Be me

> Be me
> mom white and dad black
> biological father left when I was 2
> been 22 years since then
> hate left wing
> friends are libtards
> stopped talking to them cos they won't quit with their liberal bs
> don't consider them friends now
> tried making some non libtard friends
> they hate me cos I'm black
> what do?
Mom wants trump to win again

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Run for president and become the next obama

Stop being a stupid nig

>> stopped talking to them cos they won't quit with their liberal bs

This was a mistake. I'm sure they're to blame as well but the first thing to do is try to patch things up with them just to see if it is fixable. Politicians don't give a shit about you.. Political disagreements between friends should be accepted.. If one person cares so much they alienate their friends they're an idiot

> mom white and dad black
> biological father left when I was 2
Imagine my shock
Are white females unable to recognize patterns?

>be OP
>be minority
>be a member of the faction that hates minorities
You ok?

so this is the power of black Trump supporters ahahahahahahahahahh

Life fucked you, and you seemed to like it. Good luck nig!

you're a product of a broken society which preys upon everyone.

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This may be the most based black man to ever live

females in general cannot into planning for the future.

He kinda fresh doe

If you haven't heard of The Legend of Drizzt, I recommend it strongly as a series.
Loneliness can be terrifying, sometimes, but it's where truly great men and women come from.

Good luck.

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Their fashion sense alone would have made ww2 worth losing.
God fucking damn I love Nazi uniforms.

>be libtard
>be Satan
>op complains about liberal bullshit
>op is a victim and a minority
>bully op using liberal bullshit
Go check which party was behind things like kkk & Jim crow laws, and see which party was behind freeing the slaves and giving blacks the vote.

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That's some Hugo Boss for ya.

>be democrats
>have black slaves
>republicans tell you to not have slaves
>decide to rebel from the union so you can keep your slaves
>lose war
>create Jim crow laws
>create KKK
>swap political stances from republicans
>assume this means that republicans all hate black people like you used to

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Im also mixed race user, though I live in a country where thats the norm. The only two things I could think about doing If I was on your place would bem either moving to a country where being black and right wing is normal, or try to get friends who didnt care about politics

Being black and right wing is perfectly normal? It's less common (because blacks have been brainwashed into thinking the right is racist and the left is going to give em free shit), but not some rare thing.
Also, tell me more about these countries where being black and right wing is "normal".

>Mom wants trump to win again
This is how I know your post is bullshit. Coalburners are scum and they never learn.

He is a hero to us all, not just his own people.

>be idiot
>face consequences of being an idiot
There is no fast and easy solution for that. Either educate yourself and grow out of your current brainwashing or double down on the cancer and get more political. There is always room for self-hating minorities on the right, since you provide the "we're not racist" excuse.

It's not like the parties switched to polar opposites at a point. Why are Burgers so ignorant about their own short history?

>not left leaning or right
>Libtards like me
>Racist right wing fucktards like me
Maybe you're just a house nigga man just live with it make white friends and take the bullet when the race wars come cuz boy we comming

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They don't hate you because you're black, they hate you because you're a retarded nigger. The only people who actually hate black people are the ones that hate mega-retard mumbling faggots. If you present yourself correctly and don't bring up your heritage (online or offline) you should be fine.

>be white
>be right leaning
>have no ill will toward any minority
You ok?

You’re alright, just don’t date white girls and we’ll tolerate ya

do Americans really use the one drop rule still? It seems so weird that Americans think that a guy that looks like this is the same as a guy from Nigeria

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Join the Young Republicans. They will love parading you around as their token black

And you'll always be in the front in any group photos

I think they mostly just believe they found that one exception

He's a site cross poster. You see that argument all over the internet always followed by the internet. Literally spends all day spreading bullshit.

>saying Republicans don't hate black please
>most of Jow Forums identifies with Republican
Why do racists always try to pretend they're not racist? Imagine being insecure about being racist.

He's probably a homosexual also.
The irony is up to 9k.

You're literally brainwashed. That's like saying every Democrat hates white people because of neo-liberals and cultural Marxists types.

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except the swap was not real, only 2 dixiecrats switched to repub party.

low tax
small govt.
are all dog whistles for racists

>do Americans really use the one drop rule still?
Yes. They are the same in that none of them are white.

>That's like saying every Democrat hates white people
I mean, it's pretty close to the truth. Pic related.

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> biological father left when I was 2

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