This girl I know cheated on her long distance bf with me...

This girl I know cheated on her long distance bf with me. She said she would dump him and so on but is holding on and lying to him. Should i tell him?

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Yes, let her know you're going to tell him first.

Here's the thing; she has access to all his accounts so could easily delete them and block me before he could see them

Bump because urgency needed I need to act quick

>tell her
Fuck no, bring proof to the guy and tell him you didn't mean to homewrecking and you're sorry he's dating a roastie thot

can you call him?

Can't you get a hold on his phone number? Just call.

I dont have his phone number but I can find him on facebook. Should I do it?

Im just worried that he will miss the call and say that I called him to her before I can say anything

definitely contact his friends if you aren't able to get through to him

Wish me luck

tell me if he beats that roastie's ass

I tried calling him on facebook and messaging but I don't think he has it installed, fuck

take screenshots or whatever of the chats you had, unless it was irl. then when you know he's online tell him that you have some bad news or whatever

I could contact his dad?

maybe, if he doesn't get online soon. But don't just shove It in his face, tell him that you're trying to contact him but he's not online, and tell him it's important. I think you're gonna get some GBP by telling cuck boy yourself but watch out for the thottie

Yeah man she knows where I live. I've already set all my social media to private though

would you have stayed with her if she left her bf?

Maybe. Probably not. I figured If she'd do it to him she'd do it to me as quick. We knew eachother for 2 days before she sucked my dick for the first time

its for the best user, you were strong today

Write or type and print him an anonymous letter and leave in the mailbox. Say something that will prove it, like a tattoo she has on her ass or something.

Why are so many of you guys so pathetic? I get fucking a girl in a relationship but wanting her to leave her bf or husband so you can get the prize is foolish. She is no prize but a known cheater.

Here's the reality. Most women at some point in their relationship fucks someone on the side. Some are stupid and choose the wrong guy to fuck and it blows up their relationship. The smart girls or those that learn, choose a guy that doesn't want her but to fuck. Those guys don't get butthurt and try to force an end to a good relationship.

Now. The only time you tell a guy his gf or wife is cheating is if he is a friend of yours and you aren't the one fucking her.

Bruh, I don't want her. I know the guy. He does nothing all day, plays league endlessly, dropped out of college and spends all his part time job money to see her every year. I honestly think he would do something with his life if he didn't have some ethot cucking him constantly.

Also update: he hasn't read shit. I told his parents they havent read it either. None of them seem to use social media, but nonetheless. The girl blocked me on social media in hopes to cover her tracks but i already have the screenshots lol

are you a whore

because you sound like a whore.