How do you cope with being single and childless for the rest of your life.

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Well, unfortunately, I'm no longer single. But I'm coping very well without children, I count my blessings every day.

How'd you get a gf that you like and vice versa?

Just through online dating. But the secret to it is not to fuck around with messaging or timewasters. Nothing virtual means anything, so get to a physical meeting asap. Then you'll actually get to know the person, etc. and see if there's anything there.

But honestly, none of it is worth it.

I try to ignore it. If I get horny, I distract myself by reading or something. Sucks knowing I'm a genetic dead end. Bless women for keeping the gene pool clean, however

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>none of it is worth it.
Why not?

If you don't have good genes you're contributing so don't worry about that

By not basing my happiness solely on a romantic partner. Be independent dude. Dont expect someone to come fix your problems just because they are your bf/gf. You should be happy on your own before getting into a relationship, let alone thinking about having kids

Ehh, call me jaded, but when I look back on it, I would have been a lot happier had I not pursued women. All of it was disappointing and marriage even more so. So, gents, in my estimation, never take it seriously and always break it off after a month or two.

If I made a shitload of money and lived alone, how reasonable is it to have escorts several times a week? I want to fuck something, and maybe having that as a possibility will encourage me to work hard in school

>Bless women for keeping the gene pool clean
What, by popping out welfare checks with idiots that are too fucking stupid to work at a gas station?
God fucking DAMNIT. This is an actual roastie larping. It has to be. How the fuck can anyone think anything about this shit is okay?

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I was being sarcastic, but roasties will unironically say I'm unfit to breed because I'm a virgin at 22


Lots of depressed and suicidal people have a partner. I'm not either of these

It's just really disappointing. I thought that being married would give you a life partner, someone you can count on. It's turned into basically permanent room mates

>It's just really disappointing. I thought that being married would give you a life partner, someone you can count on. It's turned into basically permanent room mates
You my dude, are based and an redpilled guy.

>be me
>be fat and unattractive
>be not quite as socially apt as i could be
>women will hardly even give me the time of day
>subsequently single my whole life
>at one point i start improving
>i'm losing weight and gaining cheekbones
>over the years i'd lost a lot of my social retardation along the way
>suddenly generally getting better responses from the fairer sex
>decide to try my hand with women again
>start chatting to women, flirting, meeting up with them, etc
>even when i got a blowjob from a woman after only hanging out with her for an hour or two it still wasn't really worth the effort
>all these years i was shitty about getting friendzoned when it turns out women are generally better as friends than partners anyway
I'd basically say don't sweat it. If you do well then great, if you don't then no big deal. But don't go putting yourself out for them.

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It's honestly an odd conundrum. I've seen all sides and can appreciate the views of most, though definitely not all. In a nutshell there's a saying "No matter what you do, you'll regret it" or "the grass is always greener on the other side."
The finisher? "All I ask is that you make the choice without regret." --Kreia
Or at least... the one you'll regret the least. Though that's a tough call.

Perhaps rejoice in that you won't be bringing someone into the world with all its present bullshit. Or perhaps sidestepping legal hooks into your credit and wallet in a case of relationship gone to shit. There's guys in the polar opposite situation wondering about more time to themselves. Yet kids learn from me better than parents who don't make the time--maybe I have parental potential?

Anyways. I've had disappointing sexual encounters, plus side I don't need to wonder about it anymore and in turn it doesn't eat away at my mind. I'd otherwise be basically an incel. Confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you have to offer? OK. Except once you learn it isn't a whole lot, you resign yourself to accepting the world is shit and it becomes very difficult thereafter to 'have faith'.

Still, I know there's good people out there. It's just, I'll be damned if I'm gonna date someone in her late 40s whose basically a representation of yet another reason why I left college: a nihilistic professional who has to interrupt and cut you off when she can't bullshit her way over you. Or how she tries to use feminism to exploit your 'country gentleman' ways. She's only pleasant when she's drunk and horny. Makes the cat house option, and earlier tramps, not seem so bad.

At least I'm out meeting people. Even if whom I meet are all shit. Actually makes me glad I didn't take the plunge in my 20s. All in all, don't fret, that just makes you more desperate.

What this guy said in summary.

It's a fucking blessing. Getting into relationshits and dating is somewhat fun. Actually staying in one, not so much and generally takes too much effort and leaves you with less time for yourself. Why would you want that?

Haven't decided on that 100% but as with dating, fewer distractions does sound great. Don't get me wrong, raising kids sounds fun too but most of breeder faggots can't even picture how much control over your life you lose for about a decade if you plan to do a decent job at it.

Most didn't start out depressed so it's different from the ... well, start. The ones who did, clearly have a manageable level of it and attributes that outshine it.

I coped by getting a girlfriend.

>How do you cope with being single and childless for the rest of your life?
I don't want kids , little fuckers only cause problems
Marriage is really just a scam , it's pretty creepy when you think about it I love you so much I got the government involved.
>inb4 you're just a virgin
Had sex multiple times
Dated multiple girls
Talking to girls currently.

Not sure what I have to cope with since this is the winning state.
Women are cocksleeves and children are unfortunate byproducts.
There is no incentive to leave this zone.


I’m none of those things and I still have to cope with life. Things don’t get easy when you get what you want, that’s just the start of new problems.

You’ll always be looking for greener grass if you don’t stop to appreciate where you stand. The secret of happiness is being grateful, that’s the part you learn when you grow up.

fucking look up the qoute you lazy asshole

I often feel lonely. I've never had friends let alone a relationship, and I know i'll spend my twenties in this manner.
However, i think about the advantages of solitude. About how many people are entwined in relationships that wish for the chance to be alone. In a way i am lucky. Because I ended up completely alone, i am experiencing a freedom others cannot get. I can walk in the world truly untethered, don't have to consider the feelings of anybody when i act, have a lot of time to myself, etc. I think on this when the lonliness hits hard.

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this, the world is your oyster
also smoke weed when i'm feeling lonely
i don't want kids

It's fine by me. I never wanted children, but dating would be cool if it ever appears in my life.

I'm not hard-pressed to find a partner though.

I coped by settling for an ugly fat girl.

Because the point is to be happy being single. If you can't do that, you're destined to be miserable.

Easy. Having a girlfriend/Being married/not being single =/= "Success"
Not getting your dick wet isn't going to stop you from living your life. Also,
>being single and childless for the rest of your life
Jesus Christ OP, can you tell the future or something? Wait, that's right, you can't faggot. Jumping to extreme conclusions on perceived outcomes helps nobody.

Like this

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>How do you cope with being single and childless for the rest of your life.
The fuck is this cope shit. I can do what I want when I want how ever the fuck I please. My worth is not determined by women.

> the scale on that thing
shit who has >200k to invest in a year come on

Very well, I have as much time to do as I please and I'm not limited by another person.

Go to as many sperm banks as you can and donate. Chances are atleast one lonely lesbian will have your baby and you won't be a complete waste of chromosomes, plus you get paid.

can't help with being single, that's your own problem.

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And yet you don't divorce her and swear off sex for good?

Kids are annoying and waste you time, this time you could invest in something more productive, the same applies to a female partner.

Adopt a child if you want to be a father most kids would gladly at least have one parent.

>be a literal cuckold
No thanks. Loneliness is exponentially better

>Things don’t get easy when you get what you want
uhmm yes they do

I don't think you know what being a cuck is m8

Maybe it just wasn’t a very good blowjob?

he's got you there user. if life with your wife is so bad why don't you break it off?