So there's a truly gorgeous guy that works at my local smoke shop...

So there's a truly gorgeous guy that works at my local smoke shop. I've watched his face go from sour and annoyed looking, to beaming and smiling when he sees me. We've never had much for interactions or conversation, but he's always smiling and falling over his words when we do chat.
I'm not even sure if he's gay, I'm not even sure if I am. I have a gf but I'm pretty curious about some guys, like this guy for example.

How do I go about asking if he'd be up for getting sucked and fucked? I would need 100% discretion though.

Any suggestions?

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Like, how could I even find out for sure if he is gay?

And how on earth do I say, "I'm in a committed relationship, but I'd love to have you on the side as a naughty little secret." I have a few gay and lesbian friends, and they're all promiscuous and for lack of a better word, sluts. So I'm thinking he may be down for some secret escapades. Based on stories I've heard about the gay community.

>And how on earth do I say, "I'm in a committed relationship, but I'd love to have you on the side as a naughty little secret."
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That's not very nice user.

People that have no problem with cheating deserve no sympathy, you literal inbred

Well, maybe, if it turns out that I enjoy sucking and fucking this dude, I could come out as bi to my gf.

Judge not, user, lest ye be judged

Fuck off with that "judge not" bullshit. You're planning on cheating on a person you're dating and have no problems with that. You wanna fuck around? Tell your partner or break up with them, either that or be a piece of shit the rest of your life.

I'm looking for advice on how to bring this up with the smoke shop guy, not moral advice. I appreciate it user, but it isn't what I'm after


Very rude

Go to shop, write out what you want to say on a text. Enter shop tell him hey I saw this tobaco online can you see it. Show him text. Protfit?

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let it go, user. it’s obvious that the OP is just baiting at this point. nobody can be that dense.

Potentially not a horrible plan. A much better plan than killing myself as suggested.

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Good luck giving your girlfriend aids, OP.

Inb4 he tells you “fuck off homo” and then tells everyone you’re a fag

Pro tip, if u want actual advice leave out the part where you are in a committed relationship and gay. It's under needed and you are getting no helpful advice. Just post cute dude wanna bang how to or some shit. Good luck

I wouldn't have unprotected sex, and I wouldn't do anything at all if he had anything.. but he's like 19-20 and almost certainly is clean

Yeah. I see that now. I thought this was the advice page, not the moral outrage page.

so his gaydar works

People respond to this threads, not emotionless robots. You showed us your train of thought, we have every right to call you out on it.

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I thought this was the advice board, not the “shitpost about made up situations for attention” board

I'm 100% serious though.

Sure you are buddy! It’s not like anyone would ever go on the internet and tell lies right?

I'm detecting heavy notes of sarcasm.

But I've had my eye on this guy for over a year. He's one of maybe 4 guys I've had genuine sexual interest in

Dude, it sounds like for some reason he gets excited or happy to see you. It kind of sounds like he might have a crush.

Just ask him if he'd let you pay him a compliment, if he says yes, then tell him how attractive he is, tell him something specific about his looks. If he returns a compliment, then he's probably interested. Start to build a friendly relationship, stuff like "hey there beautiful" and what not. If he continues to reciprocate, then just shoot the question "what time are you off?" If he agrees to hanging out, then once you're alone together explain that you want to suck his cock but nobody can ever find out you like guys because you're scared of the backlash. If he's gay, he'll probably appreciate not wanting to be outed before your ready. Then just suck him off and fuck his bum.

Never mention the girlfriend and make sure he understands it's 100% casual no strings attached