So my girlfriend who is 16 got pregnant. Her parents have gone absolutely ballistic

So my girlfriend who is 16 got pregnant. Her parents have gone absolutely ballistic

We've spoken and she wants to keep it, so ideally going forward we'd like them to be as involved as possible, but they basically want me dead and nothing to do with her. Will this pass in a few weeks? Is there anything I can do to get them back on our side? We don't want the child to be completely insolated from its grandparents

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How old are you?

Pedo groomed his victim and impregnated her and doesn't want the responsibility for his own actions. Typical garbage people.


I'm not dodging responsibility at all

dumbasses having unprotected sex at that age lmao. you deserve all the strife you've now brought upon yourselves, shit human beings.
Your child is going to have the most shit existence because your brain dead gf is too dumb to realize what shes actually doing and to keep the baby. fuck both of you lol

literal pedo

off yourself you subhuman piece of shit

I'm not a pedo, at all, it's legal in my state

Can't see the child having a bad existence, only problem is I want to fix the relationship with her parents and us

get a load of this sheltered retard.
I dated a 16 year old when I was 23 too. You need to get out more.

It will pass,why are all you people attacking this guy,it's not like he is 30.Congrats for not running OP,hope you have a healthy child.

There's nothing you can do to make the parents like you other than work hard and take care of their daughter and grand child. Maybe they will eventually come to respect you, but you have to realize that getting pregnant at 16 has basically fucked her life, unless her only aspiration was to be a mother have a family etc. You should only marry her if you were planning on starting a family with her. Otherwise, pull your share and don't skip out on the kids life.


This, congrats OP

Abort don't maker her ruin her high school life
Also congrats on dating an emotionally immature person like yourself, I see you're both retarded as you can't even use proper protection.
Why is it that grown men dating 16 year olds always end up like this holy shit, I've seen so many cases of trailer trash girls in high school getting knocked up by their 26 yr old neighbours and dropping out of high school and just becoming a laughing stock for dating an older man AND managing to get pregnant, absolutely pathetic

She doesn't want to abort.

Nothing wrong with the situation really, she's happy, I'm happy. I have my own place and a job and a good income. What's the issue?


Creamping 10th grader
Hot as fucking shit

While the age gap is a little fucked, you do have rights to your child. If the parents knew about the relationship and that you were having sex they can't stop you from seeing your kid. If you have to go to court to see your kid do it.

This was normal but people are too uptight now and won't admit that 16 is actually adulthood.
Infact it's basically prime breeding age, the age women usually have children is too old and they end up having subpar offspring.

Don't listen to this old hag, she has dried up ovaries and will have ugly kids.

Well all I can say is I wish you luck but man dating a 16 year old and knocking her up is such a bad move. Poor gal is destroying her youth to be a baby machine. Every woman I know that did that nowadays is now unhappy with that decision but you do you. Destroyed their body and their future, most of them end up changing their minds at around 19 too as you don't really mature until around that age and you might end up unhappy, both of you. I'm speaking from experience.
Mind you I'm planning on being a housewife too after uni and saving up some money I just don't see how a 16 year old girl and a 23yr old guy can connect emotionally without the guy being a retarded manchild as I grew up around such couples.
Her parents will have to deal with their cute daughter they still see as a child get knocked up by an adult grown man like a dumb slut and have her childhood cut short by it.

Now speaking from the perspective of the girl. If you two are genuinely good friends with sharing interests and history and you believe and trust each other I can see it working out, I just see it as really immature.

Honestly all I can say is I'm worried, her future is fucked especially if she goes down a bad fomo route, I wish you two the best.

Op you are nutty, nice. If she keeps it and you're both all for it, what can the parents do other than disown you or try to embrace and love it?

Women are baby machines.
We've given them too much power, that's why they're unhappy. Women have lost all femininity today and are basically depressed and weak men.

I know you're memeing but that's why all the baby machines I know are unhappy, divorced, dealing with alcoholic and abusive husbands yup
Don't get me wrong if the relationship is actually based on love and friendship and companionship I'm all for early marriage, family, whatever. But a 16 year old girl is not fully capable of those concepts especially when faced by a man that should be in a much more mature place than her completely. She's still at the age where an age gap makes a big difference. With how our current world works you just don't really have any real responsibilities as a woman when you're 16, you're still a kid.

>7 years your junior
>actual pedophile

At this point I would just lay low because the family has already done you a massive boon by not calling the cops on you

You piece of shit

I'm not a paedophile, we're doing nothing wrong.

I'm not sure why you, a random stranger on the internet, feels the need to condemn our relationship

Look at worst a 16 year old girl could have a fling with an older guy. Not a full blown marriage and a child. She should be with a guy of her own age, or better, no-one at all since 16 year olds are immature and dumb.
The reason why you're allowed to marry/fuck a 16yr old girl in my country is because of gypsies, and look at how great that bunch is doing.

This is completely not true. It's arguably the best time for her to get pregnant, from a pragmatic standpoint.
She spends time being a mother and maturing herself, and if she decides to go back to college she will do so when she's more mature and doesn't probably won't switch majors several times accruing debt at an astronomical rate, as well as having a source of motivation (her child).
Contrast that to the women who advance their careers, have a child, and get left behind because it's a lot harder to restart than to start it in the first place, or even worse the women who focus on their "career" too much to the point that they hit menopause, want children, can't have them, etc.

>she should abort or she'll ruin her (school) life!
Do you have ANY idea how much abortion ruins not just the woman's physical body but her psyche? Or the man's psyche for that matter?
I've had one. I... regret it. It was my mistake, and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. If you don't want the kid, give it up for adoption.

It's better for a 16 year old to be with an older guy who is stable with a job/car/apartment rather than another 16 year old with nothing going for him

>but that's why all the baby machines I know are unhappy, divorced, dealing with alcoholic and abusive husbands yup
Let us work under the presumption that women are, in fact, baby machines for this argument.
You take a creature whose purpose is her family and she gets divorced? Or her mate abuses her, beats her, etc.? Of course she'll be depressed.
>With how our current world works
It's the fault of the current world's machinations that so many people are depressed in the first place.

Once you have a kid you won't feel like that. Kids should be with kids. Might as well give your 10 year old to a rich old daddy just because she'd have a nice future right?
All I'm saying is every woman I personally know that got sentenced to being a baby machine early ended up miserable because she was a dumb teenager making dumb teenager mistakes. I agree our current world is bad in some aspects but we gotta adapt. 16 year olds are dumb, dumb kids.

I'd rather my daughter date some stable mature guy rather than some high schooler, yes

You guys aren't pedophiles, but you are losers. And yeah no shit her parents are upset, no one wants a literal child of theirs to have another. She cant even vote in her local elections yet you think she can decide something like this for herself. They probably had aspirations for her to go to school or travel or find her own happiness and experience life. Now they have to probably front the cost of another child. Sure you have a good job but you have no idea the kinds of changes having a child is going to bring on you. You guys aren't married, and your gfs opinions and moods will shift dramatically as she ages into adulhood and statistically you guys will not keep your relationship.

Anyway I'm done lecturing, I dont really have any advice to give you other than put yourself in their shoes, I cant believe you are in shock as to why someone would be in poor shape over it. Maybe somewhere out there right now that might be a boy who's less than a decade younger than your gf right now whos gonna fuck your unborn daughter in 15 years and then you can think back on all this and high five him as you tell him you think theres nothing wrong with it

150 years ago 15 year old girls having children and getting married was normal, they were fine.

Happiest women I know had kids after high school or during uni actually. And yes abortions can fuck you up, giving the baby up to adoption is also an option of course. But honestly young motherhood may not even be that much of a problem. Just what happens with her in 3 years once she sees all her friends having a good time while she has to take care of her 2 year old and when she finds herself more emotionally mature than her husband, because no emotionally mature man goes after a 16 year old.

t. a "mature" man with a refined taste for 14 year olds
Fucking pedos man

>They probably had aspirations for her to go to school or travel or find her own happiness and experience life.

They had aspirations for her to whore around for years, but now she's a mother and part of a family they are devestated.

The US is beyond saving, I'm struggling to believe your post is sincere and not a wind up

It was also normal to keep birthing 10s of kids until you're 35 and not getting attached to any of them because they'd all die young. Your point? 15 year olds back then were also not treated as children. Today they are, our lifespans are also longer.

If you think people did everything better 150 years ago go live with the Amish. Society progresses because we learn new things and try to move forward with everyone's wellbeing in mind. 150 years ago we also had rampant diseases and high infant mortality rates.

They will come arround, you are the father of their grandson.
Focus really hard on getting money so when you are 25 and she's 18, you both can live together and raise the child properly.
Please be more carefull, one child is expensive and two it's something midclassers cannot manage until they are well into their 30s nowadays.

15 year olds copes fine back then, and they can cope fine now.

Sure some 15 year old girls are retarded, but so are many 35 year old women. Likewise some 15 year old girls are mature and sensible, having a mature partner will help her as well

What the actual fuck are you talking about. Why would you assume they wanted her to whore around? The fact that they are unhappy with the situation indicates that they didny want their daughter having anything to do with OP in the first place.

I bet the Amish are happier than the average American. Fortunately them and the Mormons are taking over

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Travelling/college/'finding her own happiness' = becoming a degenerate whore. The situation she is in now with OP is the best thing that could happen to her. She has purpose and direction in life, supported by a loving partner.

If they're mature and sensible they should find a mature and sensible guy around their own age my dude, why is that concept so hard to understand. Men that are emotionally stunted prey on young girls because they're impressionable and dumb, intelligent ones don't fall for pedos. If op was mature he'd be able to find a mature girl like himself.

The women replying here are just jealous.

>my girllfriend got pregnant

Oh, so she was the one to do it? Nice, good thing you didn't have anything to do with it, huh?

This early and you're already running away from responsibility.

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>Mature girl

You mean lots of previous partners and baggage

Not the user you're talking to but like I said earlier, girls that are subjected to being a mother early end up leaving their pedo husbands and whore around to make up for what they feel they missed out on. Op will see.

>heh men are universaly in the wrong for looking younger, and better, women.
>Men should pick failed 35 years old women with 8 cats lol

kys roastie

Yeah but at least the woman (and the father) in the case you are making, already fullfilled their biological imperative and doesn't really matter what they do in their privates life if the kid is supported

Well I didn't get pregnant, it's semantics,

>my gf got pregnant
Uhhh dont you mean
>i got my gf pregnant
Ignorant idiot
Its youre fucking fault. Women dont just get pregnant on their own. No wonder the parents dont want you around

Don't listen to the retards attacking you OP. She will enjoy having a baby. They're saying her life is ruined, like yeah she'd be way better off going to college, getting pumped and dumped by 30 guys, getting a miserable office job for 10 years to pay off the debt and then settling for some beta orbiter to impregnate her at 35. Fucking idiots.

Well done. You've helped her fulfil her purpose in life. The parents will be mad at you until the baby comes, then they'll see it, they'll love it, they'll see you looking after their daughter and grandchild and come to respect you. Just stay clear until then. Be supportive and give them their space. Encourage her to keep the baby, let her know you'll support her. Life is partially about making more life and I hope it brings you all great happiness.

When she's 22 the child will be 5 and start going to school, then she can go study something she's mature enough to choose wisely. Good luck!

You need to abort it, fuck having a kid

Waaaah, she's 16
AOC is 16 in most of the US and is higher than the AOC in most of the world

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Really don't worry about the parents. They can't stay mad at you once things work out well. It's their fucking fault anyway, if they didn't want their daughter to have sex, they could have raised her more strictly or not let her date you.

I really hate all the anti life cunts in this thread who are acting like a baby is a terrible curse and you've committed a crime. Good on you mate.

>no emotionally mature man goes after a 16 year old

t. roastie.


100% this.

>no emotionally mature man goes after a 16 year old.
The younger they are, the easier they are
When they are a teenager, even in college, youre cool if you have a beat up car and some shitty pad to fuck em at

In their late 20s you better be done with college and be getting a good paying career off the ground
In their 30s and beyond you better be able to buy them a house with marble counter tops

STFU or GTFO, we do it all for the pussy

You've been making the same thread for days now, what more advice could you need?

It's pretty obvious this is just bait, since you make the same thread day after day just to rile people up over getting an imaginary teenager pregnant.

Not at all, 35 year old men and 20 year old women can almost pass in my eyes, going for younger is natural for men. But a 16 year old? A dumb kid? Nah.
Any parent would be mad at their young daughter slutting around with older men. The only difference for you people here is that she got pregnant somehow, that's even worse.

People who can breed are literally not children by definition. 16 year old women are not children. My first gf at 14 had DDs and periods, and was at her full height. Women reach sexual maturity (aka adulthood) at 12-16.

That's exactly my point. user I appreciate your honesty, and you're telling it like it is. Op is the one trying to rationalise his choices and he's pathetic for that. If he admitted he knocked up a young slut because he can't go for anything better I'd go on my merry way.

You think you made a point, but you didnt

I'm honestly enjoying the arguments here sometimes even though the thread is a weekly thing. Hope others are aware of it too. Maybe we're all just trolling each other.

>a degenerate whore
You mean like, premarital fucking and getting bummed in by a guy 1/3 of her age older? Because it sounds like se got the degenerate whore part down pat. Since when does a woman becoming educated or working make her a whore over fucking a hangaround high school loser

>Any parent would be mad at their young daughter slutting around with older men.

Huh, it's almost like they had literally complete control over her upbringing her entire life and could have taught her not to do that, or taken steps to prevent it.

>cant go for anything better
>implying we are obligated to restrict ourselves to more difficult women for the sake of no reason except making it harder on us
>what is most reward least effort
You are a retard if you DONT jump on a 16 year old if she's legal in your area

This thread is filled with absolutely assblasted, dried up roasties
>mon visage quand

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>having a baby with an established man with resources is being a whore

You do realise that that age gap is pretty much standard for the last, idk, 100,000 years right?

Sometimes there's nothing you can do. Look at all the religious sluts with perfect upbringing.
Have fun with the slut cheating on you a week later. High school sluts that are easily impressed are just that, high school sluts that are easily impressed.

>But a 16 year old? A dumb kid? Nah.
16 years old is the AOC in half of the United States, stay mad roastie

>slut cheating on me
She can't cheat on me if we were never in a relationship, and if I lied to her about being in one then I don't even care, cause you gotta trust someone to be betrayed and I never did

If she just fucked him and didn't get pregnant that's not what you'd be saying now would you
The only reasons why you guys are so supportive of op is because you're self inserting yourselves as the "established" men

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Why are we even arguing then, I'm on your side
A dumb kid is dumb even if it's under the aoc dummy, why do you think they're so easily impressed? Certainly not because they're smart

Cause you tried to imply that there's something wrong with going after a 16 year old

Your definition of whore is a woman who *has the potential* to fucks anyone.
My definition of a whore is simply one who does. OP's gf clearly falls into the latter, as they were not in a morally or legally bound relationship, nor does it sound like they even had her parents blessing

Incels like you who throw around the word whore are so upset that a woman can be sexually liberated, and yet here you are actually defending her whoring herself at a young age and saying se would be just that if she did the opposite. You're fucked.

And if we wanted to compare it to the last 100000 years why dont OP and her go and live in a cave and eat raw meat? Animals have been doing that for millions of years hurr durr it's only natural


The woman cries out "incel!" when she wants to be cruel or when she is exposed for the cunt she is

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Nothing wrong with using them up like the dumb sluts they are. Knocking them up outside of marriage and pretending you love them and provide for them? Yes.

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Why is it implied that an older woman is 'better', and that only losers would be forced to '''settle''' for a 16 year old

I creampied her mother too and her father

Don't know, all I'm saying is ideally leave the 16 yr olds to the 16 yr olds. If you're over 20 don't go for literal kids and if you must go for 16 yr olds at least marry first to see if the dumb kid is actually serious about you before putting buns in any ovens and don't do dumb things unprepared, like unprotected sex. Such a difficult thing to grasp.

Because women get triggered at the idea of guys bypassing their artificially inflated standards for what it takes to have sex with them, by going after girls who haven't developed those bullshit standards yet
They say that the guy is "exploiting" or "manipulating" the girl, but in reality they know what's up, see

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Not the user you replied to but I'm 26 and my current gf is 16, 17 next week but still a 9 year age gap anyway.

She's very keen on having children, and I said to her I think we should go for it. I've got a good job and a place of my own, she is nature and we've been together for a while. So I'm interested in OPs situation

>being a slut and having unprotected sex out of marriage is okay if you're 16 and you get pregnant
I'll save that advice for my children then, thank you user

She is mature*

What are birth control pills?
What is a nuvaring?
What is an IUD?
What are abortions?

Fuck off moralfag, you cant stop the rising tide of redpilled men using their knowledge to finally get the pussy they deserve

>you have to realize that getting pregnant at 16 has basically fucked her life, unless her only aspiration was to be a mother
Came to say this.
Your life is also over OP.
I hope you got in a lot of traveling/book reading because those days are gone until you're so old you don't have the energy to do anything.

If you had a daughter, and she was with a guy in his 20s with a good job and he loved her, would you prefer she dumped him and went to college to study a useless subject and rack up tons of debt, and sleep around with random men

How did you even meet? Honest question. Like I said earlier just be wary of young girls if you're not going only for the pump and dump. They lose interest quickly, they get impressed by others easily and they're all "mature for their age". We all tell ourselves that at 16.

I'm all for it, just don't be dumb like op

Wow you are a disgusting pedophile and sound like a total loser since you cant get women your own age

She works in the canteen at my job. You make it sound like 16 year olds are incapable of bonding yet 30 year old women are, it's the opposite, once a woman is that old she'll never really love anyone again

Naturally older women are less interested in me, but I'm not interested in them either. I have a brilliant connection with my gf


Do you want the child? Be fucking honest with yourself, DO YOU WANT THE CHILD?

If yes, make sure you get a well-payed job, or be ready to work your ass off


If you DON'T want the child, buy a shit ton of oranges, and make a lot of juice, and FEED it to her as often as possible in the first 3 months.

Also, buy some parsley, and if you get to fuck her again, in the first 3 months, use it on her vagoo, and tell her it's an afrodisiac or some shit.

Thank me later.

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