My boyfriend just broke up with me and I have an inkling it's because he learned about my fetish

My boyfriend just broke up with me and I have an inkling it's because he learned about my fetish.

A year into our relationship I let it slip (no pun intended) that I find farts to be somewhat erotic. I wouldn't want another person to fart on me or anything like that, but I like the feeling of doing it when I'm getting myself off for example, and it'd be nice to do it during sex without being judged. Two weeks later he broke up with me alegedly for no reason after being distant for a while. I feel like garbage now.

Am I being paranoid or is this a terrible thing? Does it make me undatable?

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He will tell all yr mutual friends yr a braphog

Pretty damn disgusting.

I'd sniff your braps. He's a homo

if my girlfriend farted i would stick her in a garbage can

lmao bait?
there are fart fetishists out there, go get you one

You can't really know, unless you broke up on good terms then you can ask him. Be ready to take criticism or a simple refuse to answer if you do that, however.

I wouldn't say it makes you undatable. Supposing 'everything else is more or less alright', other men would not be as allegedly judgemental about it if you wait long enough into the relationship to tell them (I'd take at least a year or two DESU), and some might even like it.
Like, hell, it sounds like a huge turn-on to me and I'd date you in a heartbeat.


This is what I'm afraid of. I never told this to any other person on Earth.

im from a different country and i'm already receiving memes about you on facebook, it's over darling

Bottom of the barrel fetish for the vast majority of people.
It was probably far from the only reason though, but possibly the last straw.
As such, don't think too much about it. If he actually cared about you, he'd try to work it out. Was likely planning to leave already.

This is what is fucked up. He had a feet and armpit fetish and I was ok with it, but as soon as I opened up he was clearly disgusted.

Everytime he banged you smelled like shit from beefing why you think he left nasty mf.

Sweat can be hot. Farts and shit absolutely isn't for me at least.

I doubt it was just that, probably didn't help but breaking up with someone over a fairly innocent kink/fantasy? Now if you proposed it as something you are going to need in your sex life that's something else. But just telling him you are into this, eh.

It sucks that this was your first experience. There's a lot of people out there more comfortable with weirder turn ons, whether or not they share them.

I doubt that's the entire reason.

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theres a big community of fart loving people on your moms house podcast, send a video in, theyll help you find someone


Let me clear up some misconceptions.

First off there was no shit involved. Second off, as I said, it's something I enjoy doing on my own, so there was no smell when we had sex. I do it maybe once a week. I'm not addicted. When it's a day I knew I wouldn't be seeing him I would just eat some eggs, drink some milk, then wait a while and get off. When I saw him again I had already showered and everything was clean (not that it was ever dirty).

There's a lid for every pot in this world. Apparently this guy wasn't your lid. Don't worry, there are tons of men out there who have anal and fart fetishes. You'll find him eventually.

Gross. You're really not helping your case. I'm out.

>feet and armpit fetish
ur disgusting

So it's something you only do on your own? He wasn't even involved in this?

use this opportunity to find someone who is into your farts

they exist, but its hard to determine

Femanons are just as autistic. Noted.

Look dude if you like brapping while you're flicking the bean, idk how you would change that or if you even want to, but you gotta understand that if I was in a relationship with a chick and I let it slip that I got some fetish on par with inflation I would completely understand if my partner was off put.

You might either have to keep this one to yourself


Find a dude who wouldn't mind letting you rip and tear while he rips and tears yo walls.

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I think it's hot. Get my gf to fart for me all the time. You'll find a guy who likes it.

Don't worry bby.

Yes. The only time I shared it with somebody else was when I discovered I was into it and she wasn't even aware.

Nice larp

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Then I think it's really silly of him to ditch you. Like, it has no effect on him. Take your time to recover from the breakup, it really does suck, but do know there are legit like tons of other people who really won't mind it (Anyone who's just like more open) and you sound like a really nice and good person so I doubt you'll have a problem finding one.

Is there any other way I can help with how you feel?

That already helped. Thanks for being a nice dude.

Sweet, I'm glad to hear. Keep it up.

Farting is disgusting. Queefing on the other hand is hot, including anal queefing. But that's just me.

I would just eat some eggs, drink some milk, then wait a while and get off how!!!!


Important question - are you fat?

Why would you let something of that level slip without a warm up to fetish conversation?


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5'4 125lbs.

There was a warm-up.

>I do it maybe once a week.
>I'm not addicted.
>When it's a day I knew I wouldn't be seeing him I would just eat some eggs, drink some milk, then wait a while and get off.
>When I saw him again I had already showered and everything was clean (not that it was ever dirty).

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you know James Joyce wrote fart-fetish letters to his beloved, right?

Define how you approached it.
Because there's a difference between
>Hey user. Have you read 50 shades of grey? I want you to fart in my face.
And an actual fetish negotiation between sexual partners where you list boundaries and approaches as well as ideas.

fucking kek this made me laugh OP

whatever she farts and i dont give a fuck i mean we fuck hard so whatevs.

Post source of pic


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boku no pico

Your ex sounds like a faggot desu

Look, you don't have to tell your boyfriend everything so to speak. I have some fetish my boyfriend Will never learn about, because I don't need him judging me for it. But overall, If that weirds him out a ton, then he isn't the one for you.

what's the fetish, if you don't mind me asking

getting overpowered by large dogs while my friends watch and laugh

That's a specific one! Like literal dogs?

Not judging ofc I'm into weird shit myself

We also recently found out one of our friends in our group is super hardcore into fart fetish. We accidentally found out because his art instagram was connected to his phone contacts and was recommending the fart fetish account to us all. None of us cared or saw him any differently. I think you are being paranoid about it. Its a really tame and common fetish when you think about it.

Also if you are looking for a fart fetish artist to draw for you then check out my buddy SwampyArt on deviantart. If youre embarrassed about it, he also takes private commissions.

Not OP but you're friends with SwampyArt?!

Tell him his art is fucking great, yo
Is that the person you mentioned about finding his fart fetish IG?

Yes i know him irl. We met at community college and hang out like 2 or 3 times a month.

And yes. Sadly instagram deleted his account a few months ago because it was too nsfw. I dont really follow his art since im not into the fetish, but i know he is always accepting commissions.

I will let him know what you said the next time i see him.

Damn, that's cool. Like, I enjoy his artstyle regardless of the fetish too.
What's he like IRL?

very good bait

He is a normal guy lol he's actually very short (5 ft tall exactly iirc), a lil bit chubby, and is dating one of our other friends in our hangout group, our most muscular friend, a total gym rat. Weird combo but they live together. They are also excellent hosts and cooks. Whenever we get together it is almost always at Swampy's house. Him and our friend cook really really well. Never lets us go hungry. He also drinks like a sailor but never gets drunk and tries to get the rest of us drunk lol
He speaks fluent spanish and has 3 dogs, one of which he spoils the fuck out of. He even makes a squeaky high pitched voice for her as if she is speaking to us. Pretty funny.

Idk hes just a normal guy. If i would have to describe him simply, then i would say he is a social butterfly trapped in a small body.

He dresses and looks a bit like a hobo, messy ass hair lol NEVER wears pants. Like EVER. In the 6 yrs i have known him, i have only ever seen him wear pants once or twice. We live in southern california so i can see why he only ever wears shorts.

His fart fetish is extremely tame in comparison to his love of furbys. He collects the creepy little things.

Idk, hes very sociable. Im sure if you wanted to chat with him, he would be down for it if you want to see what hes like. Ive known him for so long that i cant really describe him well

First of all thanks for sharing user, I was really curious. It's cute that he's smol and sometimes draws amazons etc

>Dates our most muscular friend
Is it like a Wheyfu or it's a guy and he's gay/bi?

He sounds really cool to hang out with

jesus. men will start a thread about anything and go on and on for days. dick, butthole, farting and all the boys are in.

Dont quote me on this, but i think he actually prefers his giantess fetish over the fart fetish. Maybe he secretly wishes he was a giant lol

Swampy is bi, but he leans towards men, hence his bf. His bf, our friend the gym rat, is also bi i think? Idk he hates being called gay, straight, or bi. I dont think he likes to admit his sexuality, but he says he loves Swampy and thats what matters.

He is. He's a great host. If you need ANYTHING at his house, he will bend over backwards to get it for you. So we try not to ask him for anything since he WILL drive to the store to get it asap. If he knows you're a vegetarian, he will serve only vegetarian food when you hang out, offer you every variation of beverage available, etc.

Im a man and sometimes i do think Jow Forums is full of manchild degenerates. Be it obese, skinnyfat or sticc

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