Guys need help with this, don't know how to follow up...

Guys need help with this, don't know how to follow up. I was going to do a pun with her name and this caught me off guard.

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Nevermind I’ll find out for myself. You free to meet this week?

Thanks. Will see how this works out.

Just be like "Oh I thought you were loud cuz you is a bell."

"What I'm trying to ask is, do you ring when I fuck you cuz you is a bell."

If you is a bell, then damn I wanna ring dat ass.

then follow up with "girl gimme yo digits so I can ring dat ass"

bump to see how this goes for OP

I like this one, smooth

Post results

Holy fuck don’t know what to do. Still virgin and living with parents.

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i Love anons who Post the Responses

OP delivered!

Find a frinds house? Or her house?

Ask "your place?"

Fuck i dont know i am so excited for you OP!

post a photo of yourself generally curious OP

Still going... I hope. I’m in South America by the way.

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Goddamn, are all women like this?

I always kek at low lvl noobs being disappointed in trying to grind tinder thots. Dont you realize the best xp for your lvl is outside, you fucking noobs? Now get slaying

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She's laughing at you, not with you, OP. Abort

Yes user, they’re all evil whores who are secretly laughing at you, and that’s why you should never try to get a gf

No. She's being sarcastic. OP might meet her but considering he'll be on Jow Forums the whole time asking what to say next I think it's safe to say he will Not Score.

t. am female

Fuck off. I used to do this stuff on here and am married now. Literally asked "what should I say" with a screen cap in one of the first convos with my wife

Yes. Also, I just sent OP's first message verbatim to a Tinder match and she had practically the same reply as his girl. "Depends on when"

post pusy

Pics or didn't happen

You married a tinder thot? Are you trying to win the biggest loser on Jow Forums award?

Not a tinder thot dumbass. I was alright on Tinder but yeah, nothing but whores on there and it's a huge waste of time. It's much easier to meet better girls IRL

Don't know if I should post my photos, but I've been getting lot of matches since I created this account. After some time I hid my profile because I couldn't keep up.

make a pun about decibels

oh nevermind youre from south america i should not expect anything intelligent

so basically, some mentally ill autist picked up your wife for you? and you haven't killed yourself yet? man, you're strong, keep it up!

>basically, some mentally ill autist picked up your wife for you?
Sad it's that easy? Sad your gender is that easy to predict?

Unless she specifically asks for puns, do not do this. I cringed just reading this and I'm a bloke

Just leave her and move on, she's not that into you.