Man, an e-celeb death actually broke me

Man, an e-celeb death actually broke me
I actually respected his a lot and followed him since the beginning, pulled me out of some tough spots in life.

How do I cope? This might actually be the last drop in my already full glass.

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>How do I cope?

By not being 15.

I'm 26 and from area where he grew up / lived. I knew him briefly when he was 18 and me 15. Then I found his youtube channel and I loved it

I liked my boy etika aswell. I suppose it depends what you're like emotionally, either watch him during happier times to reminisce or stop and remember that he's in a better place. Always shitty to see someone go, but remember that he wouldn't want his fans to be saddened themselves. As hard as that may seem

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Death is a part of life and you can't cope with it. Stop being scared of dying user this is the only reason you can't cope with his death.

Sucks he resorted to suicide, but fuck you and his followers for thinking he was anything special. He was just a nigger with a camera who purposely acted over the top for the sake of getting followers and subs.

Hey, if that's how some people got cheered up then fuck yourself

People mourn in different ways. Most times it benefits people to honor their feelings and let them out. Its okay to cry and absolutely bawl over them. Watch some of your fav vids by them and just let yourself cry and mourn. Dont hold your feelings back, it will stress you out more. Allow yourself to mourn.

Clearly it didn't work for him, did it?
Fuck you, cum guzzling sheep

I meant his fans you fucking boomer. How sad is it to knock someone down for the content they make, I doubt you watch operas every evening

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Both of you are proving my point.
Did he deserve death? No.
But stop treating him like a martyr.

Go study for your new school year or go outside and enjoy your summer, kids.

Do you know what the words martyr means, who claimed that ?

I didn't know about him before and never watched his videos, but it makes me feel sad that someone who apparently had a big following in the gaming youtube world and shared some similar interests ended up killed themselves.

It made me feel like maybe it's fine if I just killed myself too.

So much attention for an expendable...

no one gives a fuck about your opinions on the content he made. he just killed him self. show some respect.

You cared enough to reply.
Also read my post again, faggot. I'm criticizing the fans, not him

> He was just a nigger with a camera who purposely acted over the top for the sake of getting followers and subs.

because your acting like an asshole who can't wait a day to criticize someone who just committed suicide. pretty pathetic

What do you want? A hug?

Nigger may have been much, but my point still stands. He didn't do anything someone else couldn't do as well.
Stop sucking his dick and get a life

>I actually respected his a lot
You respected the nigger who posted a reaction video to Ryu being in Smash in his underwear and would chimp out to any little thing Smash related?

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that doesn't matter. as a person who just committed suicide he deserves respect. it doesn't matter if his content was shit or not. no one asked you on your opinion it. you don't need to act like an asshole when someone just committed (even if you have a negative opinion about them.)

You sound like those normie npc idiots on social media. Shut the fuck up already and grow up. I can comment whatever I damn well please

Ok big boy, come back when your Blink 182 and MCR phase ends or at least gets upgraded to Green Day phase

He said you don't need to, he didn't say you are forbidden from (...).
You can choose to act like a decent,mature user like him or a childish asshole, the choice is yours. Freedom of being good or trash, but if you're trash, don't pretend that you're in the good.

I think the reason a lot of people feel affected y etika’s Death is because of his humble and honesty personality, etika was treated himself most of the time the same as anyone else but in his final video said social media and other things got to him.

It’s a lot to take in when you gain a huge following out of nowhere he clearly had mental health issues that he didn’t take care of properly, his death should be a reminder on why mental health needs to be taken more seriously.

your the one acting like a child. you can comment what you want but your still going to get criticized like how your criticizing etika. or can't you take the criticism? if you criticize a deadman your going to get shit. pretty low hanging fruit, in my opinion

Grow a pair

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He got so much love and support from his fans, why would he commit suicide? I don't fucking understand

Mental illness doesn't choose.

Killing yourself deserves respect? I could understand,”don’t speak ill of the dead” which nobody believes, but suicide is the least respectable thing. The fuck?

I also got Sad because of his death, I really didnt expected It, and Ita even worse cause a Lot of his content is lost forever.

I wouldnt say his death affected me in any really impactful way though, life continues as normal. I'm more worried about you saying that last drop thing, I hope you aint considering suicide because if you do you are just going to be making even more people sad, and in this cas you should call the suicide hotline right now

Literally who? Dude get a fucking grip.

same here man. I think that I’m gonna end up like him one day

God we need containment for edgelord faggots like yourself

>they hated user because he told the truth

based and redpilled

I'm in the same position as you. I only knew of the dude because of 2b2t, but I did really enjoy his other streams and commentary. He was mentally damaged, but he was a good man. When they announced that they were in the process of identifying a body, I refused to believe it was him. I'm just really worried for the people who followed him like the OP, because if I barely knew him and can't believe he's gone, I have no idea how hard it will hit the other fans.

Outside of the unneeded racism, he's right though.
I think the fans in this thread should be thrown in their own containment board.

>all these people actually sad at the death of an e celeb
You should all consider following him and killing yourselves

its really sad, but if there is any lesson here is that your attitude towards life is the only thing that matters. i liked the guy but he put himself in this situation and refused to see things any other way. when you want to destroy yourself, no one will stop you. RIP

Why are you telling lies?

you should be happy a smelly nigger died. What's wrong with you?

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nothing wrong feeling bad for the guy but dont act as if you knew him or his Death having any changing effects on your Life.

thats the kind of emotions you save for your family members or close real Life friends.

this but i still pity him just a little bit.