Regular LSD use

should i be worried about my boyfriend doing lsd every 2 weeks? I worry that his psyche is being damaged by the regular consumption but he claims that it's totally safe

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you can definitely over do it, i tripped like every week for a semester and was detached af by late october
his tolerance must be shit too

It’s not safe. Stay away from people with these habits.

druggie here.
I only do acid like thrice a year, psychadelics are seriously damaging for your neural pathways.
Give it a year, he'll be a slurring, forgetful mess.

What do mean by detached also he told me that he does it exactly every 2 weeks because that's when his tolerance is zero again

>psychadelics are seriously damaging for your neural pathways.
total bs

2 weeks is way too often though from a psychological and lifestyle POV however and makes me wonder what motivates this habit

I don't remember

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>carpet bombing your brain with unwarranted feelgood chemicals so much that it strains you physically is not damaging your neural pathways
yeah okay, retard. I spent my teens and early 20's doing acid, and now I have short term memory loss.
He'd unironically be better off doing coke.

idk you don't see the world as a normal person does, i isolated myself, could barely form a sentence or hold a convo, had mild visual "noise", it all went away after a month though
how much does he take and how long has he been at it? I doubt his tolerance is low

How often did you do it? Did you take long breaks?

Ok you had me going at first but this is way too retarde to not be bait. Not taking it

He works in advertisement and tells me that the manic stage lsd puts him in let's him find the inspiration that he can use when hes sober again but desu I think he just enjoys tripping

1.5 years

okay McKenna, have fun being a retard veggie due to substance abuse.
less than he does. My best advice is to find a boyfriend who isn't a drug feind because 'muh psychonaut, man'.

yeah that's kind of a long time lol
have you noticed anything weird in his behavior?
don't pay no mind to the christian anti-drug user, it's all psychological and can go away

We have only been together for a year and I didn't know him prior to his drug use but he's always been lost in thought and someone that takes his time and reflects before saying something but thats one of the things that I love about him so hmm

he doesn't 'reflect', he's fucked up his memory and verbal IQ.

user who was lurking up until now and this is absolutely not true. I've known quite some people who used a lot and it's not rare to feel changed or for others to experience you differently, especially if you keep it up for years in combination with a poor lifestyle (little sleep, crap diet).

Even ignoring vague stuff like "feeling less smart/clear-headed", psychedelics can induce spontaneous psychosis which often leaves mental scars, and a fraction of people for whatever reason keep experiencing very mild effects. One of my best friends took LSD about eight years ago and ever since when she reads for example, she can see the letters she is not currently focusing on swaying a little in the corner of her vision. Nothing crazy but distracting and when trying to finish a college education it's absolutely not helpful because you'll get a headache reading for longer and it'll cost you more energy.

I've done my share of drugs, still do occasionally, I'm not anti-drugs, but they absolutely can change people for better or worse.

2 weeks? enjoy your severe depression. I do that shit MAYBE once a YEAR, and thats if I'm in a really shitty spot both mentally and physically, really makes me look at myself and renews my confidence in myself. Thankfully I havent been in that state for quite some time. Last time I took it I was 18? im 21 now and still hold alot of values I got from a lifechanging trip.

Don't do that shit every 2 weeks dude, I know people that did that exact thing from highschool. Hell even took it more frequently than that and they are absolutely FRIED now. Don't do it man

I'm a druggie, too. Mainly weed and some psychodelics. But if he needs drugs for "inspiration" he's not doing it correctly. LSD can open some pathways to a better understanding of oneself and the world, but it's like this phrase a friend once said to me:

>If you knocked and God answered one time, calling twice is unnecessary

Psychodelics are for VERY sporadic use. Doing it too many times will create real-life dysphoria.

How old is he? It's also proven that doing it very young can create schizo symptoms because you are messing with brain plasticity. In general I think that you should be worried about it, but if he's really into the spiral then he will most probably not listen to any advice you or anyone has to say and will probably need medical intervention.

you didn't disprove my point at all...

yeah, taking lsd every two weeks is going to fuck up his mental state eventually. I would say 4 - 5 times a year is pushing it desu

*citation needed
*citation needed

you fear mongering twats don't know what you're talking about.

Bullshit lmao

What other drugs did you do, retard? Have you considered what you did may have been research chems as well? Your claims are based on circumstantial evidence. Cite some real sources lad


ITT people with zero medical knowledge weighing in with unsubstantiated claims and zero sources

Yeah, his drug is speaking for him, you should be worried.
He should quit tjat,it's not good for him and for you.

yes, i abused the shit out of acid (taking large doses weekly; biweekly at my worst) and got into a plethora of synthetic psyches and research chemicals. I turned into an impulse driven, anxiety filled, detached fucking goblin and ended up dropping out of highschool, breaking up with my girlfriend of 3 years (after she was put into a mental institution because she'd began abusing with me and became schizophrenic), and having to go to intensive therapy for over 2 years. I'm still dealing with the consequences of my actions now.

It´s quite easy. I never took drugs and don´t plan. But if people talk about drugs it´s always the same, people are either downplaying it or exaggerating.
In the end, what he takes is chemical stuff, that was done in some shitty kitchen, with ingredients no one will ever truly know.This chemical stuff is just for faking your brain some bullshit. Yeah he could became an addict.
I know people, who take lsd and goes to shitty goa raves. These are mostly either just there for drugs or shitty hyprocite hippes, with saying how bad capitalism is and in the next second making a selfie with their iphone for instagram.

doesn't it get boring? I've done it twice, the first time, yeah that was fucking insane and amazing and I learned a lot about my perspective of life, but the second time it was just so predictable, first the horrible come up, then you start feeling the euphoria, then you start questioning everything until the effects wear off. While the visual effects are cool those too get boring. If I do it again it will be a relatively larger dose or there's no point.
How long has he been doing it for?
If it's more than 2 months and he is fine, then I don't think you need to worry.

>his pysche
put down the wikipedia page on Carl Jung and think about what he's really doing.
He's causing irreparable neurological damage. You're dating a loser to begin with, so it's up to you if you want to live like trash for the unforeseeable. Unless he's wealthy, then dating a clinically insane person could have its merits.
But I don't recommend that either.

>DUDE taking psychotropics is totally cool and a rational thing to do
Go listen to your 10,000 Dead tracks you have burnt to your ipod and tune out of this thread, loser.

what? I don't remember.

It's funny because for the most part real LSD doesn't exist out here anymore. Probably tci or something stupid

You have no clue since internet drug trade availability is at an all time high

Dump him. That's LSD way too often without even knowing how much he's doing. This is just the surface of what's wrong. All of as it is right now is miniscule and mundane in comparison to what it will become. Be careful.

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>Ex-user, but when I was using I did about 10 hits every weekend over the course of 2 years

I had used a lot of other drugs during this timeframe too, but LSD was my favorite. There are a lot of negatives for heavy dosing, but I contend there are a lot of positives too.

LSD works by forcing the brain to have a chain reaction of synapses, and ultimately this can lead to better reasoning and function as the brain has developed more connections to sort problems and think of solutions.

The flip side is I experienced many "disassociation" moments over the year once I quit, moments that gave me anxiety and made the world seem unreal. I also experienced (and still experience) lots of insomnia, its hard to relax with constant thought.

TL;DR Too much use can cause depression and dissassociation. But also can make you better at "thinking"

I want to know the thought process of the anti drugs anons that post on drug threads. what the fuck is your purpose?
or worse, the people that have never tried drugs but still feel the need to chip in. like why?

As someone who takes LSD weekly with some breaks, it is important to take note certain things about our perceptions of drugs and what is the line between a problem or not.

First some things you should know about LSD and safety
1. LSD is not PHYSICALLY harmful outside of users putting themselves into dangerous situations.
2. LSD can cause mental trauma or induce acute psychosis
3. (this is anecdotal) people who use lsd frequently at a younger age are more likely to be "fried" later in life
4. LSD can trigger mental illness in people during the years that they come about (late teens to mid 20s). Whether it was because the person was gonna have the mental illness or not without the acid is speculated on.

How do you know he is an addict?
1. Does his usage interfere with work, family, friends, school, or relationships?
2. Is he obsessed with LSD? Is it constantly on his mind? Is it all he talks about?
3. Has he been "different" in a negative way? More "spaced out"?

One silver lining is that LSD along with other psychedelics are self regulating for most people so it is pretty rare for someone to continue regular usage for extensive periods of time. If the only drug he does is acid twice a month and he appears to be normal then it doesn't seem to be a problem. I think many of the posters here are being overly cautious - doing lsd frequently isn't even likely to destroy your brain or anything, however it, like any other drug usage needs to be monitored

every 2 weeks is way too frequent

God you're fucking insufferable, I bet you go to festivals and lecture people about spending their money on whippets too.

>chain reaction of synapses
some heavy hitting neurologists ITT

I don't tell people what to do. Just give them the info they need and let them make the choices instead of blindly saying 1 way or the other is right.

btw whippets kill braincells

they kill brain cells as much as holding your breath does, retard. They do lower your B vitamin titre, though.

Thoughts on microdosing?

I personally find it wasteful, it's only enhanced colors and mild confusion
most of my friends only microdosed and refused to do more than half a tab though...

Complete horse-shit. Pure speculation.

Dude, have you ever been to a music festival and interacted with someone who trips every weekend? I have no *citation* because lsd use is extremely hard to study because of it's legal status, but those people seriously have no critical thinking skills left.

Doing LSD or mushrooms or smoking weed is very bad for one's psyche.

Being on the internet for 16 hours a day though? Especially on Jow Forums? Totally healthy.

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>been to a music festival and interacted with someone
>those people seriously have no critical thinking skills left

lmao what are you going up to people at music festivals and being all Ben Shapiro in their faces? You're trying to get people to debate you in the middle of a drumb & bass set? the hell kind of interactions are you having?