet.

from Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky.

>implying women want to speak to me in the first place

From my own shitty experience of life (which is obviously going to be biased), the incel rhetoric is mostly true, or at the very least the core concept is somewhat true. I think there are some aspects which maybe aren't spoken about as much which are really important, the 'matthew principle' being the major one. What I mean by this is that women generally don't have to work hard or sacrifice a lot psychologically in order to advance themselves down the various rites of passage in life, sex, attention, admiration to a degree, desirability, which all lead to increasing personal value. The important part here is that these things are given to women early, much earlier than men. This then leads into confidence which helps a great deal in work, college, etc. Not true for fat or ugly women though, although make-up can fix most of that and if all I had to do in life was lose weight and suddenly it's a ton easier I would do it in a heartbeat. Also true for extremely attractive men who get these things thrown at them basically. It all leads into life (appearing to me at least) to be exponentially easier for perhaps around 20% of men, and a heavy majority of women.

Taking that into account though, people really don't like knowing that they've had an easier than average life. So much so that dehumanizing and looking down on people who haven't had things quite as easy feels better to them than looking at the bigger picture. I could be wrong on everything i've said but I can't imagine many good arguments against it.

Why wouldn't they want to speak to you?

They haven't spoken to me so far, so it's a safe assumption.

It's the other way around. You say that the top successful guys have had it easy and don't understand most have it hard. But this is wrong, the opposite is true. The absolutely worst garbage tier males don't understand how easy getting girls is. But they keep telling themselves it's like this for all males instead of just their own tiny subgroup.

Even if they talk to you, it's not a guarantee that they like you. Girls mostly just use me for attention or they ask for help with something.

Used to stuggle with this shit too.

The thing is, theyre partially right about a lot of shit they say. Problem is, they take a truth that is generally true for some women and try to apply it to all women to confirm their biases.

For reference, try apply the same reasoning black people. Yes, they are responsible for 50% of violent crimes in america. Yes, if a black dude is following you around at night you should probably be careful. No, that doesnt mean the black dude who started working at your office is a subhuman thug.

Its kind of like a fun statistic, most people have an above average number of arms. It just goes to show that applying averages to a large population are redundant.

There are some, probably even a lot, of women who have the 80 20 mentality. That doesnt mean it applies to all of them.

At least you have some value in that case. I think I'd prefer that.

I've made good friends with multiple men who had very few friends let alone many female ones. You're fine. Put yourself out there. Socialize with people you don't know well. You can't get better without practice.

What does it even mean to use someone for attention? Isn't that just having a casual conversation?

I also can't practice without a willing partner.

Incels are right about a lot of stuff even though people refuse to admit it, they just have bad attitude

Truth hurts doesn't it
You can keep fighting if you want but that's the way it is

So find one. What do you do all day? Do you stay in the house all the time?

So first of all, many red pill and incel stuff is quite accurate. It might not be 100%, but the idea behind it is true. In the end of the day, humans are animals. Our mating strategy is deeply intertwined with natural selection. Dating and sex is a marketplace with winners and losers. The losers are programmed to be weeded out of the gene pool. You can either suck it up and improve yourself to become part of the higher value mates, or you can give up. In the latter case you might as well kill yourself because there is no reason to be alive.

I would rather take the competitive nature of dating as a motivation to get the maximum out of the cards that were dealt to me. If you work out, become fit, work on your confidence, work on your career, you WILL eventually notice that your sexual market value increases as a result of it. And thus it will be easier for you to attract chicks.

I can't even begin to describe how much I'm laughing at some of the posters in this thread. It's been SCIENTIFICALLY RECORDED that women have it easier or whatever. I don't follow dating threads that closely so I don't know the exact shit, but anons have linked the sources to these studies before and you guys just say "lol nah that's not true". Kill yourselves.
While technically there is truth in their words, there is also lies. Nothing is absolute. Marriage CAN be a trap, if you marry the wrong person. For some, marriage is the best thing in the universe. Other times, it's just "eh". Living your life based on their words is the worst thing to do, but you should at least be aware of what they are saying so you can help yourself avoid some red flags.

No. I go to work, but there's no women there.

this. go to Jow Forums and follow six months. make the game work for you. be the 20 %.

What about your friends? None of them have girl friends you could mingle with?

: )

And then he'll just push out some other dude who has to suffer inceldom instead. We need to reform the system not pull ourselves by the bootstraps

Every time you ask an incel for proofs or links he will get angry and make excuses and outright lie that he posted them already.
>anons have linked the sources
Post one. Just one instance where an incel has actually posted a link to a scientific study that supports his claims.

If only 20% of men can get women doesn't it follow that only 20% of women get men since they are equal in number?

No, why would you think that?

Turn your knowledge into power don't be swallowed up into hell

Then how can 20% of men and 100% of women have sex? Do men outnumber women 5 to 1?

20% of men each have 4 fwb.

no exclusivity.

Yes, every woman loves sharing her man.

While the exact disimbalance of 5 to 1 is to be taken with a grain of salt, the idea behind it is true. Most women instinctively gravitate towards the top section of men (hypergamy). And because most men are sluts, these top-quality men will happily have sex with a harem of girls if they can. That's why you have a small number of men who routinely sleep with different women, while a large portion of men rarely get laid or they're full-blown incels.

Just take a look at the graph in my post if you want proof of this.

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Incels have turned all hopes of the kind of honest discussion we need about men's role in relationships into a fucking joke. It's infuriating. We have had years of having to pander solely to feminist ideas when it comes to relationship discussion and the one group presenting an alternative that gained enough mainstream attention did so by being ugly insular children. Same with fucking Jordan Peterson fans (and eventually him as well as he got nice and cosy just accommodating them)
We're yet to have a men's movement that can actually present itself as something worthwhile to everyone and that looks outside itself, like the way that feminism is perceived by a lot of people to be all encompassing and beneficial (even if it's in reality very limited with the issues it chooses to tackle)
Basically we need a Blairite men's movement.

So by that graph, 70% of men and 80% of women under 30 are having sex. Meaning that 1 out of 10 men are twice as promiscuous as the others.

This graph does nothing to prove what you claim. You identify as an incel right? Because it takes seriously low IQ mental gymnastics to think the rise of sexlessness in young men and women means that women are having more sex than ever and sharing 20% of men.

I just googled it and it was the first result. Thanks for making me waste my time.

>sample size of 27 women
>not even a real study
Is it too much to ask that you actually read the bullshit that you peddle?

Your IQ must be below 80 if you think that is a scientific study. It's literally made up by an incel who posted it on his blog.

He's an incel so it is too much to ask.

This graph takes all men and women into account. Including the ones who are in an exclusive relationship and thus pulling the imbalance closer to one another.

I'm confident that if we were to only look at people who are single, the imbalance in this graph would be much, much bigger. But the graph does show the point i'm trying to make. There are considerably more men who aren't getting laid than women. But yet you always need 1 man and 1 woman for sex to occur. So where does the imbalance come from? It comes from the fact that some men sleep with multiple women while other men aren't sleeping with any.

That's natural selection playing out boys.

Sorry you guys can't read. Here's another article that was posted in my original link that confirms the data.
It's new york times so you know they are telling the truth :)))
I can't wait for you fucks to say "nah that data doesn't count either"

>I'm confident that if we were to only look at people who are single, the imbalance in this graph would be much, much bigger
What even is the point of making up unfounded conclusions in your head?

Wow you didn’t read that article either if you think it in any way shows data that agrees with that other link. Literally the only data is has is
>men are nearly three times as likely to swipe “like” (in 46 percent of cases) than woman (14 percent).
Also here’s another great quote
>In one survey, women were asked to swipe through a series of photos of handsome male models. In almost every instance, the women swiped to the left, dismissing the men with chiseled faces.

Because it's the only logical conclusion i can think of. What's your explanation for male celibacy being considerably higher than female celibacy?

>men are nearly three times as likely to swipe “like” (in 46 percent of cases) than woman (14 percent).
But this is the point this entire discussion is about. That women get their hookups easier than men.
How much is "almost every instance"? Is there data on this? How come they didn't provide a number or a percentage or anything? Hmmmm........

>it's the only logical conclusion i can think of.
Making up data trends is logical to you? It’s a hypothesis, don’t treat it as fact when the data doesn’t exist.
>What's your explanation for male celibacy being considerably higher than female celibacy?
That’s kind of unrelated to what you were saying about what you think the data trends should be. But if I had to guess I’d say the internet and male promiscuity

Your first link was to a made up fake "study" on an incel blog. This second link is totally unrelated to any of your claims.

You have just proven again the fact that all incels have low intelligence.

I have actual cancer, so believe when I say the black pill is intellectually cancer. It only makes sense because cynical minds think alike. Being cynical and being real aren’t the same thing.
Just realize that nobody knows everything, and there’s always exceptions to logical concepts. Marriage is bad if you’re doing it for the hell of it, you have to trust someone with your life to wed them. Plus guys who bounce between women can’t keep a girlfriend happy so they just keep it moving to feel good about themselves. Sex is the big complaint from women of “players” who don’t put their heart into sex. Women see confidence like men see a nice ass, it’s hypnotic to them.

>But this is the point this entire discussion is about. That women get their hookups easier than men.
Holy shit you’re retarded. Men swipe more than women. How does that translate to women more easily getting hookups? That data has nothing at all to do with hookup numbers.

>if I had to guess I’d say the internet and male promiscuity

What’s your alternative? Women are fucking evil whores who only go for chad and not you?


Your incel whining is not based on facts.

Yeah because people who don't receive likes have an easier time getting hookups than people who do receive likes. I'm sorry that you're unable to understand that likes and hookups have at least some sort of relation to each other. I'll spend one last post trying to spell it out because I need to get back to other things (hurr hurr like what being a NEET???)
>women only give 14% of all men they view a like on whatever the fuck site they use
>men give 46% of all women a like on that site
>this disparity indicates that there is some sort of difference between standards of men and women
>the 46% of women that received these likes now get to choose 14% of the men that have liked them or whatever.
>if im not math retarded, 14% of the 46% of men that gave likes is 6.44%. So men have about a 6-7% chance of being chosen for a hook up by the girl they sent a like to, maybe even less because that's only based on likes and not hookups.
So if you're not in the top 14%, guess what, you're not getting picked.

I went off the mark a little bit actually. The 14% of men that receive those likes get to choose if they want to smash, where there are 86& of men that won't have that opportunity.

The 46% of women who receive likes get to decide if they want to smash, so only 54% don't get the opportunity. I wish I sent this the first time. Oh well, after thought after pressing submit.

>So where does the imbalance come from? It comes from the fact that some men sleep with multiple women while other men aren't sleeping with any.
Ah okay im glad we agree that it has to do with male promiscuity.

If you were not a complete retard you would realize every man and woman swipes right on a different person. There is no 14% men receiving all likes and 86% no likes.

>likes and hookups have at least some sort of relation to each other
What’s the relation? Show me the data. Your whole premise seems to be predicated on likes and hookups having a perfect 1:1 correlation. Did you know that if you match on tinder, you don’t automatically fuck? Did you also know that people meet and have sex without tinder? Crazy right?

>Is there any real truth to their words?
No, just paranoia and an echo chamber, also confirmation bias. Jow Forums does the same about other races and Jews, other boards have "Redditors" and "normies", it's all the same shit: projection.

Don't worry: it's about compatibility. A woman who turns you down is a woman who doesn't see your worth, so you're better off not being with her. Keep this in mind: women you wouldn't enjoy being with won't be interested in you. It's a mutual thing. Your type of women WILL be interested in you, by definition.

So don't worry, just keep "nexting" until you find someone who's interested in you as you are in them, and keep cool. It's not an exam.

Focus on what YOU want from a woman, not just what you have to offer, or you'll give needy impressions.

there is no reason things are the way they are. how is this good advice?

Your a young girl aren't you?

listen to this guy
we are reflections of what we "experience" and if we turn echo chambers into our lives, we will suffer