What do girls think about when they masturbate?

What do girls think about when they masturbate?

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What do men think about?


their dad

They don't, mostly imagine the feel of dick or focus on the feeling of their fingers/toy. Unless you're talking to them while they're doing it they don't think of you, even if you fucked her yesterday. They also rarely cum from masturbating.

What I think about is too embarrassing.

Chad rape

Nothing, it just feels good so I do it.
Sometimes I'll put effort into imagining things with the guy I like


They don't need to masturbate when they can get sex everytime

Mostly I think of memories with my ex, I could get off thinking of someone else if I really wanted to but it would be more work. In particular I go back to memories of
>mutual masturbation
>deep kissing after he went down on me and tasting myself on his mouth
>the very rare times I heard him moan
>him talking to me about how much he jerked off to me

Before I had experience I would usually fantasize about going down on him and his reactions, seeing his pleasure. The reason that's not in the top 5 is that in my fantasy I had a lot of time and attention to study him and in practice I feel pretty busy giving head and can't look at him as much as I'd like let alone take my time to enjoy the sight much.

If I'm not thinking of him I'm thinking of kinky stuff, specifically girls who got a little chubby and are trying to squeeze themselves into now too tight clothes. That's not the only one but the one I come back to the most.

Don't they watch pornography like guys do?

Hypermuscular anthro lions

Lol, i like this guy guessing on behalf of all women and being totally off.


Not me, that's for sure

They do, just not as often/much. It is also not especially rare for women to not watch porn period.


Yaoi Mangas.
Lots and lots of feminine, but decently lean men.
At least from what I've seen when someone forgot to clear the history.

Other women

What do guys think about when they masturbate?
Literally youre asking a question so broad and general that every single reply is different you moron

I think about my husbando impregnating me forcefully but lovingly, and telling me that I belong to him and that he loves me and wants me to be the mother of his children. It’s important that he tells me that he loves me and is emotionally connected to that expression - words are not enough. It is about where his hands and lips are, the expression on his face.

I work where actual guys named Chad amass and every one of them is a babyfaced meathead with a baseball cap and gay tank. Black and white. I've not seen a single one with a girlfriend nor are they attractive to me or ever have girls interested in them (it's a bar so you'd think...). Yall need to come up with a different name for your supposed sexually desirable stereotype.

To answer though, one person in my past fucked me up. I'm married but I think of them coming over and just knowing everything that's happened between us is going to culminate into the best sex of our lives, time stands still, no words are necessary as they pick me up or push me over the table and here we go I'm out BBL

No, that's pretty simple. Most guys watch porn and they get aroused by it.
You don't have to fantasize about anything, you just watch the fucking thing.

>What do girls think about when they masturbate?
I basically think about my favorite OTPs fucking like rabbits or make a Mary Sue/Gary Stu character in my head who get railed by my favorite character.

I know one of my friends listens to porn through headphone/ASMR type stuff to get her off.

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It gets weird to be honest.
I've got a fantasy about an elaborate VR sex game. There's a whole background to it because I need context to get off I guess.
The main character in my fantasy (who is me but not me) has been selected to try this beta game because her genetics show she's especially sensitive compared to other people.
In the fantasy world technology is several years advanced so you can actually use someone else's nervous system to experience the game. You know how someone else loves nipple play but it doesn't really do anything for you? Well download their nervous system and play the game that way.
Chapters in the game take you all over the world on different dates with different partners. It all starts with a date and playful banter.
So usually I have something like that going on. Also I think I have a form of synesthesia because sometimes I see something (in my mind's eye) when I orgasm. It's very random for me.

well it's an anonymous board, when will there ever be a better opportunity to share things that are too embarassing

The answers you get will be from fat mentally ill weeb women

why bother asking the question

being impregnated by their man

fucking fine ass bitches.

Literal cuck

>They also rarely cum from masturbating.

Are all women this strange?

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Some times I think of being a child again and being molested by a middle school boy

Probably fucking math and shit, the weirdos.

I think

>I wish you’d jack it with me like that ;-;

But only for my bf