Is it over for me being 5’7

Is it over for me being 5’7

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How are we supposed to know when you didn't mention anything relevant about yourself?

If you have no will to live your life, improve where you can, and be open to new things, then yeah it's probably over for you.


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What's that picture supposed to prove?

that you can't deposit sperm in a sperm bank either Mr. Manlet

Literally no one wants your sperm. Even couples who can't have children themselves.

Yet males 5'6" to 5'8" are the most desired by females of them all. Makes you think.

Eternal cope kek

not according to

lmao no. I got cucked by literal toothless lanklets despite being very good looking facially.

I'm 5'6" and fucking a 5'10" girl married to a 6'2" guy, were you trying to have a point?

Kek she is a pedo

does she hide you in the drawer in the nightstand whenever her husband gets home?

he's probably a dicklet.

I'm older than her.
She comes to my hotel room when I'm in her city. And it's not like she is the only girl I have.
Probably. She did say I have a big dick even though I'm average sized.

>yes my friends I have many of ze women
>and yes they are doing whatever the sexual things I am asking of them, blowjob, vagenjob, all of them

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Op's point before he killed himself was that he was a genetic dead-end and so he was wasting everyone's time and resources by staying alive.

Whoops, wrong manlet thread. Oh well. No one wants to mate with you. If you have a desire for children, you're outta luck