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Red, if I find out that Orange left because of you...I will explode. You will know why I’m in charge of this whole project.

I did love you, but I loved you like a child loves his first crush. Do you understand why I didn't take it further ? I can't be a child anymore.

If I was a good little boy and ate out her cunt real nice, I would get probably the closest thing to maternal nurturing and affection anyone was willing to give me


I want you all to myself. Stop worrying about the other one. It’s nothing but bullshit drama and nonsense.

They’re never going to really care about you, or like you like that, anyway.

For them, it’s more about validation. I know I’m being selfish, but you should totally just focus only on me. I promise I’ll make things up to you.

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Oh my god my life is a big ol' travesty and it's my fault, I did it all wrong. And I'm a pathetic pos now. Awwwgggghh it burns so bad. At this point I don't care about my own well-being, I just want to see those that would love to say I-told-you-so suffer greatly.

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Confess, Js.

these threads are always full of Js, Rs and Ms and shit

where the fuck my Y niggas at ? what's up ?

I wanna kill myself so bad. Why am I such a horrible person? I don’t even know what I did but nobody wants anything to do with me. Everyone said these would be the best years of my life but all I have is ruined self esteem and no friends. I’m so lonely I’m so lonely I’m so lonely

Ys don't got time for this shit because their name starts with Y, a sophisticated Chinese letter meant only for kids forced to be greater than us J peons.

At least we both will agree that Rs are niggers.

How do you start your life again from scratch?

Who the fuck do you think I am

I hate that you have consumed my thoughts all day, that you still have this power over me
My day was pretty much ruined because I heard you would be moving closer, from 20 hours to 12, and I really don't want to see you ever
You've always been this constant source of stress in my life.
On top of starting a new job I'm not sure about, I'm completely filled with anxiety.
If you were gone, life would be so much better. I would have less to worry about. But now, I'm sure you are happy and sleeping well at night, still thinking I'm this evil bitch who ruined your life
I hate this so much and it's all my fault for ignoring all the red flags when we first dated.

It's just a prank!

I'm an open book


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I'm sorry, no human should be lonely

We've both dignified. It defines us. The thing I like the most about you though is how you never were truly comfortable in any situation. You don't feel you fit in, your impatient because you don't think it's important. You're wasting precious time. I guess that's why I loved you so much, you are just like me.

Yeah they shouldn’t, should they? Unless they’re a shitty fucking person like me

I have a good job but I am very unhappy. I am nearly 30 and not over my high school girlfriend. I think about her all the time and I don't know how to stop



I love you so much.

I love that scars are shiny.

What makes you so shitty?

You're fucking everywhere!

I shit talk a lot which I’m trying to be better about, and I know I’m selfish and self centered. My social anxiety has destroyed my ability to make and maintain relationships and I’m just generally not a good person. I don’t blame anybody for not caring about me, but it still hurts all the same

I feel the same about myself, user. I don't feel like I'm a good person either, I have made so many mistakes and my current situation is the result of my poor decisions. A desire to make others happy. Here's hoping we can both find happiness even if we feel we don't deserve it

Have you considered volunteering?

I volunteer a lot, actually. I care about a lot of things and I care for my family a lot, I just feel like I don’t know how to extend that beyond those thing.

Hi user, I'm glad you felt that. He is unable to respond so it's not for you.

Fucking fucks .
You niggaz really don't know shit

I feel the same way. I’ve done so many stupid things because I want to make others happy or be liked by others

I hope you find happiness, user, you sound like you deserve it.

If you cant decide to swipe left or right on someone how do you decide?

Sorry, I write to J lately since I know he reads these. It’s been a few days so far.

I would move to a different country. But if youre in the US you could also just move to a different coast

You are much more important than me. Why won't you throw me under the bus for your benefit? I am willing and it means you get what you want.

Are you physically attracted to them? Do they have a profile that interests you? Ideally, find someone with both. If not, look at profile first. I never swipe right on a guy if I don’t like their profile


I guess it wasn't meant to be. That's all I have.

I'm thinking of making a girl that I don't even like that much my gf.

This shit all boils down to racism, there is no other reason. Racism is immoral. Capital punishment immoral.

i wish was about me lol
I hope my last crush gets hit by a bus

God, this is how it ends. Bye baby. Almost a decade gone.

I am happy to the muse. You're welcome.

to be*

And ....yeah it's true

I'm a muse, that's what I do.

bruh Asians are Asian, you think white people in thwest have a soft spot for the Japanesefor being "more civilized"? That's utter bullshit, we're talking about monsters here, not humans.

Good idea (common sense I guess). I just feel bad swiping left sometimes because they seem nice and arent bad looking (just not my ideal). I wish there was a middle option just for socializing or whatever.

How does everybody here have a gf? How do I get one?

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I'm done. See what happens now. idc

This gonna get ugly quickly

There is on bumble!

KdR nigga, the ruling class is fucking fucking garbage

Garbage or not, they're living well while you're whining on a anonymous internet forum

hooked up with a random girl the other night 20yr mom with a boyfriend (found out later on) been feeling like shit, overthinking about and the more I think about it the more I fall for her , been a while since ive had anything intimate so the feeling of being wanted even if it was for such little time hit me hard. Sorry for this wack ass feels story

Aw, what happened?

Is it me? :3

It's not going to happen in this lifetime, that much is clear.

Whatever, KdR, they're hacks

It will! Trust yourself

I screwed up when I slept with the ex who left me devastated. We can never be together and he made the right call before we ruined two families. Now I’ve thrown away ten years of my good judgment all because of my vulnerability after a rejection. I’m better than this and typically don’t behave in such childish and foolish manners. I really don’t need this added to my already complex situation.

According to whom ? You ? Don't be salty user

I have daddy issues and I need your approval. I also want to fuck you a little bit but I know that can't happen.
So please just check in on me every now and then and tell me I'm doing a good job.

Reality WIL speak for itself no matter how much bullshit you produce

Reality nigga, no-one has to speak for reality. The poor of the world have done the best overall. Asians and white people are literal cancer on life itself.

I deserve to kill you

And whatever fuck you, violence is my middle name. You can't touch me without hurting badly. You don't want a Malthusian catastrophe on your hands. Blood and guts and gore is what I'm used to.

Dead bodies in the lake

I want them all to die

I love myself and all the primal hatred that comes with it. I wouldn't hesitate to kill a human being and I'm immune to PTSD.

we all make mistakes don't beat yourself up about it, learn from it, grow from it

How would you do it if I may ask my fellow furry friend

I think it's time to accept that the days for people like me in society are gone. I fucking loathe being around people who just keep saying phoned in lines like "omg ilysm" just to look good for everybody else and then it affects you guys, my actual friend group, a place that I felt like it had an actual shred of fucking honesty and authenticity.
When I played that game, I loathed myself because I wasn't good enough for you and just stopped caring about myself altogether. Then after many many many talks in therapy I realized that I fucking need to care about myself and what my issues lie with so I started talking about it, with some fucking honesty. You all made me feel like a boogeyman. I was so fucking angry for a while, thinking "why can't these people you bring in just fuck off to their college bars where they won't fucking say anything that's different from what they say around us, it's so fucking transparent" but ultimately I realized that people like me are wrong. For even existing.
If I could turn back time, I would have never been friends with you guys. Which would mean not having friends throughout my life until now, being constantly alone and then kill myself. Now I feel like I fell into a trap only to realize that the best thing for me to do was always to kill myself anyway. What a waste.

White people need a slow painful death while they're still young. They're don't even comprehend the bullshit they've done to world much less have respect. Do you fucking understand the shit I would do to a racist? I wish fuck hurt them so badly. So much pain. No mercy nothing. Do you understand now? There nothing to change my mind here. Just the sheer cruelty I'm capable of is insanity itself. You fuckers better take note.

lol go rob a corner store and blame white people for your parents' failed marriage nigger

I don't care if you kill me. Just kill me if you want
But you don't want that so let's get married instead

Will you marry me? Pulls out a package of leftover oatmeal

you need to be removed from my life. I hope you find success, whatever that means for you, but I hope you find it far away, long gone from my life.

Fuck you, I've never stolen anything in my from the fucking third world man. You see people getting chopped up with machetes? That's me. And my family.fuciing bitch ass nigga

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Debating whether or not to contact my old best friend. Haven't seen him in six years and we only lost touch because I was going through a lot of shit at the time, not because we fought or anything. That said, I just feel sort of embarrassed about how I've turned out since the last time I saw him, so I'm wary about doing it.

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Still waiting..

Then hate the jews for creating this globalist world, white people are a crumbling civilization so there's no point in hating them when they're down

I hate serious anger issues, probably comes from getting beat within a half-inch of my life by my mother.but I still love her to death. And I would easily murder you if you came near my family. Fuck you. Personally.

There was a huge storm here that knocked the power out. It’s so lonely here without a boyfriend. This is the only time I want a boyfriend. I’m remembering when this happened years ago and my boyfriend (later husband) picked me up and drove me around in his Audi TT. How far I’ve fallen in 18 years. And then when it was so cold and the power went off and me, my husband and both of my little children slept in the big bed with extra covers. That was my life for many years and now I’m alone. There’s a little girl crying in the apartment next door because she’s scared of the dark. I want to go swimming in the dark pool but I wish I had someone with me.

Pussies these days call child protective services. That kinda shit normal for anyone darker than lily white, bitch.


I wanna go home and clean my place, feed my snake, go to a dive bar during happy hour, hopefully get tipsy from a cocktail or two, waltz home, and see where the hell else I go from there.

Maybe I should invest in a hobby or maybe, just maybe, unfreeze my gym account before it unfreeze automatically. It costs more but I feel like I'm weakening. I dunno. I need something else aside from mobile games.

Maybe even a part time job. I can piss away my effort here just fine, and I've always been scared of stacking jobs because I heard of people dying this way.

Who fucking knows I'm just throwing ideas at the wall here.

Im 19 andd how old are you again? Just a 2-3 years of age gap then! Nothing illegal here officer

Lol I'm from the third world too dude, if I hated those that wronged my people I'd be out there murdering french people left and right. But I'm not because there's no point to it and I'd rather focus on living a good life for myself and those I love. You should try that

I think I might commit suicide within the coming year, I can’t make any friends because no matter how much I try to get into things people like and interact with others I just feel so out of place. I’m also extremely hopeless when it comes to women and I think any chances I had with a girl I was obsessed with are gone and now I’m just being fucked with. I keep having disturbing thoughts and try to push them away, I’m less motivated to go outside and basically just work out or look at the internet to prevent total insanity from creeping in. I just want to be normal and accepted.

Murdering people is wrong if they aren't fucking with you. Fuck off Muhammad, you and all of Islam is a terrorist cult that the USA should've nuked out of existence decades ago. Fuck. You.

You think anyone I the middle East could even begin to fuck with the fucking USA? What a bunch of coward pussies. Die cunts

Alright machete boy, your mom should've beat you a bit harder so you wouldn't end up on Jow Forums writing out your murder fantasies lol

Bitch, fight me IRL and die in a gory way
I just can't handle terrorists and racists

just dumb shit
We were talking for a bit and she was open to dating until out of nowhere she stopped replying to all my messages. Then when I asked her to go out she ignored that and I confronted her about it she said she was too busy to reply - which I didnt believe because she had time to do whatever else she does. She could've at least taken less than a minute to say ttyl or anything. On top of that I was working 60+ hours a week and still managed to find time to reply to her.
It mostly just pisses me off because she couldn't be honest about it and I'll always have the faintest slight of a doubt wether or not she likes me, and it makes me feel kind of insecure about dating other people. I can always rationalize (or maybe over emphasize) how bad she is of a person, but she isn't a villain to me either.

I just wanna kill someone I hate

do their families not matter to you?

This is why all Asians are fucking cowards

Where do you live

When Asians get too big we'll snuff them right out. Bunch of fucking cowards.