Am I just insecure?

>Befriend female online from another country
>Play games with her and friends
>She messages me directly one night in interest
>Promise to "save eachother from our loneliness"
>Over several weeks get close, talk a shitload, do things together, exchange pictures
>Whatever online feelings of romance are possible are confessed between us two
>One night she vents to me about one of her close friends that she plays games with, how bad he makes her feel when they hangout, yet she continues to hang with him since "He's not a bad person"
>Also tells me that friend claims to have feelings for her - but she doesn't feel the same way about him
>Tell her not to, but she doesn't listen to any of my advice
>One of her OTHER friends (#2) meets up with her since they live close
>They hang out for a day with mutual friends, #2 tells her not to meet up with friend #1 as well
>They fight over this. Friend #2 gives her an ultimatum - If you meet friend #1 then he won't be her friend anymore
>One week she tells me she's leaving to a tourist spot with her mother for a few days, and so she does. Ask her if friend #1 is going too, she says "no he lives too far for that"
>It's obvious she met Friend #1 a few days into it so I ask and she says "yes he showed up to join me and my mother"
>Comes back home but is hardly online
>Friend #1 is staying in her country for a few weeks. She is wealthy so they go out to random shit like amusement parks.
>She still speaks to me on mobile, but he's at her house nearly everyday. We talk about 1/10 as much as we used to now since she's always busy now.
>Don't even bother at this point. She gets upset that I basically ignore her for a few days, says she's just showing him around the country since he's here.
>Feel completely alienated at this point and stop pursuing relationship entirely. Just wonder why she even bothers messaging me generic shit everyday when it's clear she doesn't have any interest in me anymore.
Does she pity me, or is it monkey branching?

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Just fucking run. She sounds like a cunt.

>Befriend female online from another country
>Play games with her and friends
>She messages me directly one night in interest
>Promise to "save eachother from our loneliness"

That is the moment where your greentext should have stopped, user. Everything else is a literal textbook example of the shit that can happen when your relationship is based on such shaky grounds.

You should give her up. She went for a guy IRL rather than you, and that's not surprising, given that internet long distance relationships can be straining and hard to live.

The moment she had interest in that guy you should have stepped in, as you should if you actually had feelings for her. She's only talking to you because she's giving herself good conscience, and it's very likely she's getting boned.

You should just move on. Let her be generic, be generic in turn, and get your ass to greener pastures -namely, girls that you will have a chance to meet IRL.

Yeah I don't she's all there as well. Honestly I feel like a pathetic faggot for clinging on this hard, but it's the only semblance of a relationship I've ever had.
One time she showed me a picture of her at a thing she went to, this was very early on in the relationship so me not wanting to sound like a creep said "That's a cool place" and she got angry over how my first response wasn't a compliment about her.

This is what I accepted already, but I still chose to remain friends with her like we originally were, but all it does is bring me torment.
She's leaving to another country soon for a few days and I'm considering just ghosting her like a piece of shit that I am.

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Then ghost her, mate. Quit the self loathing. Actually, own up to it. Send her one last message telling her how you thought things were between yourselves and that ever since she's with that guy it seems that it changed, and then wish her good luck or w/e as a courtesy, and just be done with it. You'll be a better man for it.

There is no shame in getting rejected, especially when your relationship was so shitty to start with. Get practice, and I don't mean PUA shit, but serious human interactions, be it virtual or non virtual.

It would be actually good for you to own up to it, as it will make the rejection process a more dignified thing than just ghosting her and running away as if you had something to blame yourself for. Rejection is arbitrary. You guys didn't have a good enough vibe, move on.

It's only a special relationship because you're making it special.

She's not your friend mate she’s using you for attention when guys 1 and 2 aren't available.

You are not the piece of shit for ghosting a clearly manipulative cunt. she is using your friendship to fuel her ego.

>She's not your friend mate she’s using you for attention when guys 1 and 2 aren't available.
This is exactly what friend #2 told me a week ago, and he and her have stopped talking since she met other guy like he said he would.
He even guessed that she was flirty with me and said she is just socially retarded, then told me to stop following her and focus on myself. At least he's a bro.
I'll just do what says and it'll hopefully clear my head up. Truth be told I've been wanting to, but a part of me doesn't want what little attention I get to go away.

thanks Jow Forums

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Tips on how to get a gf? I've been wanting to find a good one for a while but I cant seem to find any. Also tips on starting convos with females?

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Yeah, are you good at convos with men to begin with ? Can you start up a conversation and be an interesting person in a male only situation ? Or even better, in a mixed situation ?


Yes i just get crippled with anxiety when asking for the fuck

OP I'm not trying to be mean but you need to get some irl friends and hang with them.

No amount of attention is worth the pain of what she's putting you through.

Who the fuck ever asks for the fuck ?

Are you sure about that you being able to hold a conversation with people? Asking out a girl is not hard and you have plenty of that shit all over the internet. Just be casual about it.


Yeah I've been taking steps to improve myself lately, namely I start college this fall, hopefully that'll help.
I've got close friends online that I hang out with offline once a year when one of them is back from deployment, but that's it as far as IRL friends.

congrats! btw how old are you?


Dude you have it made! If you play your cards right, you'll have those college thots wrapped around your finger. You'll be over that cunt in no time.

shes a lying whore. nothing more needs to be said.

It's just a community college for a cyber-security certificate, but better than nothing.

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Dude don't talk yourself down, you're on a path to better things and that's admirable.

Regardless of which type of college it is my point still stands. Be open to the experience and you can’t go wrong.

1.LDRs dont work irl multiple girls at a time
follow these and you wont get hung up on a girl like this (especially online) ever again


Good luck, brother. Just keep bettering yourself and the rest will follow.