How do I get a bf if I look like this

How do I get a bf if I look like this?

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Tits or gtfo.

If that's you you're kinda cute. Smile and put yourself in situations where men can talk to you.

Plz stop these threads and go to /soc/

go on tinder and not Jow Forums?

It's a trap.
A tranny.
Do not compliment it, you're fueling its mental illness

If it wasn’t for your weird reptile eyes and shitty mascara I would date you

Fuck off back to /soc/ you mentally retarded ass.
Also, no one wants to date a man who thinks he's female, and posts nudes online, constantly begs for attention. Fuck you.

Men will not chose to speak to me
No I want to get a bf
Please feed the trap
Liquid mascara is hard, I am learning. Also wdu mean reptile eyes?
Done that but the guy touched my dick so I need a straight guy

No straight man will date you much less get anywhere near you

idk, don't be a tranny/trap if you want a bf?

get the fuck out of Jow Forums already, you've been posting here your face for no reason for months already.

You would look better with short hair, like a buzz cut. And no make up.

i dont think it's going to work out, tranny

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Wanna arm, faggot?

Just find a guy that wants to date another guy dressed as a girl.

Stop washing your hair with Loblaws-store vinegar, Canuck.

Are you French-Canadian? You look Celine Dion-ish...

tranny btfo

I genuinely didnt think transexuals were mentally ill. I thought it was s negative stereotype.

But nope, you proved it OP. Tyrannies are just nuts and the 40% suicide rate seems too low..

>this pic all over /soc/ yesterday
Explain yourself.

My dad is French-Canadian but I’m not really in the culture and can’t speak French so it feels wrong to say I am, even if I look like that.

get actual female friends who can teach you how to apply makeup because those eyes look awful

>reptile eyes
>mentally ill
Sorry but my fucking sides

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Nothing wrong with your face, go and meet people.

Why do you have a large bottle of white vinegar?

Made my day

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